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Hi all well today is my 11th day at 50mg...last night I managed to fall asleep pretty easy at about 11pm but woke at 3am...started feeling anxious about being g anxious so today I'm not doing to well has anyone one else suffered this insomnia and got over it so bloody fed up with all this.

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    hey Paul

    I'm on day 7 and the exact same thing happened to me night before last. I fell asleep pretty easy and woke up extremely anxious and had a rough day all day yesterday.

    I think it's pretty normal this early on in the process tbh and its gonna be a roller coaster until it settles down.

    you have anything to help the anxiety while you settle?

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      Hi there thanks for the reply yes my gp gave me some diazepam and zopiclone but I am trying not to use them tbh only if I really need to.

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      same here trying my best not to take them because they make my mood lower. havnt got zoplicone I've got amatriptalyn to help me sleep.

      is this your first time on an Ad?

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      Hi again....no it's my second time I was on sertraline back in 2014.....I remember going through a lot of the same symptoms but never quite knew which were the tablets side effects or my own a mixture of both I guess


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      how come you got off? feeling better?

      I'm on a swap from citalopram after 4 years it stopped working.

      I dont know what's anxiety,depression,side effects, or withdrawls.

      it's probably admixture of both tbh.

      what are your symptoms? if it's ok to ask?

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      I was on it about three four years...I was well and felt it time to come off...OH how I regret that decision now....I weaned off with zero problems...my symptoms are insomnia....very high anxiety and obtrusive thoughts lots of what ifs and worrying something is wrong with me....great NOT

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      it's horrible having increased anxiety and worrying constantly if you will ever feel better isnt it. the negative thoughts are just the worst and wouldn't wish this illness on anybody.

      the good new is it worked well for you before so why wouldn't it work for you again?

      sertraline can make it hard to sleep until it settles so if it does get difficult take your sleeping tablet just for a decent rest once in a while.

      do you suffer anxiety and depression or just anxiety? I have both so it's difficult to tell what causes what half the time.

      how long until you recovered last time?

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      Hello again yes I totally agree with you...yes it did work before for me but my negative thoughts have already convinced me it wont this time....if I remember back I think it was about six weeks before I felt much better....but I was in a very bad place at the time....this time around it seems to be more anxiety and the horrible feeling of not being able to cope things seem to overwhelm me very quickly and silly things set of a wave of anxiety

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      I know exactly where you're coming from. the waves of anxiety are triggered by the smallest things arent they?

      I hate them.

      it's hard to stop the negative thoughts but they worked before so their isnt any reason why they wont this time. it just takes time. hopefully the thoughts will die down when you start improving and then it might be easier to believe you will get better.

      have you seen any improvement over the past week or so at all?

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      Hi there....if I am honest I have had a couple of good days....its just the sleeping thing....soon as I wake it starts...mornings always seem to be worse ....afternoons and evenings better...just got to stick it out....how about you.


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      well that's good that you've had some good days that means they are starting to get in your system

      mornings are always worse because it has something to do with your cortisol levels being higher in the morning so that's why you feel worse. it should get easier as time goes on.

      the same for me, mornings are always the worst.

      I'm not doing too good atm with these adrenaline rushes. they are horrible. and definitely no improvement yet x

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      also from what I'm told evenings will improve first, then it will be afternoons too, then mornings aswell and you will soon be feeling good the whole day so just think, that's a good sign right? you are improving, it will get better

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      Hi there I do hope so I have not heard that before but very refreshing to know...looks like we are all on this roller coaster ride...let's keep an eye on each other I do hope things do improve for you very soon

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    Me too, I would feel exhausted doze off ok & then wake around 3am and that would be it as I would wake up & my heart would be racing.

    It did pass although i do wake earlier than i have in years about 6am but I'll take that.

    One question though, are you eating? The reason I ask is i saw a nutritionist when this all started & she said because i wasnt eating enough it was causing blood sugar issues & a common one was waking at 3am with adrenaline surges. So i started having an apple with some peanut butter before bed & it helped. Google it & have a look if you feel you can. i now make sure i eat something even if i don't feel like it. I'm not saying it will work but it helped me.

    I'm not a doctor, just someone who's been there.

    Read this:


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