Having panic and anxiety and feel weird

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First let me tell you I have MAV (migraine associated vertigo) this causing dizziness with and without headaches, the dizziness can be different sensation like, swaying and rocking, falling feeling, floating feeling, leaning feeling, bouncing feeling.  I've had this for 13 months.  It also causes anxiety, neck pain, headaches and can have a silent migriane which is the dizziness instead of the pain, but most of us with it have dizziness all the time in some form.  This morning while getting ready for work I was having the falling feeling while walking around and when I have these feeling  I get stressed and angry, then my arms started to ache, my stomach felt weird like sick and I felt it in my chest and my breathing was ok but felt weird to me, so I started to drive to work and I guess the fear was buidling and I started to think about all the feelings I was having and the fear became worse, my skin got hot and tingling and I started to panic, I had to yell at myself to stop.  I got to work and I took a xanax.  Its been along time since I had a panic attack and I just needed to talk to someone, so here i am.  I know this will be a stupid question, but did it sound like a panic attack to you?  Its been so long i can remember to well.

Having this dizziness disorder doesn't help much, feeling like your off balance or falling or floating or rocking, it can be scary and cause anxiety and worry all the time.  

I'm worried now maybe it wasn't just a panic attack and something worse.

thanks for listening.

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    Hi, I think it sounded like a panic attack honestly. I don't have vertigo or migraines but when I have a panic attack my body aches (mainly left side), I feel like I'm swaying, my breathing gets weird, my chest hurts or has pressure, I (sometimes) get nauseous, light headed, tingley, hands lock up etc.. Sometimes I even pass out because I have vasovagal syncope.

    Its really scary but I think you just experienced a panic attack. I have a crippling fear that I have a heart problem. I've had sensations and feelings that mimic a heart problem but have had countless testing all proving my heart is okay. I still feel they missed something at times.

    But that alone proves what anxiety can trick your mind into thinkimg and feeling. When you start to feel like that try deep breathing - in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 2, exhale through your mouth for 4. Thats what I do, but whatever is comfortable for you works. There's hundreds of tricks to do that really help. My counselor taught me a lot.

    I hope you're doing better, I know how tough it can be. ??

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      HI Katelyn

      Thank you so much for chatting, its helpful just knowing your not alone. Panic attacks are awful, how they just come out of know where, but I guess my thinking about all the feelings I was having just made me flip out.  I know when its anxiety coz I get the feeling like i won't be able to swallow and I don't know if you've felt that , but you feel like you can swallow plus you can get air right when you can't swallow.  That alone is scary enough, but when I take a drink its fine.

      Anxiety is just awful, no matter how good you can feel for weeks, months and years, then it can just hit you.  Its an odd duck thats for sure.  I feel a bit better at least the anxous part, still feel like i'm moving, but with this dizzy stuff that can go on for days then just stop and return.   

      I'm like you I have an awful fear of heart problems, so when my left arm hurts and my chest feels weird on the left side like a pressure and the nausea, i worry and start the checking the pulse.  Its amazing how anxiety can just take over the brain.  I hate it.

      Thank you so much for being here.  It means alot

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      You're more than welcome! My anxiety has been through the roof the last month or so, I've been to ERs, doctors, immediate care all that. It really is so hard. I'm so happy to hear you're feeling better though!

      And yes I get the same thing with swallowing. It feels like you can't or your throat is closing, but taking a drink is fine. I always thought that was really strange and it worries me too.

      I do the same with my pulse. I've gotten so bad I developed an ocd with it. My hand is always on my neck or wrist. Its a tough habit to break and so hard to accept you're okay when you feel you aren't.

      No problem at all, I know how hard it can be and how you're constantly looking for reassurance. If you need anything feel free to message me or comment on here!

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    I get that swaying feeling too or feeling like the door is moving under me! Hold your breath and your boat and blow out till your ears pop! Do it a couple times a day for like 2 days! It went away for me and never came back
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    Because it is always important with some of the symptoms you noted.. You have seen a nuerologist correct? And an opthamologist? Then if that was all clear yes id say its intense anxiety. with panic attacks and a bit of dehydration involved. Learn to belly breathe. So important. It all sucks, it really truely does. 
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    Oh it definitely was a panic attack. Terrible. I too have gotten dizzy from a migraine. I have had  the walking on a tilt. I feel bad for you. Would a antidepressant help with that,and also you anxiety, and panic. I would find out. So awful.
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