Hbp with lower back pain and anxiety

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Hi everyone I have posted on here before with my concerns. Basically I have ongoing high bp issues with anxiety I also have pain I believe comes from my kidney area. When I'm not anxious my bp is around 130/74. Which I'm happy with being 57. But when I'm anxious I can still get readings of 170-180ish my dialostic always stays under 90. After I calm down my bp always returns to just above normal. My currently on bp meds twynsta.

My GP assures me my anxiety is driving my bp up and this is normal for someone with anxiety. I also get back pain at different times of the day which is fairly mild but noticeable which makes me anxious.

My GP assures me my kidneys are fine. My last egfr was 89 2 months ago.

Since my journey with anxiety started 6 years ago when I had a panic attack and ended up in the ER. My Bp was 230/130! Over the years like most people I have had a multitude of exams and tests I've had 3 full medicals this year including an ER visit.

I guess I still believe I have kidney problems. I've noticed that with anxiety people seem to fixate on a particular life threatening illness that they believe they have. I have looked up kidney disease symptoms and the only real symptoms I have are the high bp and back pain.

I still can't get this out of my mind that's the Drs have missed something. I must admit if I don't think about the back pain I don't notice it.

This anxiety has really ruined my life. My career of 20 years has gone I was medically retired because of this. I was a police officer which I was quite good at!

Anyway I just needed to vent as I'm sitting here a bit depressed and feeling sorry for my self again! Thanks for reading.

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    Sorry for your anxiety,

    I suffer it because of a diagnosed condition (s) and I have suffered it with Reative depression since the 70s

    I read and reply to Anxiety as I know what this condition can do in our mental health. although in my ase it is, not in the mind.

    When I have tests they can be extensive and unpleasent, if not uncomfortable, there is generally the chance that the tests go wrong and we beome stuck with problems that are no-ones fault.

    Not only that the drugs can have adverse effect on our bodies and mental health, I suffer terrible pain since the seventies and now with taking Opiates I have developed a conjenital short term memory disorder because of the Opiates I take.

    All I am trying to explain here is Anxiety sufferers need to be careful when it comes down to tests, the more repeat tests you ask for the greater th risks of something going wrong. I also have an arthritis in the jaw and need sedation so they can open my mouth and operate, this is another danger they will sedate or Operate and over time dangerouse concerns need to be addressed.

    Sad as it is I would love not to be called for test, although in my cas they need to perform tests to make sure nothing has developed that could cause problems. It is a circle of concerns that I am subjected to.

    Please try and understand the risks associated with performed tests, try and accept that most thing that can onern you may be in the head, tests are risks better avoided if possible

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      Hi yeah I know deep down its my mind doing this to me. When I'm relaxed I don't feel anything and when I think or read about possible worst case scenarios I can work myself into a state and my bp goes through the roof. I'm sorry you have suffered so much with your illness for such a long time it's great that you reach out to strangers to help them. I appreciate your knowledge and concern.

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      Thanks for replying, 

      One thing you can try is Relaxation techniques, ask your GP to arrange some lessons on MINDFULNESS it may help you to calm your base feelings that something is wrong. 

      Many health problems can be addressed by trying to forget the symptoms and calm your mood, it is important you try and relax as in most cases people become concerned and look up their so called conditions, this can be very dangerous, a little knowledge is not very benefiial and can make people feel worse.

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      Hi thanks I've actually been doing mindfulness exercises with breathing the last few weeks. I find it really helps. I know what you mean about looking up your symptoms it's the biggest mistake I made when I first became ill. Like a lot of people I gave myself many horrible illnesses. It doesn't help that I'm an ex detective and have an enquiring mind. However I admit I know nothing of medical science. I hope you are well yourself. Regards Mark.

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    it's very common with Anxiety Disorder sufferers to fixate upon a certain part of the body and "decide" that, despite all the negative tests, that those tests missed something. And naturally the body "obliges" and provides the symptoms to back up your misguided theory.

    All your tests are negative. Now you have a choice. You can google and frighten yourself half to death, or you can accept  the medical results, you  can accept that you have AD, and use self help methods to deal with it

    You can either become apathetic, focus on the symptoms and worry something was missed, thus making your life miserable, or take control of what is really wrong and improve your quality of life

    I have alarmingly high blood pressure, far higher than yours.I could freak myself out watching for signs of a stroke/heart attack. What quality of life would that be?

    Life is not a punishment. It is to be enjoyed

    I choose to accept that as a nervous, AD suferer, my BP can reach dizzy heights. I don't think about dropping dead from a heart attack or being struck down by a stroke.

    Fill your mind, your day with positives, Mark. Take control. Put away negative thoughts and fears. All they do is entrench anxiety symptoms and make you miserable

    You'll be just fine. At the moment yor confidence is wavering.Mind set is vital, Mark. Glass half full? Glass half empty?

    Your choice smile

    Best wishes


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      Tks very much Helen I do understand in what you are saying is right. I can accept all the awful anxiety symptoms and at times I do get my share of them.

      However it's the high bp that always concerns me.

      I've only been on this forum for a few weeks and I've been comforted by reading advice given to people suffering like myself. Thanks again.

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      Hi there Mark,

      it's not easy is it, coping with AD? I feel for you, I truly do. My experience has been that of overcoming one symptom only to find a new one pop up out of nowhere. But now, as opposed to feeling the fear when that happens, I dismiss it mentally, and ride it out

      Again not easy

      My blood pressure was alarmingly high, Mark, I had 5 different meds prescribed over a period of 12 or so months. I have never felt so ill in all my life as I did from the side-effects

      I'm not implying that BP meds affect everyone, far from, but they do have a negative effect on many

      The guideline for normal blood pressure was, for decades, 100 plus your age.Influences from the billion dollar drug companies has lowered the target drastically

      High blood pressure, as defined by the drug companies and many medical doctors, is not an instand death sentence. Furthermore, clinical trials involving hypertension medication shows no increased life span amongst users compared with non users

      Every person has to make their own choices, based upon a personal decision. I discontinued the blood pressure meds and within months regained my health.

      But this, as I say, was a personal experience only and not a guideline for others. People must make an informed decision based upon what is best for you

      I'm a great believer in know thine enemy

      We all know our own bodies, Mark.

      If you are concerned about your BP, and remember BP fluctuates all the time, read up on self-help. Cut down drastically on salt. Make dietry changes/. You can lower it naturally. And taking charge will give you confidence as opposed to worrying about high readings

      I had a home BP monitor. I used it twice daily. I never use it now. I was obsessing about my BP, which in turn raised the levels alarmingly

      Now? I adjusted my diet, cut down on salt and foods/liquids that elevate the BP, and I just LIVE!

      I wish you well Helen

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      Thanks Helen I do have my own meter and to be honest I wish I would never have bought it. I use to use it up to twenty times a day with at times my bp climbing with my panic! I have a good friend who is a musician and he had high BP problems and doesn't worry him like it does to me. I guess I'm a worrier by nature and being a former investigator (a police detective) I have an enquiring mind that needs answers. I admit I no nothing in the way of medical conditions. Anyway thanks again for the reply and I hope you are well. Regards Mark.

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      Hi Mark,

      The problem with many AD sufferers is that as a rule they are intelligent people with inquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge

      That might sound odd but I believe it to be true

      We analzye everything

      We want answers, lol

      Please don't worry about you BP. Worrying only causes it to rocket sky high. I found that out to my own cost

      I too became anal about always using my BP machine. It would rise and rise and frighten the life out of me.

      Ridiculous or what?

      White coat syndrome, where BP readings shoot up when taken by a GP or at the hospital, are common. By "watching" my own BP, measuring it all the time, I was creating my own personal BP white coat syndrome

      I know, Mark, it's a bit scarey thinking, Oh God! I've got high blood pressure! Stroke!!EEk! Heart attack! EEK !

      I've never felt better physically/mentally since I decided, To hell with this! This is no way to live

      I hope you can put aside your fears

      Enjoy your life!

      Best wishes, Helen smile

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    Our BP alters all the time based on our bodies needs, if we exercise our BP goes up and if our bodies prepare for action, which is basically what happens as part of the anxiety response, our BP goes up. All this means is that its working as its supposed to. The damage from high blood pressure is a response to a persistent high baseline BP, at 130/70 yours seems very good really.

    High blood pressure and some drugs are associated with reduced kidney function and one of the aims of treatment is to prevent this.

    You mention having 3 medicals, did they not take blood? there are several indicators that a Dr can use to assess kidney function and in fact most Blood tests that measure blood chemistry, measure things like urea and creatinine, you don't need a special test, when the same things are measured in other blood tests.

    Remember pains across the back are among the commonest things that people experience and these aches and pains get commoner as we get older, particularly in the lower back. Of all the causes, kidney disease is among the easiest to diagnose correctly, so I suspect your Dr isn't just guessing.

    Its worth remembering that some of the treatments used for high blood pressure can cause back pain as a side effect, I suffered this with ACE inhibitors, but it seems very common. I think the issue is the pain, if its intollerable then its worth investigating, however if its just the anxiety about kidney disease, its not worth the worry.

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      Hi yeah I've had about 20 blood/urine tests all good.

      I feel that the back pain is a result of the bp medication because this is a relatively new symptom which came on when my bp medication was changed. The pain is just annoying more than anything and I guess makes me more anxious. Thanks for your reply.

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