Have Gastritis now back back after 5 years.

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I am a man 62 and, some 5 years ago was diagnosed with gastritis, duodinitis and osphagitis and reflux was prescribed Omeprazol and that was that only that at my age and other conditions IBS etc, i was going to be stuck with it for life.

I have had little attacks on and off over the last 5 years but, around 3 weeks ago, it came back with a vengance also alot of growling in my tummy, so, back to the Dr.

I had a camera back 5 years ago to show the gastritis plus other ailments mentioned and prove no HP ulcers etc etc, but now its all starting again and i am very worried about my condition, tho, should also say that around Christmas time, due to feeling better, i stopped taking the Omeprazol and only just started taking again after it flaerd up again in May, guess that may mean something, the bottom line is 5 years on growling tummy and the constant empty nawing feeling that is present, any one who has the same or the like, please give me some advice and support as, my Dr say`s i should wait for a month to see how i go and has also given me Zantac to take in the evenings and keep taking the Omeprazol in the mornings, so thats me, i and a very nervouse and stressed type person, and, sorry about the spelling................


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    Tom dont worry. Your condition looks like acute gastritis. It will heal very soon. Ask your doctor if you can take librax instead of Zantac.

    Remember one thing you will be alright.

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    I agree, your amongst a whole bunch of us, please try don't worry because that won't be helping either, if you need more reassurance go back to doctor and prepare some questions that you want to ask that always helps me. Good luck
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    Hi Both and thanks, must point out forgot to, have been on citalopram between 40 and 80mg for the last 17 years, i have decided to leave them off now put down to 20 just last two week or so ago, as, my Dr told me that this is what has caused my problem, i said, so why give me the medication, her answer, best of two evils, my answeer to her, it`s ME who has the problems !!!!!!!!!!........


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      Exactly!,,,, sometimes I think doctors can be very matter of fact, when you are human, I always say treat people how you would like to be treated, for IBS and stomach cramps I was put on amitriptyline and it helped enormously, something you should maybe look into, it is used for a variety of things however it can help relax the muscles in your tummy, it was one of my doctors better try outs. Lol
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    Great thanks to you all, i will have to see how i go till the end of the month and then see if i have to go back to the Dr, who, i am sure, will require me to have another camera, hope they find nothing new as, i really just feel like i did 5 years ago, and, i guess the medication must take its time to get into my system, eating wise, take yesterday, had my diner followed by a pint of custartd which i just fanced and loved, next about 20min later a yougut then at 22-oohrs had a bowl of cornflakes for my usuall supper, dinner was around 18,00hrs, yes, i like my food lol lol.....................Regards.................Tom...
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    Hi to all,

          Well, i have got my Dr to send me for a camera, should be in 4 weeks time at my local hospital in Rugby UK; she asked all the questions such as, could i swqallow Ok, was i loosing weight, was i anemic, did i have any blood from any where, all aswers where no, so, not being sent for the two week waiting as per any one who might be looked upon as having possible canser type symyems etc etc, so, non urgent, but, must leave off the omeprazol as soon as i get my date dur to them wanting to take samples to see if their is any HP around, and if its just very bad Gastritis etc etc etc, my medication will be uped a greast deal more than i am on at this moment in time, recon on the 1st week of July for my appointment...............Regards to all........................Tom.............

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      I thought that should have been given an endoscopy at the start of all your symptoms, could have saved you weeks of all that pain. Good luck
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    Hi Tom,

    If Test says you have HP, I will strongly suggest you to take mastic gum instead of antibiotics. That's a natural herb which 100% cures HP. It is available on amazon and you can find it on local stores as well.

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    Thanks both, just hope they find nothing else, i am the total pesimist, never was at one time, now tho`, seems to be all the time, PLUS, my worrying has given my wife shingles which is stres related illness derived from chicken pox which hides all these years in your spinal cord, so, looks like i have given my wife something nasty because of my stress on my illness............regards......Tom..
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    UPDATE,  I will be going for my camara this Thursday at 03-30pm; i hope all will go well, according to to my details from the last time i went some 5 years ago, i was diagnosed with MILD gastritis, so, hope it is just a flare up of this, as, i do not have any of the more worrying signs as my Doctor told me and, i was me that oushed for this to be undertaken, still, will know what is what by tea time Thursday, cheers to all..............................
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      Hi all, well went to the appointment and i really do not believe how awfull the NHS has become in the last 5 years as, instead of my camara as i was led to expect, NO!!!!, i get a Dr who just asks the self same question that my GP asked me at the begining of this mess, the person who i was looked by asked me if i was anemic, and said she wanted me to get some tests their and then, but, also noted that just a week ago had had same and showed that i was not anemic, but STILL she sends me???????????????????????; then she is wanting an ultra sound test, just to fine that i had  had an ultra sound a few months ago, and after some proding and feeling and more questions that my local \gp had asked and loged, was told that i would get an appointment for my camara within 4 weeks, now totaling near on 4 months, 5 years ago the GP did all the above, and, in 4 weeks +/-, i got my appointment and all sorted out, this is just a total farce and a blatent wast of tax payers monies re the NHS, but, she did say that. if you have as i have got, these gastrict problems, you DO NOT/NEVER, quit on the omeprazol even if you start to feel fine and dandy as she put it, i have the problem and the medication is what is sorting and helping me to feel better, pity it won`t help my anger level at this moment as well lol lol lol..........

      Let you all know the final out come people...............Regards to a.....Tom....... 

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