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Have I got your or arthritis causing long term pain

I was told in the 1990s that I had a slightly high uric acid level by my gp. I was not given any medication for this. I have tended to suffer some joint pain for years. Quite often, also, I would get very tender (small) points in areas such as my shoulders or elbow. Just to touch them hurt.

Gradually, over the years, the pain has increased, but not unbearably. I had no further mention of uric acid levels from my gp during that time and don't even know if I was tested for it. My symptoms sounded similar to gout sufferers I have met, however.

In early 2017 my right thumb started clicking, quite often (I do a lot of writing and paperwork in my job). I think this was arthritis. It was (a little) painful but not acute. It got a little worse so I went back to my gp. X-rays showed , what he described as, a little arthritis.

A few days later I had a road accident (mid 2015) where someone ran into the back of my car. I was very shaken up with pain across my neck and down my arms and legs and in my hands and feet. Since that day all of my symptoms have got worse week by week. I get throbbing pain in my toes and thumbs and my thumbs are, now, extremely painful so that I can't do up buttons or turn the key in my door or even do paperwork or writing to any extent. A specialist then told me (in late 2015) that I had gout and said I would be ok in 3 months after starting on allopurinol. Over a year later things were worse and another specialist told me I did not have gout, but arthritis. These are NHS doctors.

Nothing is working for me and I am getting desperate and struggling with work and everyday life. This is not about compensation as I settled for a paltry amount, several months ago, due to not being able to cope with the hassle.

Sorry this is a long and, probably, boring post but any advice would be appreciated.

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  • patrick77590

    It sounds like a combination of rheumatoid arthritis and perhaps pseudo-gout. Similar to what I have at times. But less painful, and no clicking. I found that taking fish oil, or Glucosamine Chondroitin really help, other times I'll opt for turmeric. But since I started up aerobics, and a bit of walking/jogging I find my body isn't in so much pain. Exercise, from what my doctors have said will stave off arthritis pain, which of course, it has. Maybe consider some form of exercise to help reduce the pain. I no longer need fish oil or Glucosamine Chondroitin because the exercise alone is the remedy.

    • Sochima822

      Thanks for your advice. A couple of times, after I have done a bit of excercise, I have felt a bit better but no doctor told me that might help. I wasn't sure I imagined it but now I will step it up. I will also try the glucosamine you mention.

  • patrick77590


    In my opinion this is too complex for a GP. Insist on seeing a rheumatologist.

    Also you having had untreated hyperuricemia for 2 decades a cardiology check would be a good idea.

    • rustygecko

      Rusty, he was told he didn't have gout. Which reminds me I brought this up to this doctor. Guess what he said? He said, "sometimes, patients know more than doctors, but even if that were the case, you have a higher predisposition if it runs in your family."  Which is true, my grandma suffered from gout her whole life, her cholesterol was never an issue, in fact she had no cholesterol. She died of diabetes complications back in the days when dialysis wasn't perfect. My aunt has tophi gout issues, with no cholesterol and she's in her late 70's.  

  • patrick77590

    Traumer can eventually trigger gout. I broke my big toe three times through martial art activity 30 years ago, and have suffered ever since. Eventually I got my first gout attack in that joint, and 4 years later got another three. My uric acid level was a little high, but some doctors would argue not high enough for a gout attack. Whilst I haven't had a gout attack since being on Allupirinol I still suffer pain in my foot, which is probably down to arthritis. 

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