Head pressure, facial tension, backache, diminishing vertigo!

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hi long story long.

I had flu-like symptoms in early January. I got over it. Or so I thought. Fast forward a couple weeks later. I developed slight vertigo.

Week 1 - slight vertigo, on and off

Week 2 - dull ear fullness, slight facial tension

Week 3 - extreme heavy swollen head, lightheaded, painful ear fullness, heavy facial tension

I go to urgent care in week 3. Doctor says I have a migraine...a migraine. Prescribes me ibropufen and zofran. Doesnt help

Week 4 - same symptoms as week 3 + throbbing fingers + burning sensations in hands and feet

I go to physician in week 4. He says its an inner ear infection. Prescribes Meclizine, Ibropufen and Ear drops...They dont seem to help

Week 5 - same symptoms as both week 3 and 4! New symptoms appear however. I can hear my heart beat louder (not necessarily faster).

Extremely fatigued. Cant stand without feeling wobbly. My heart can be heard through my swollen head. Also an interesting one. I sometimes have mid-slighty upper back pain right down the center when I wake up. But i havent worked out or applied pressure on my back since having these symptoms.

I go back to the doctor for blood test review. Normal except Low on Vitamin D and a little high cholesterol. Doctor says Im not diabetic.

He says that my anxiety is probably through the roof and creating all these symptoms. I dont necessarily believe him.

I never suffered from major panic attacks or anxiety. Is it possible this "ear infection" made me feel this way? Is this even from an ear infection? Anxiety can make someone feel this way 24/7?

I was a somewhat heathy guy leading up to the new year, now I cant even stand without feeling nauseous. What happened?

29 years old



175 lbs

Any advice would be awesome.

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    If you can afford it and have insurance that will cover it, you can ask for an MRI of your cervical spine. I have similar issues but the upper back pain is really bad most the time and my neck also hurts all the time. My MRI shows I need neck surgery, but I am putting it off as long as possible. Try icing your neck and using a heating pad. see if those help any, they help me some.

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      I think my insurance can cover most of an MRI.

      The problem is both doctors I went to kind of dismissed my idea of having nerve problems or something out there such as cancer or brain tumor.

      May I ask what your symptoms were that caused you to start having back problems?

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    I suggest you go over to the Vitamin D deficiency discussion. You might find it more informative. Your story is somewhat similar to mine. I had a urinary tract infection last year and right after recovering from that is when my symptoms started. I also have mid-lower back pain/soreness in the mornings when I wake up but this started before finding out about vitamin D. I've never had panic attacks or anxiety either so don't let doctors think that's ALL you have. Kind of funny that I was told all my pain and symptoms were from anxiety but as soon as I started supplementing with vitamin D it definitely had an indirect or direct effect on my pain even if its not the "root cause."

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      Hi! Thanks for the reply. May I ask how long did it take before they found out you had a UTI?

      I feel as if the doctors are so quick to classify it as an ear infection, but this feels so much worse.

      And youre right, I never suffered from anxiety before. I can admit however that I did have a few panic attacks the last month or so...at least I think they were panic attacks.

      My question is can a panic attack lead to someone having physical symptoms last so long?

      Cause I feel like my symptoms are just adding up.

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      Right away! Actually, two hours after symptoms started i was already being treat and took my first antibiotic (I never get UTIs either). I definitely think that anxiety can make you have physical symptoms especially panic attacks but I don't believe it just starts from one day to another. Usually people with true diagnosed anxiety have dealt with it for a long time. In my case, I refuse to believe all I have is anxiety. I definitely used to get anxiety which may have made my symptoms worse but it is not the root cause. What I believe happened is in 2017 I had a really bad stomach bug like BAD and I most likely never recovered from all the minerals/electrolytes lost. Also, I am vegetarian and always wear sunscreen so def. was not getting vitamin D. Your body can't handle going with improper nutrients for long. Throw alcohol and processed food on top, your body becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Imagine getting an infection while being so deficient in many vitamins and minerals? Your infection will be 2x worse than someone who is relatively healthy which leads to an over active immune system which ultimately will lead to autoimmune diseases. Just my 2 cents lol

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      yeah i can imagine. i just took some vitamins along with vitamin d. Im still having some odd sensations but Ill give it a week to see how I feel. My head still feels beyond swollen and lightheaded. Its making me really sleepy tbh.

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    extreme pain in my lower back and weakness in my legs. literally fell to the ground when my legs lost all muscle/feeling. this was off and on for years and kept getting worse. doctors told me nothing but lose weight and exercise. an ER doctor told me I would need an MRI to see what was wrong. I had to nearly yell at my doctor to get her to order an MRI. as soon as the results came in, I was referred to a surgeon.

    the neck pain started after that all occurred and I asked my back surgeon about it and he ordered the MRI. so I had an easier time with that, but a harder time getting insurance to cover it.

    all that being said, my wife has had an ear infection that made her nauseous to the point of throwing up any time she got up and similar symptoms minus the pain in the back and the throbbing fingers. but antibiotics cured it all, and you already tried that so I don't think you have an ear infection.

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      What antibiotics was she using? Since doctors think its viral there arent medication that can cure the symptoms but maybe alleviate them.

      That being said, it hasnt progressed to anything better.

      How long did your wife have this ear infection?

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    maybe a month, I have no idea what antibiotics she used.

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      yeah ive had it for about a month now. although i have major head pressure near my sinus areas. could be possible that i have both a sinus and ear infection.

      worst feeling ever. it feels like someone is pressing on my head while i sway on a boat.

      Idk how your wife got through this without taking trips to the E.R

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