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paulfoel paulfoel

Have I got frozen shoulder?

Waiting for GP appt BTW.

I'm late 40s. Can't say I did anything for it to start suddenly.

It feels like a stiff neck/shoulder that just won't go away. Various parts of my shoulder, upper arm are painful. Also, feel sort of heavy.

Its not like a pulled muscle where I can't use the shoulder but its very painful at times. Its also painful when I'm lying down so its difficult to sleep.

Been like this for a few months now. Ibuprofen tablets and gel help a little but its so painful.


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  • melissa48549 melissa48549 paulfoel

    Sounds like Frozen Shoulder. Sorry you are dealing with this. I am just a bit ahead of you it seems. Started in Novrmber for me and I am just now through with some of the worst of the pain. I think I have benefitted from Castor Oil application, followed by heating pad.

  • paulfoel paulfoel

    At the moment, I've got no loss of movement. Is this typical?

    • melissa48549 melissa48549 paulfoel

      Not according to what I understand about Frozen Shoulder. It is the passive immobility -that the shoulder is actually stuck, versus that it is just pain reducing active range of motion- that is, in fact, the basis for diagnosis. So glad for you that you have full movement. That is wonderful. I hope you will find answers in addressing the pain. Until you have your doctor appointment, it can not hurt to try castor oil. It really works to reduce pain and inflammation in sore muscles and joints. Drink lots of water. Eat well and rest. Do not tax the shoulder with overhead movements, behind the back movements or heavy lifting, but try and use it otherwise for daily activities. Keep walking for exercise, and do not sling your arm. Good luck with your healing!

    • frozen stiff frozen stiff melissa48549

      melissa, you are exactly right it is the passive movements that count, a very painful bursitis my preclude any movement but it is not the joint which is restricted in tha case.

  • paulfoel paulfoel

    Must admit I thought the frozen bit came later?

    The pain Im getting is awful at the moment :-(

    • melissa48549 melissa48549 paulfoel

      Sorry you are in such awful pain. How long since symptoms began? How long until your GP appointment? You may indeed be in the "prefreezing" phase of FS, or the early part of "freezing". Pain, difficulty moving because of pain, but still able to mobilize your shoulder. For me the worst pain came later, during the actual freezing phase. Then, even a jostle or a sneeze would cause excruciating pain. And that was when my shoulder went from a lot of pain with movement, to literally frozen and unable to move. I think the diagnosis of FS is not usually made until there is clear loss of "passive mobility" which a good examiner will be able to detect. But in the meantime, FS may certainly be highly suspected.

    • paulfoel paulfoel melissa48549

      Well been to GP this morning. No loss of movement at all.

      In fact, it appears most of the pain comes from my neck. If I turn my head to the one direction thats when the pain is worse, in my neck and also down across the shoulder and upper arm. But upper arm/shoulder is where most of the pain is.

      For now, doc has just prescribed me naproxen.

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