Having issues with circulation and 28 years old

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I am new to this site because I am in need of others help and opinions, I been to multiple doctors for many many many maaanny years and none have helped me

I have been having circulation problems since I was about 14 years old , my arms, hands , feet will go numb often specially in my sleep when I’m resting, I keep getting sick and nausea , I can’t figure this out but what really caught my attention is that the blood follow to my errection is always different, sometimes it’s huge (7-8 inches) but most times it’s just 6 inches so that’s when I started going to the doctors numerous times out of all the years askin why is sometimes I can’t get fully hard

I do smoke, and I do drink alcohol , but back in the day when I was a teen I didint smoke much just about 7 smokes a day and had this problem..... now I smoke about a pack a day and it’s stil the same problem so I don’t know if this is just smoking!? Ciggerettes I mean , I don’t do drugs or smoke weed 

I did do an asthma test at 14 when I smoked 5 smokes a day and they said I had mild asthma , but does asthma effect circulation? Will it effect the blood flow to my erection for sex? I have no one to answer me , I do live in Canada where it’s free health care but the doctors are not great at all , very lazy 

They all accuse it on depression and anxiety... but anxiety can cause circulation problems to my body aswel?? I don’t understand this at all....

Also my ears constantly ring, I feel feverish on and off specially if I eat anything with onions or garlic I get really sick for a weak and pale like on and off 

Allergy? I don’t know? 

Today I am super pale and legs are constantly cold.... waking up every morning extreme difficulty breathing from my throat area , puking, very tired and dizzy , I sometimes see funny colours in my vision

So anyone can give me some tips on what I could try to ask the doctor about?

Could be my heart?, stomach acid? , smoking? , alcohol?,  I have also changed eating habits and no different still so I don’t know if it’s my heart , I have multiple ecg test for my heart but can that tell me about heart failure? Ah I wish someone could give me some info sad

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    I also forget to add a couple things, 

    I am just mostly confused because for years it feels as if there is something wrong and the doctors are missing something

    My solarplex area ALWAYS hurts  with a dull pain I went for a barium test to look for a hiatus hernia ulcers, they both came back negative but the Guy who did it was very fast with the X-ray just get in and get out type deal

    Cause I assumed maybe I am bleeding somewhere to cause a poor circulation, but the only

    Pain I have is the solar plex around the stomach , 

    I don’t puke blood, but I will spit blood out of my mouth from somewhere always, I do have gingivitis aswel but I do t think that could cause all of these issues

    My left tonsil is always swollen and I have a lymph node around my Paratoid gland that’s been there for years since this all started , I am going crazy I am not sure if this could be numerous things or just 1 simple issue ,

    But I have been trying to link it all to ciggerettes but at the same time I feel the same right now being 28 aswel when I was 14 .... and I smoked a different amount

    So if any of you had the same symptoms and then quit did it all go away??? Maybe I’m allergic to someone in the ciggerettes?

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      Hi Brad I'm sorry that you are obviously struggling to cope with health issues, I think you need to go back to your Dr and ask for an appointment to see a councillor, I'm not under rating your symptoms but after years of dealing with mental health issues I do think you need help to get your mind to see that not every symptom is a disease, I would say that your thoughts regarding your sexual capabilities are perfectly normal, we are not machines and the bodies abilities alter daily and can be influenced by alcohol, smoking tiredness etc so just see it as a normal process.

      Your other symptoms can all be attributed to anxiety disorders, please go back to your Dr and show him this post so he can see how it's effecting your life in general

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      Also you say that after certain foods you feel unwell, you could definitely have a food intolerance so keep a food diary for a month, yes you don't need to ask about smoking, you know its not good for you so if you respect your body and truly don't want to get sick quit while your young enough to make a difference

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      Thank you for replying , I may have to accept that it could be anxiety for sure, I have been avoiding it being that for years just because it just feels so weird to me 

      I can admit 1 thing how I do beleive it all started .... when I was 14 I was young and stupid trying weed but then I stopped smoking it cause it scared me the feeling of being high so I started taking gravol pills and well..... I ended up taking 150 in a brand new bottle and overdosed and had to go o the hospital but it scared me so so so so so bad I never Have felt same since and I still have taken another gravol pill since then ...... but I also didint feel this I do right now though, I feel a totally different feeling On and off, like I’ll be good for 3 days but then I feel ill for a month and then back to being good for 1 day to back to another month of feeling ill ,

      my sister is a nurse and she believes I have ptsd because when I was 17 my father died from a drug overdose and I was the one who found him so she thinks I got ptsd from that but I don’t beleive it either, I am stubborn I know , it’s just difficult for me to understand if it was anxiety or ptsd

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      Hi again Brad, I do think your sister could be correct, there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of mental health problems, its life and can effect anyone, even royalty can be anxious and suffer with it.

      So your not on your own and you can get help to cope with it as its not easy to manage on your own.

      I definitely think you need to go back to your DR's and discuss this with them, your use of pot is not anything to be ashamed of either so think of it as a just something you did and want do again.

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