Having a bad month - my worst bout ever

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I'm hoping someone might have a possible solution for me on this one.

About a month ago I had a really traumatic day with a family crisis which turned out to be not so critical but the day had already taken it's toll on me. I had diahorrea for a week (which I had never had with IBS before) and was given mebeverine which cleared that up after 2 tablets so I stopped taking them.

Ever since then I have been having constipation of sorts - I'm going to the loo every couple of days but only a very minimal amount so I;m not going anywhere near normal.

Works really busy so food wise I've started chopping and taking several pieces of fruit to work with me so that when I'm snacking I'm eating good stuff but the biggest problem I have is that I'm still eating the same amount as I normally do but it's not going anywhere and it's really getting me down now.

I've had some pains (and a heck of a lot of wind) in the last couple of days and so am taking an extra fibre supplement but can anyone tell me if me taking Normacol granules for a few days to clear out and start afresh would be worthwhile?

I have to say its a relief in itself to find this forum as whilst my hubby is very sympathetic and can obviously see the bloating there is nothing he can do to help and my parents worry too much for me to tell them whats going on, I have a mate who I can tell but she has a new baby so I don't want to burden her.

I've heard that the main trouble with IBS is that the more you worry about it the worse it gets and the worse it gets the more you worry and so on which is exactly what seems to be happening to me at the minute, when I went to the gym the other day the bloating disappeared and the pain subsided but the next morning it re-appeared so I was worrying about it again - I can't live at the gym!

Maybe I just need to wait until my holiday in 3 weeks to get it sorted again!

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    I'm really sorry you're struggling with this.

    I suffer from Endometriosis which can give you the symptoms of IBS as well as everything else! On the endo forum I go on some of the ladies who suffer from the same problem as you get something called Lactulose from their GP which is a stool softener, you take it in a drink and can have up to 6 sachets a day to help move things along.

    They also recommend to drink things like Pineapple Juice as that has an enzyme in it which can help your digestion and solve constipation. Also Aloe Vera juice is very good too.

    Practically try and drink lots of plain water or herbal tea too.

    Hope that helps and you feel better soon...


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    Worry can definitely create a vicious cycle of IBS troubles. Just an aside.... I've spent the Bank holiday cutting out tea, chocolate and eating smaller meals. I've been drinking only water and although I don't feel totally wonderful I do feel a big improvement in my IBS condition. This has lifted my spirits somewhat which helps with my overall feeling of wellbeing. My pursuit of ways of reducing the severity of my symptoms is a work in progress so I'll post other findings on this site. I do hope your symptoms ease soon smile
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    :roll: Ginger tea, camomile tea...peppermint tea...all work ok for me. Can't do coffee anymore, or any fizzy drinks (get heartburn) and curry is definitely out, although I love it.

    Had a bad bout 2 weeks ago, very bad diarrhoea, so stupidly took Imodium as I had to go to work. Didn't go at all for 4 days after, so had to take Lactulose (brilliant stuff, works really well without giving you griping pains) which took another 2 days to work. Bloated??? :oops: Wind??? :oops:

    That has taught me never to take Imodium again, although it really worked well!

    Personally, I find Buscopan the best for the pains, and I've tried lots of others over the years (Colpermin, Mebeverine, etc.)

    :wink: Keep smiling, it helps with the stress, although you do sometimes look a bit goofy!

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    Sorry to hear about your bad month. I swing between constipation and diarrhoea. I would keep taking the Mebeverine. My GP said I could take it all the time, not just when I'm having an attack, and others on this forum have also mentioned they take between just 1 a day to 3 a day all the time. I've found it keeps things moving along nicely and my stomach is nice and flat now.
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    hi i to am having bad week . constipation 3 days, took psylium husk diarhoa for 2 days , horrendous pain , i have suffered 10 years since diagnosed , before that endometriosis , had total hysterectomy which was brill , but found out through colonoscopys that it was ibs , perscibed colofac, dont help i am not nervous person so dont think that starts mine, i find if i eat healthy ,ie veg fruit bran , i go down with bad bout,i have no cure for you but if i find one i will be sure to share it. remember you are not alone although it feels like it at the time. take care
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    following a hysteroctomy in may 2007 i have suffered constipation terribly usually only going once every 10 days or so i've used lactulose ,senna,movicol and eventually enemas from hospital. I stopped taking these as they didn't seem to make too much difference now the past 2 weeks i seem to have went in the complete opposite direction and cant go too far from the toilet. Doctors have not diagnosed me yet but i was wondering if this would be typical of ibs cos its driving me nuts and feels like inside of my stomach is bruised any body help !!!
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    Hiya all, I thank my doctor for giving the web addy for this forum, it has been very helpful, the last five weeks have been hell. I was on buscapan but during this last boubt it was useless. I cut out all dairy and slowly increased my fibre intake, again it didn't really work very well. I had serve diahoerra. th pain was almost unbareable. My doctor put me on mebeverine about a few days ago and now after taking that I'm almost back to normal.

    Different things work for different people, it helped knowing that it really was just my IBS playing up and knowing that there was a way to combat it. I hope your boubt is over soon.

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