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A week ago I was bending down to pick something up at home, when I brought myself back up, I did it reasonably fast as if there was nothing around me. However, I ended up hitting the top of my head on a metal door handle (the door was shut so it stayed put and didn't move with my head)

The pain was terrible, all across the top of my head, infact I cried. Later the top of my head was still feeling sore. However, I developed a pain around my eyes like sinusitis and a feeling of having a 5kg sack of potatos pushing down on my head. I just didn't feel too good, but thought it wasn't serious as just 'a small bump on the head'. My nose ran later, not sure if that's relevant.

I was still feeling terrible in the evening, I'd taken some pain killers for the headaches. When I woke the next day I felt like I had the 5kg sack of potatos on my head again, only a bit more in the forehead this time, but still pushing down. I also had a feeling of pressure in my head. The headaches were still there. I even had a loud ringing in my ears(just the next day)

As time went on I the soreness on the top of my head seemed to decrease, but I had pain in my temples, round my eyes/nose and at the back of my head. I had leg cramp in the night a couple of days after the bump.

Then a couple of days later I had to take the bus to town, the bus braked hard to avoid a car at a roundabout. I was standing holding a vertical metal bar, thrown about a bit, had to use my arm/shoulder to protect my face from hittting the bar or perspex partition and the metal bar hit me in the chest. I was shaking when I got off the bus, but calmed down within an hour or so and although it wasn't very pleasant I didn't think too much about it. I had two sets of leg cramps that night (which i haven't had for years)

The pain in my head continued a dull pain and heavy feeling all the time, with some sharp shooting pains from time to time. I started to realise that I was talking a bit slower than usual, felt thick headed, struggling at times to recall a word needed to complete a sentence and even having to make 3 attempts at saying a word. I felt disorientated, slow and a bit stupid. I also felt like I just wanted to stay in bed and had been feeling a bit sick the last couple of days.

I had thought about seeing the doctor before, but felt silly about it, then when I tried to go, I arrived too late twice. Then when I finally went yesterday, my doc was away and I had to go elsewhere. I told the doc about what had happened. He took my blood pressure, looked at the top of my head and said he could not see any cut or bruise. He told me to keep taking paracetamol, then gave me some ibuprofen due to the fact that I had discomfort inmy neck and shoulder (which he assumed was from the bus incident) He then told me to go for a brain scan. I've also had a strange twitching in 2 or 3 of my fingers (the middle ones) on my right hand and a strange sensation.

The dull sensation is still there in my head, last night I had a seriously painful shooting pain in my left temple, coupled with the feeling of something expanding like a vein or something (that's just what it felt like not saying that's actually what it was) I still just don't feel right.

The thing is, I am now afraid to have the scan, I didn't realise that it involved injecting iodine into my vein nor that the scan can be the equivalent of upto a 1000 chest x-rays, that this type of scan causes cancer... I don't like the idea at all. Perhaps an MRI would be better? However, I've now been told that is like a high concentration of mobile phone, which is also not good.

Is it worth having a scan after 1 or 2 weeks since the head injury? If so which is safest? Which is the best in my case? I'm already distresses by my symptoms, but the thought of the scan is just not helping. I'm lost. The top of my head is sore again today, temples hurting, sinus pain and it seems like I have a lump at the back/bottom of my skull, it doesn't hurt when I press it?

Many Thanks.

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    Oh I don't think it makes much difference but I had a mercury filling removed the same day as I hit my head, just before infact.

    Also, I now am experiencing a tingly feeling in my forehead by my right temple and a funny feeling at the back and right side of my head.

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    I also have the same situations. My head injured in bike accident. But it is not dangerous and i recover quickly.
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    i could have written your post as me, everything very similar, but I got knocked over with my dogs from behind , I fell onto the back of my head, did not hurt at the time, so did nothing about it.

    then a couple of weeks later I started experiencing vertigo on standing to quickly, thus collapsed in bathroom with eyes darting everywhere could not focus or stand up, I was clinging onto the door frame for dear life.

    Had my mobile on me and called for ambulance, I was so scared, at the hospital I told them what had happened, they gave me a diazipam some pain killers and sent me home, they told me they would get in touch with my GP about seeing a neurologist, not heard anthing since.

    Four times I have been to A&E, every time no help, went back to see GP who referred me to ent, said I had Beningn positional vertigo, I forgot to mention the fall as it was so long ago and like you I felt a bit silly.

    my symptoms are pressure behind my eyes and nose, ears feel blocked all the time, buzzing white noise, my jaw feels odd and my cheek bones feel strange, want to pop ears but they won't, dry cough and flu like symptoms.

    when I was cycling the other day every bump I went over felt as if something moving in my head.

    got another appointment in May with ent will mention the fall again.

    i wish you well and hope you find peace soon.

    let us know how you get on.

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    I hit my head with a metal rod 5 months ago and I still have a big bump on my head and pain, please let me know if you do a scan and the results because the way we hit our heads is so similar and the symptoms the same too.
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    I am suffering with something similar to your problem

    I was at a club last night which was super crowded. While dancing, someone slapped the back of my head accidentally. It came out as a blow and made me very uncomfortable. It pained a lot initially, and now it's been 24 hours and the back of my head is still tingling. Also I'm having nausea after meals. It's making me anxious. Also I'm feeling very drowsy and not able to speak properly. I think it might damage my brain. Please share your diagnosis with me.

    thank you


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      I currently am in a similar situation and would like to know how your situation is and what experience you went through. Can you please reply and share how you are feeling and the experience of recovering!

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    Hi butterfly, i know this is a very old post but i need your advice and help so much if you get to read this , my pain started after a injury to my head hit with steel on

    My head , since then i get the same symptoms head fave pressure tingling shooting pains , teiching all kind of sensations on arms hand and legs only when the pains so bad 

    Doctor cant seem to find anything wrong lots if mri cat scand blood work nothing , iam. Nit on medication for the lain as its side affects are bad , its been 7 month with this very strong pain 

    Plz help 

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    Hello I’m Sakina 

    Im having headache from 4-5 years I was hitted by my x/ husband with loha rod on my head from that time I’m getting v severe pain in my head and I’m getting pain in my eyes wat to do now

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    I hit my head on the fridge door handle hard my head feels heavy But idk why but I don't have symptoms of concussion or brain injury and also anxiety can cause brain pressure or sinus pressure so I think it's anxiety I'm not confused and I can repeat words so it has to be anxiety or something is wrong please reply

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