Having panic attacks constantly

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Been having panic attacks constantly for days now.  Been prescribed propanolnol, but can't manage to work myself up to take them.  So scared of side effects, but guess that is all part of aniexty.  

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    Hi Kathleen

    When I was having them 8 years ago, I was prescribed propranolol. I was skeptic at first but as the dose was low (40mg) a day I took them. I personally found they were quite brilliant. They stopped the racing heart, pulpitations and shakes. They helped me a great deal and still are to this day. I even took them when I was better and was able to face the world again I still take them as a 'security measure'. I cannot guarantee they will suit you but they did me .

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    Hey Kathleen, same story as richardvilla.  i was super scared of taking anything when my anxiety peaked and i felt like i had a stack of side effects when taking the propranolol but after a while i wondered how much of that was my anxiety making things worse or just making them up completely, so i continued taking them on a super low dose of two 10mg tablets a day.  i also take Kalms tablets through the day which seem to help me a lot.  turns out i got no side effects at all from the propranolol, they just took away all the nasty side effects of anxiety and all the adrenaline running around my body.  such a welcome relief!  i ended up on 2x10mg daily with a 40mg if i felt i needed it.  if i stopped taking the propranolol i usually experience a very low mood for a about a day but this is likely the adrenaline effecting my body in a way it couldn't while i was taking them.  i hope you can enjoy some relief soon x 
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      Hiya neh, you mention you take these tablets with breaks, or stop taking them for a bit. Can you offer any advise here? I had been prescibed propranolol for anxiety 10mg to take as and when I need to take them.This was about four weeks ago I leveled out at 3-4 tablets a day. It took me two weeks for the symptoms and side effects to go and it was truely horrible getting there. After the side effects did settle ( although not entirely) on week three my doctor advised me to try to take them as and when I need to as I had gotten used to taking them at routine times of the day and not when the anxiety was present. I left the doctors surgery and didnt take another for a full week. I felt cured, perfect in fact for a full week. it seemed the doctor was right I was taking tablets for anxiety I didnt have. I had the best week ever No anxiety, no side effects. Completey me again. On the 7th day I woke feeling anxious, all my symptoms back again,unable to function. I took a 10mg tablet and the whole list of side effects returned as strong as they were in the very begining. Horrible. That was Monday. Monday was so bad anxiety AND terrible side effects from the tablets.Tuesday I had anxiety in the morning but couldnt take a tablet as I still had the same horrible buzzing head from the day before, I can only decribe this buzzing as a like a massive caffine overload, its horrible , the anxiety eased off late afternoon, and today this morning the same horrid anxiety. I would like advice from people who take this as and when please, as right now I am feeling like my choice is either severe anxiety or horrendous side effects taking the tablets. Any reply would be very very much appreciated. Is it possible to take these as and when without side effects as they definitely make me feel calmer.

      Ali x

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      Hi Alison,  i was told to try the Propranolol 40mg twice a day but i found this was too strong for me so i settled on 10mg twice  a day.  can't remember how long it took to work.  i've been on the 10mg twice a day for a few months now - no noticeable side effects though i will toy with coming off them every now and then.  it sounds like your symptoms are very up and down, much like the rest of us anxious lot.  we can end up chasing symptoms and worrying about the cause, which we usually blame the meds for (might be true, might not).  if your symptoms are really strong and scary and persistent, i say get checked out and research, but if they come and go and are subtle enough only to spark your worry, then get mindfulness into your routine and slowly slowly get your worried mind some well needed rest.  i was told to try upping the dose if i wanted, but to be honest i don't think this helps in the long term at all.  i end up feeling low from some kind of post med crash.  don't understand it.   i hope this helps xx please let me know if you have othe questions
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      Hi Allison, I started taking proponolol for a few good years now. I was on 10 mg twice a day initially but slowly cut down to only once a day. I find it great to curb down your anxiety level. I am always a bit anxious in taking medications but I found out through experience, with proponolol, you can take it as and when is needed. I was a bit anxious in the last two weeks and took once in the afternoon every day. But I have not taken it for the last 4 days! So far so good, no withdrawal symptoms. My sister used to taking it religiously for almost 8 years at a higher dose but she slowly cut back without side effects either. Although it says on the prescription that you should not stop taking it without doctors' advice, in my opinion it is okay to go ahead without it when you are not anxious. 

      Amy x

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      Hiya Amy. Thanks for your reply. I have not took any tablets now for three weeks nearly four. My question is... When you have a break from these tablets completely then take one for the first time again after a complete break, do you suffer any side effects? My doctor said as and when but it took me two weeks almost to get used to these tablets and now I feel I'm back at the beginning if I start taking them as and when, dealing with the side effects a over again. Does any body take them as and when with no side effects?
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    This drug relieves my symptoms in about 15 minutes. It's amazing.   I take the drug for "tics".    If you drink, then move the consumption of this drug far away from your drinking time.  I feel as though alchol disolves the "slow release", and defeats it (at least a little).   Things do nearly return to normal later.


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    I have been having the same. I started taking sertraline 3 weeks ago and have been even more miserable. I was given the propanolol earlier and just took my first pill. Take it. It will help you to relax! I'm the same way if I think about tte dude effects I won't take something so I just opened it and took it.

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