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Evening all,

thought I share my latest trick with you all so you can all have a good laugh (not that I was laughing at the time mind.....)

Just had a nice relaxing bath to try and clear my head a bit and get a break from the aches and pains, so far so good.....

got out of the bath and went to get dressed, etc while waiting for the water to empty......

goes back in the bathroom, bath still full so I thinks its been a bit slow tonight and gets on with brushing my teeth..........

nearly half an hour has passed now and the bath is still full... :? .. I'm now starting to get seriously stressed, you know thinking oh here we go Friday night and the bloody drains are blocked, what am I supposed to do now, call a plumber or something I don't know. I'm in the house on my own and I'm thinking well so much for the relaxing bath more stressed now than I was to start with.

THEN I notices something................................. :oops: ...................yeah, you guessed it........ I've only gone and forgotten to take the bloody plug out!!! :lol:

So glad I didn't call that plumber...... :whistle:

Hope your all having a good evening

Take care


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    Hi Michelle

    Well at least you remembered to actually put the water IN - my party piece is either to forget to run one completely or end up with a freezing cold one. sad

    Talking of cold - although it's sunny here the wind is just awful (not my IBS!) and I just can't seem to get warm these days which doesn't help my aches and pains.

    People always make me laugh (or cry) when they say 'Oh, you'll feel better when the good weather arrives' - I wish!

    Also, if ANYONE, dares to blame my illness on being menopausal once more, I shall slosh them!!:evil: HARD!

    Take care everyone and try and have a good (ish) weekend.

    Katie smile (I've spent more time correcting this than writing it - I can't seem to touch-type anymore - I wonder why!sad

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    Well if you are anything like me, and you seem to be, you cannot touch type because your fingers tie themselves in knots and have minds of their own. Mine always want to hit different keys from the ones my brain is telling them to hit.

    As for your illness being because you are menopausal, that is why I did not get diagnosed for 3 years, because my doc was trying to get me to take HRT and antidepresants. Now I am menopausal my symptoms are no better or worse so I don't think there is any connection.

    We have dreadful wind here today, look at my dogs' hair blowing

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    I keep coming back to this site to see if Max's photo has been approved by the moderator or not. Is there something we shouldn't see?? smile
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    Here I am again.

    I've just watched the Oxford/Cambridge boatrace and feel absolutely exhausted now!

    That's my exercise for the day! :roll:

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    No, nothing you shouldn't see, unless it is because it is unrelated to illness, just Max and his friend on a windy walk with their hair all over the place. Thought it might cheer us up, we certainly need it sometimes. :roll:
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    Yes absolutely!

    I expect the moderators have just popped down to the pub - we'll just have to be patient. :roll:

    My dear husband has already put all the clocks forward. How to confuse an old girl even more..........:roll:

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    Hi Girls

    I know what you mean michelle, although i dont have a bath but, i do put the milk away in the cupboard with the squash alot and end up having to throw it away, but my biggest problem which is so enoying with fatigue is when i do have the energy to go out, about 5 mins later i end up coming back because i carnt remeber if i turned the heating off or if i left my caravan unlocked, or left the TV on, and even when ive come back and checked it all im still worried ive left something on when i do go back out, but sometimes when im on my bike riding i suddenly panic as to weather i have my crash helmet on or my riding gear, it does stop me for going out for too long !! and cause i spent so much time correcting this i forgot what i was gonna add to it grrrrrrrrr this is soo anoying !!

    I know we all talk about brain fog, but i do get brain block alot, were i go to start something, anythink like washing up or laundry, i get up with enthusiasm to do it then suddenly like a light switch i carnt do it, its not the fatigue but something in my brain is saying your not doing that and ive no control over it and end up sitting back down again ??

    brain washed now so will close for abit

    Take care

    Jay xox

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    pleased i'm not the only silly person. My friends often laugh at me for many different things. The worst thing I know I have done was to put bleach in the washer instead of fabric sofener :roll: The clothes came out looking abit worse for where. Know the bleach is kept in a different cupboard, well away from the washer.
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    Hi there everyone

    I know what you mean about checking up on things, Jay. I think I've almost developed a compulsive disorder, ' cos I'm always worrying about leaving the gas on and not locking up etc etc. Several times I've ended up returning home to check by which time I feel too exhausted to go out again.

    My house is now full of yellow post-it notes - 'have you turned off cooker', 'don't forget keys' - (I've been able to throw away the 'have your turned iron off' 'cos I don't iron any more - to me that is one of the most exhausting tasks ever - useful,'cos I hate ironing!).:wink:

    The thing I really do miss is gardening - I used to spend hours out there lost in my own little world of planting and pruning - all I can manage now (weather permitting), is sitting snipping at things with little scissors - and every time I have to get up to move I find myself groaning and saying 'oh dear' 'cos I'm so stiff and achy. :cry: I can't believe it was not so long ago that I thought nothing of lugging great bags of compost - and I often used to use a hand mower instead of the petrol one in order to get a good workout. I'm making myself feel really depressed now - I think it's amazing that those of you that have suffered so long are still sane. sad

    Take care everyone

    Katie smile

    I think Max must have gone all shy!

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    Just popped back to see if photo of Max has finally appeared - no.

    Does that mean that he has been banned? Maybe I am jumping to conclusions, but if that is the case then I feel really rather cross about it.

    Several weeks ago Donna had a posting removed by the moderators - and my reply - presumably for being deemed 'off topic'. She was describing (in her usual entertaining way) how she had just filled her brand new 4 x 4 with petrol instead of diesal (?spelling) and her husband's understandable reaction. In fact it wasn't 'OFF TOPIC' because the reason she had made this mistake was due to brain fog - which we all suffer from and can sympathise with. Just shows you, once again, how little others understand this illness.:evil:

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