Head congestion. Frequent headache. Sinus inflamation. Congestion.

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I have these symptoms all the dam time... Been happening for a year now if not more... I feel like I have a sinus infection all the time a very mild one... I had MRI on brain showed mild inflamed sinues... I got what feels like post nasal drip. Thick white mucus i spit out.... I'm haveing trouble swallowing due to feeling like my esphogoues is narrow.... I've been to ent he things that acid reflux and he was not concerned about my mild sinues inflamed. Gave me a sinus rinse which does not work....

Now I'm thinking it could be I'm allergic so something I'm comeing in contact with everyday. As I work driveing mixer truck so.. it could be powder dust I just don't know anymore. ... My aniexty level is off the roof. I feel I may be dieing from esphogoues cancer. Due to the swallowing problem I'm only 26 have a wife two kids.. I feel like crap almost everyday.. I want to run to the ER but I know they won't do anything for me...

I did have pnemonia last November or so went to the ER which x-rayed my lungs ekg blood test all came back fine.. now I'm just don't know what they hell to do.. I'm keep going to the Dr but I'm scared s**t less which freaks me out even more

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    Hi Sam, it could well be an allergy or just an irritation from coming into contact with the dust all the time. Do you mean cement mixer lorries?  If it is cement you're at risk from the alkalinity of it and also from silica powder.  Hopefully it's just an irritation but it's ben going on a long time so needs to be taken seriously.  Did you tell the ENT bloke what you did for a living?  And does you doctor know?  Does your work provide masks for you?  Are they supposed to but don't?

    I think the first thing you need to do is stop being scared shtless as your lung x-ray and blood tests came back fine.  Make sure you have a doctor who understands your fears and also what your job is.  Change your doctor if you fell yours isn't very helpful. Your stress might be causing some acid reflux.  Also, if you're anxious when you find you have mucous in your mouth, that will automatically tighten up your throat so you can't swallow.  Do you have problems swallowing at other times when you are relaxed and having a beer maybe?

    If you can't talk to your doctor about your fears then find someone who will take you seriously so you can talk to them about it.  If you have 2 young children you may feel like you don't want to worry your wife but she should really be your best friend and should be able to help you with all these worries.

    Feeling like crap everyday isn't normal so you must get help from somewhere.  You're right in that ER won't help as they're there to sort emergencies; you need help in the longer term.  Relax, take deep breaths and stay calm when the swallowing problem starts - and get a doctor to listen to your fears and get checked out properly.

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    I feel like I could of wrote you post myself!!!

    I suffer exactly the same, I’m 26 completely fed up with all, due to see ENT on 8th feb and see what happens, I was in hospital end of November for 5 days with bacterial phumonia, I’m married and have two kids aged 2 and 3. I’m petrified I have cancer as well!! Trouble swallowing  all the time. I have neck pain as well, and head pains on and of, my throat feels constantly sore! And so much fatigue!! I’m sick of it all! Xx

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      Hi Rosanna Ya I know how u feel it is s****y.. today hasn't been that bad for me . Im headed to go see a gi 2marrow which makes me happy. To finally get down to my swallowing problem. If there even is one or it's all in my head. Dr google sucks and freaks u out even more. I hate it. When I did go to the ent he did look at my throat said all look good from just eye prospective. .

      Lpr is what I think I have and maybe something wrong with my esphogoues as well. Cancer is a scarey thing trust me I had panic attacks reading stories online and haveing the same symptoms. I don't think deep down it is cancer. For both of us. I'm not saying it's mind games either. I feel narrowing from damage could be the cuase or maybe HH I'm not sure. I will let u know what the gi doc say 2marrow.... I'm thinking I had this problem for a long time and it hasn't gotten better but it hasn't gotten worse. But on that note how could it get better if 1 o haven't treated it 2 I'm doing the same thing sense it started....

      Try not to worry so much it makes it worse(I know easier said then done) just go see the doc as fast as u can so u can Seattle your mind that what I'm doing as quick I can to get my life back.. the other problems I can live with it. I just want to make sure it's not the c word

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    Thanks for the reply yes swallowing problem has been there for a long time. Not as choking. Not as pain but just feel slow to go down. Idk what it could be. I'm hopeing for the best I just got a new Dr so. I'm hopeing I can get all the test done asap. To get answers to it all. I don't want to leave my kids or my wife there my world..... Thanks for the reply I'm hopeing we all can find answers to are problems

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      Hi Samuel

      As  chronic sinusitis sufferer and hayfever sufferer until I turned 65 I can understand your problem fully.

      I was extremely allergic to many dusts, pollens, some foods, and even reacted to humidity in the air. I had to get out of a joinery factory because of timber dust, and moved inland to get away from high humidity on the coast.

      Cement dust was a particular problem. Cigarette smoke was a critical problem.

      I found a miracle cure in Evening Primrose Oil, after visiting many specialists and  trying every known treatment.

      I am sure you will benefit greatly by Changing your job and getting away from the cement dust.

      Evening Primrose Oil reduces the body’s reaction to normal irritants. It works in about 4 hours and it is effective for a further 24hours, so one 1000 mg capsule daily is usually adequate. It is not a drug, so there is no adverse reaction and it does not affect mental ability.

      Try this simple treatment and avoid all known irritants. Your health is more important than a dusty job.

      Kind regards, Ray.

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    Hi Sam,

    Just to ask if you've managed to get any opinion about your swallowing yet. 

    Also to say I agree with Raymond about the evening primrose oil.  It's very good for you anyway so will never do you any harm and will very likely help your condition. 

    I hope you feel calmer now - please let us know how you're getting on.

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    I went to a couple Dr going to have a barrium swallow on the 13 so that should show something. Nobody sounds concerned tho. They all think it's narrowing due to acid reflux...

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