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Need help trying to figure out what is going on with me.....My thyroid doctor did a bunch of bloodwork on me, not sure why because I said I felt good finally.   I got the results back and the doc wants to send me to a hemotoligist( blood doctor)  Does anyone know what may be wrong with me?  My results are below.

WBC     4.33 K/uL        4.00 - 10.80 K/uL

RBC      4.14 M/uL       3.85 - 5.15 M/uL

HGB      11.7 g/dL        12.0 - 15.3 g/dL    LOW

HCT      36.2 %            36.0 - 45.2 %

MCV     87.4 fL            81.5 - 97.5 fL

MCH      28.3 pg           27.0 - 34.0 pg

MCHC      32.3 g/dL       32.0 - 36.0 g/dL

RDW      13.3 %             11.5 - 15.5 %

PLATELET COUNT      243 K/uL          140 - 400 K/uL

MPV      9.8 fL         6.6 - 11.1 fL

SEGS      35 %          40 - 75 %       LOW

LYMPHS       55 %         18 - 42 %       HIGH

MONOS      6 %          1 - 11 %

EOS       4 %           0 - 6 %

BASOS      0 %           0 - 2 %

ABS. SEGS     1.52 K/uL            1.8 - 7.7 K/uL         LOW

ABS. LYMPHS     2.39 K/uL              1.0 - 4.8 K/uL

ABS. MONOS     0.24 K/uL            0.0 - 1.1 K/uL

ABS. EOS       0.17 K/uL            0.0 - 0.7 K/uL

ABS. BASOS       0.01 K/             0.0 - 0.2 K/uL                          

So, it came up Low Abs. Seg (low abs. neutriphils)  Low Segs and high Lymphs with Low hemoglobin.   What could be causing this.  These results are no where near my norm from when I usually get blood work.  Very different.  Any help would be very appreciated!  Thanks in advance!  I do not have many symptoms, just a little tired and a rash that keeps coming and going on both sides of torso.  I do have Hashimoto's autoimmune disease with hypothyroidism, but levels are perfect. Oh... and I get very, very nauseous every single time I eat.  Thank you very much!

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    Hello SweetMelissa:

    Nurse Shelly here,  Low HGB (Hemoglobin) is not good, you need proper levels of HGB to carry oxygen around the body.  You also need HGB to make New Red Blood Cells, (RBC's) also.  It can take 2-3 weeks to make new RBC's.  Low levels of HGB will make that take longer.  You need Iron and a very good multivitamin w/ Iron can help. Any heavy periods ?  Were you ever low in HGB before?  It's a tad under normal so it can be brought up.

    Lymph - part of the White Blood count, you should be lower on that. Have you recently had a cold or flu or any virus?  Since you are high in lymphs it could be related to your immune system under stress. If you have a rash, has it spread or blister?  Is it painful? Have you been tested for it? Some conditions like Shingles (Herpes Zoster) can cause immune system to go off.

    Besides Hashi's,  do you have another medical condition? Such as Diabetes, Lupus, or anything like that?  Any new meds started in the last few months? You can PM me if you wish.



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      No new meds at.. been on the same meds for years.  I'm so confused.  I actually felt really bad for like a year, but have finally started to feel good about 5 months ago.  While I was feeling bad for the year, I had swollen lymph nodes in the left side of neck that would come and go that were painless, low grade fever daily, and extreme fautigue.  At this time I was seeing a endo to get my levels right for hypothyroidism,  My Tsh is at 0.95. Ft4 is at 1.41.  He said these are perfect as he wants to keep me around 1.00.  I finally felt great!  So, my appointment that day, when I told him that I felt great, but still nauseous every time I eat and I keep getting an itcy rash on both sides of torso( they don't hurt, no blisters) just little red itchy bumps.  So, he ordered a bunch of blood work for me.  Not even sure why, I guess because of the rash and nausea?  I mean I a little tired, but not much.  I can do all that I need to do through out the day. I'm assuming because I'm mildly anemic.  I have always been anemic on and off.  Also, Besides 5 months ago, I have not been sick at all.  I've been feeling alost like a million bucks..lol.  So, I'm very confused.  I do have positive ANA, but negative, but negative anti-dna.  I had them checked when I was sick for that year because Lupus runs in my family.  My Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor was 10.9.  (0.00- 13.9).  So negative?  I do have at the moment also a rash on my arms that I get from the sun. (potosensitivity)?  I only get it in spring though and have had it since I was like 12 years old.  I'm just so confused.  I have been working in my garden alot.. could that cause low absulute segs with high lymphs?  I just can't think of anything else.  Thatnk you Shelly for taking the time to help me.
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      Hi  SweetMelissa:

      A few things that come to mind here are RA -Rheumatoid Arthritis can cause high  Lymphs and low segs. RA causes fatigue, pain, fevers low grade, swollen lymph. Plus your RA factor is towards the high end.

      Next is Lupus, which causes rashes, and skin problems and tummy problems, and weight gain, and fatigue really bad.  Also causes Lymphs to go high and segs low.  It also causes low grade fevers, and is known for that and lymph nodes swell. I worked with a another Nurse that had this disease and I saw her have rashes and nausea.  So push for a new blood work up for this as left untreated it can damage the kidneys.

      Lastly certain Leukemias - I doubt this - just for informational  purposes. Some are passed on via DNA and run in families. This can cause nausea, and high lymphs, low segs, and other blood problems.

      So I would proceed with a work up for both  RA & Lupus.  Hashi's is a cousin in the Arthritis Family of diseases. Lupus can show up later even if you were tested before and were negative. As we age our body can change some and other diseases can come up.  Being autoimmune we can have a higher chance of getting another one of the autoimmune family of diseases.

      Also worth saying is TB (tuberculosis) can cause problems with lymph, fevers low grade or higher, rash, nausea, weight loss and night sweats, coughing. 

      Hepatitis is another, and severe anemias can cause this also.

      Get a simple blood interdermal TB test, as TB is in the air and you can get that.  You can have it and not know it.

      Please keep me posted good or bad on anything they find.



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      Thank you for all the information.  It is very much appreciated and your time is very appreciated.  You have helped me tremendously and gave me alot of knowledge that I was unaware of.  So, Thank You!  I will definitely keep you updated.  I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday the 24th of this month.
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      Okay, I have an up date.  Here are my labs that I just got back today.

      CCP IGG AB      16 UNITS     range <20 units    ="" negative="" rheumatoid="" factor       ="" 10="" iu/ml      =""><14 iu/ml   negative

      ana elisa screen        negative

      sedimentation rate       8 mm/hour       range 0 - 20 mm/hour

      i'm very confused because this past january, i had the ana direct test and it came back positive abnormal.  not sure what that means exactly, but that it was positive.  how can i have positive ana one time and not the next? iu/ml  ="" negative="" ana="" elisa="" screen=""  =""  =""   ="" negative="" sedimentation="" rate      ="" 8="" mm/hour=""  =""  =""  ="" range="" 0="" -="" 20="" mm/hour="" i'm="" very="" confused="" because="" this="" past="" january,="" i="" had="" the="" ana="" direct="" test="" and="" it="" came="" back="" positive="" abnormal. ="" not="" sure="" what="" that="" means="" exactly,="" but="" that="" it="" was="" positive. ="" how="" can="" i="" have="" positive="" ana="" one="" time="" and="" not="" the="">

      ana elisa screen        negative

      sedimentation rate       8 mm/hour       range 0 - 20 mm/hour

      i'm very confused because this past january, i had the ana direct test and it came back positive abnormal.  not sure what that means exactly, but that it was positive.  how can i have positive ana one time and not the next?>

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      Oh.. also wated to add that when I got the ana in January, that;s when I felt awful for like 1o, 11 months with extreme fautigue, swollen lymph nodes, and low grade fevers.  This time I had the ana, I feel fine except the swollen fingers for at least an 1 hour or 2 after waking up and nauseous after every meal.  Also, I was wondering why the ccp antibodies would be 16?  What causes that?  Is it normal?
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