Having a bad week

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Hey all, having a rubbish week and just wanted someone to talk to. 

Have been enxhausted all week, really struggled to focus on anything and the pain in my legs has been horrid.

Also just been feeling really down, trying to loose weight unsucessfully, trying to exercise and eat healthily unsuccessully.

Just really fed up with this constant battle we are all going thorugh. 

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    A www poor you, this is the worst illness because you can't plan anything because you don't know how your going to be from day to day. Like you I've been trying to lose weight and it's so hard because there's not much we can do in the way of excercise, so that's an added worry, depression is a normal although nasty consequence of this illness, however better days are going to come your way, I try (although hard) to keep a positive vibe, sometimes impossible, but what can we do, it's good for you to have a rant on here, we are all in the same position as you. ??

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      When I was first diagnosed the dr said the best way of dealing with this is tying to keep active. I work full time and am studying. I try to walk the dog when I can. Am trying to look for supplements to help as well
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    Welcome arual,

    Iv'e also had a rubbish week, 3 weeks actually so I can really understand where you are coming from.  Hang on in there, it's good to talk and the people on here are really friendly.  x 

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    Not been having a great week either, had to call in sick to work, feel really guilty, 
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      Alexis I understand but don't ever feel guilty for being ill. This FM is an invisible disease. I hope you can feel better soon it's so hard when other that don't have FM do not understand our struggles. It's a nerve disease covering the tiny nerves that become sensitive to damage & sends pain messages to the brain. It's hard to accept the challenges and changes we face daily. Be strong and never give up a good fight. 

      If necessary ask for anti depressants to help get thru the depression cycle. Many of us are grieving our past active lives. Having to face a whole different way of living,movement and be mindful of our surroundings and learning new technique so accomplish daily tasks.

      I already have RA, THR , TKR, frozen shoulder, Dupuytrens . A long list of arthritis issues. I have had cashiers so impatient that I can't get change out of my fingers fast enough they just grab my hand and take the change. Not realizing how painful it was to grap my hand. 

      I am allergic to most meds for pain and try to manage it with OTC meds. The only meds prescribed are the DEMARD's which helps me get up and get moving.Most my family thinks well she has had a couple hip replacements and knee, I don't understand why she isn't more active or feeling better & I had a  friend that had same thing & is 100% after their implant/ treatments.  YIKES! 

      I absolutely want want to say to my family & friends that I am so glad that they never had to experience joint replacement, arthritis or FM, and all the depression and physical complications that goes along . I have to admit that I enjoy bragging rights that I have a handicap parking permit. 

      My friends have looked at me like I am crazy cause I have FM,or blamed it on just being lazy. It's difficult to explain all the pain even trying to just walk or do simple stretches . I hope and pray for all of us here that we can be happier and motivated to find better life & learn better coping tools and find better doctors who understand this disease.

      I have had this way before there was a name for it and at the time most Drs would say they don't treat this and go see a psy. 

      I have found a good rhumey who has tried to improve my quality of life with sorting thru many meds. It took a few months to find the right meds for me. DEMARDS have been so helpful in so many ways. 

      Have you seen a rheumatologist ? Today FM is more understood and treated. I highly recommend it!


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      Hi I haven't seen a rheumatologist since my g.p. diagnosed the fibro, she was testing for r.a. As my thumb was triggering, I have also had carpel tunnel op on both hands, I was told my tests were negative for r.a. But was told I had hyper mobility, an X-ray on my hips showed I have arthritis in my spine, cos I have been going back and forward to the docs with pain in multiple places she said I think you have fibro, I was on anti inflammatories and amitriptyline for sciatica, she gave me tramadol and Prozac, but the pain is still unbearable, should I ask my g.p. To refer me back to rheumatology 

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      I would try to see a dr that can help with the sciatica. PAIN meds never help long term. I had sciatica from a herniated disc. Very painful. Plain miserable and constantly.

      Suffered for years tried pain meds therapy tens you name it.

      finally surgery was the last option I would try I was scared 

      after the disc was repaired from surgery the sciatica was completely gone. I immediately wondered why I was so fearful to have surgery for so long.

      The surgeon was great and I was home the same day. 

      I could tie my shoes & pick something up from the floor. Was a huge step.

      If you can get a referal to a back specialist who can make your life easier then it's worth seeing another doc for another opinion. Also hip arthritis a THR may be in the future and hyper mobility as another diagnosis can cause many other pain issues. I am sorry to hear of the diagnosis . It all just adds up.

      Remember to take it one thing at a time and one day at a time. Be mindful of  how u can do things differently & adjust to your limitations . 

      Stay fit as u can and ask for therapy to help show techniques to stay strong. Very important they can teach many different ways of doing daily tasks without the side effects of injury. Rest every day.reset the body and mind.

      I know the struggles your going thru and it's all so exhausting. Slow down & take a deep breath and think big you can overcome all these obsticals &

      set your goals within your means.

      Life is never just sit back and think we're done. There are many things I focus on like how I can improve my life. It may not be easy but the rewards are with all the efforts. Never give up there is always a way to overcome what we are coping with at any time in our lives. Expectation and adjustments to life is what help keep us movin.

      I am so grateful that I still have my mobility and I fought thru it all and do every day.

      i am the only care taker of my husband. Daily tasks are taken one at a time. We are all unique in the many ways we overcome Heath issues. 

      Stay strong and coping tools are always helpful thru physical therapy. Ask your doc for all the help & support,  he has many connections and alternatives .

      good luck. I hope you are given all that you need to sustain you thru this journey.



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    Yes we all struggle from time to time. Fibro can be very discouraging sometimes.

    i try to stay movin, as it's important to keep some exercise daily for at least the best you can tolerate. It's important that you recognize that some days are better than others.

    One trick to lose weight is not to eat past 7 pm. Drink plenty of water and eat raw veggies for snacks during the day. It's important to establish a routine. To organize pain levels and find how to move past them what works for you. Weather it is swimming, walking the dog or light gardening. 

    Once you recognize the issues holding you back is good to start a daily routine and start wih beginning  a better quality of life. Eating clean foods less sugar and fat no fruit juices or snacks that are bad for you. Sugars and fried foods cause swelling. Taking anti inflammatory meds and eat anti inflammatory foods really does make a difference. Leave out the boxed or prepared foods. Making your own foods it's critical. You know exactly what's in them.making fresh smoothies easy an healthy. 

    I have one simple thing that helps me loose weight stay away from high sugar foods &  Drink plenty of water.  Get outside to walk and get the endorphin levels & move on when depression set in & cortisol is a bad hormone that can add pounds to our bodies.

     Also blood tests can show if your low on vit or minerals. Supplements can help as we need help with extra minerals and supplements. Protien shakes always helps me feel better in the afternoon.

    This will pass. Tomorrow is another day! Once you establish a routine that works for you your habbits that hold you back will be a thing of the past.

    take it one day at a time.


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    I know exactly how you feel. I think I'm starting to come out of about 2 months of horrid headaches, bodyaches, and pain. It can be so hard because no one can see the pain we are in. 

    I struggle with losing weight and am sick of people saying, "if you would just get out and exercise."  If walking to the end of your driveway counts before the pain is too much, then I'm exercising. 

    When I get down I try to ride it out. This time was tough because I lost my job because of this last episode. Try and think about the good things in your life and those who love and help you. You are more needed by others than you know most likely. I don't want to sound all flowers and rainbows, but remembering that I am not useless because of this disease helps me out a lot. 

    I love this board as well because people understand just how you feel. 


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    I have been there as well.  So hard to get motivated, so watch the piles get bigger.  Usually it is those days I feel good, and then dont pace myself that I get into trouble.  Routines work when I feel good, but when I am sore and know what I need to do, very often I just don't do my exercises.  This doesnt work as eventually it is the exercises that get me going.  Stretching exercises of the legs and neck.  Massages when I can get them, and eating healthy.  Weightloss is a biggie!  I lose a few lbs and gain them back.  Lately my appetite is the pits, so I have lost a few lbs.  I sweat constantly so you would think weight would fall off.  So try a little stretching and get off the couch with a timer and do 5 or 10 little things like picking up a few things off a table and keeping hydrated.  That is the best thing that moves me forward through the day.  Take care and believe tomorrow will be better.  

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    Hi Arual. I think it is really sad how hard we women are on ourselves regarding our physical appearance and weight. The world's standard is very influential and not realistic for the majority, and as a result, many women hate the way they look. I am sure that you are a lovely looking woman Arual. We always make unrealistic comparisons with other women, either in the media or women that are not struggling with health issues. You are you sweetie! There is not another like YOU. Stop beating yourself up and start accepting what YOU have to work with. Just keep trying to maintain a healthy eating habit and do only what you can sweetie. If you can go for a walk some days, then do it. If you need more rest for a few days, then do it. Know your limitations and accept them. This is a chronic condition and we have to manage it on a personal and unique level. Work with what you have sweetie. And Dress to compliment your figure that You have now. Dressing is a science really and you can enhance your appearance by little tricks to camouflage areas that you like less. Try to see the good points of your appearance. Stressing about what you Think you should be doing, is only counterproductive. Concentrate on what you CAN do, not on things you find more difficult and that is only stressing you out. I keep mentioning about writing in a journal to get your emotions out. That too is important Arual. Don't keep things bottled up. Once you get your feelings out into words, you will feel more relieved and you can think more rationally. We need to stop putting expectations on ourselves that are not realistic. Have some peace of mind sweetie and accept the unique and special person you really are. Fibromyalgia women are some of the nicest and most caring women I know! But we are also often, perfectionists and are experts at demeaning ourselves and putting so many unrealistic expectations on ourselves that we would never expect from others. Big hugs. Maggie xo

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