Head Pressure/headaches on 40g Marcardis help?

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I was hoping if someone out there might be experience what I am going through at the moment. I will give you a brief background on myself. Since i was 28/ 29 I have been on bp tablets. I am healthy active women and weight 8 1/2 stone now 9 stone and I am 5'2 and 31 years old now. I eat well of course with the odd takeaway. I am not  massively into anything with salt. (I don’t put it on food). 

When I started to get these extremely bad headaches I ignored them. Then it got to the stage I had to go home and sleep them off, This came frequent.. Then I notice I was getting very Breathless walking around and short of breath and along with this I was always very lifeless. 

I went into the chemist one day and they checked my reading it was 155/95 they said for me to go to the doctor. I did and ever since I am on blood pressure tablets. 

I started off on 20mg of Marcardis. when I was 28.

And last month I am on 40g Marcardis. The reason for this was the headaches came back, I got very foggy head and I was feeling extremely tired all the time and a pain in my left side of my chest. Readings on the BP monitor was 144/105 pulse 82 and 148/100.

I am getting readings of today 116/82 pulse 89 and readings later of 128/78 it is very up and down. I have still have the occasional 189/90 reading.

The reason for why I decided to join was I do not feel ok. The doctor goes oh it is hte bp it will be ok. But I have a lot of pressure in my head, If I bend down to look under the bed it feels like my head is going to explode. And now my right eyeball is gone completely red with the veins. Would this be related to my blood pressure? 

I still workout and do a lot of yoga and trying to keep active. But the lack of energy and I am loosing my balance a lot even walking if frustrating. I am dizzy even when my bp is up high. Is there anything I should be watching out for ? or asking? Hopefully someone will be able to help me out. 

Thanks to whoever reads this. smile

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    Might need to change medication?

    Are you taking any other supplements etc to try reduce your blood pressure as some thing can interact with your meds and cause issues?

    Drinking hibisbus 3 x a day is helping keep mine stable

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    When you say "doctor" is this your GP or a specialist? If it's just your GP I think you should push for a hospital referral.

    Sounds like all this might be down to your high BP and needs investigating properly. Hypertension is a common cause of bursting of the small blood vessels in your eyeball (harmless in itself) though this can happen spontaneously in people with normal BP.

    Just one other thought - you haven't by any chance got chronic sinusitis as well, have you? I went through 10 years of that before the cause was finally discovered. It's that sensation you describe of your head feeling like it's going to explode if you bend over that made me think of it. I got terrible headaches during that period and used to feel as if a rock moved inside my head if I bent forward. I also had a lot of trouble with the eye on the affected side. I didn't have any of the symptoms of acute sinusitis during those 10 years. It was only when I suddenly developed an acute attack - high temperature, badly swollen face, foul-smelling nasal discharge etc. - that the whole system swung into action and the cause was found and treated. In those days my BP was 110/70 btw. (Wish it still was now!)

    However, sinusitis or not, you clearly need to get a proper medical opinion.

    Could the pain in your chest be due to a pulled muscle or tendon? You say you work out a lot. Heart pain is felt in the centre of the chest.

    The suggestion to take magnesium (from poster "Getting Old" below) might be a good one. When my BP first went up to 150/90 in my mid-50s, I only took magnesium. It soon brought it down to 120/80 and kept it there for 15 years. Unfortunately, it's stopped working in the last year or so. I'd advise starting on a half-dose if you want to try magnesium, as it can cause diarrhoea in some people, though I've never had that problem.

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      Thank you for your reply . I have wrote up my experience today & meantio not my gp about the chronic sinusitis.
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    Than you all so much for getting back , today I went to my GO (not doctor) she said that my readings are ok? 116/76 128/88 144/90 . These where examples I used today . I explained about the pressure in my head & headaches . She said I most have migraines & my eye looks like hay fever or allergy . My eye is not sore & not crusted is forming . But around the back of my eye it is very red. I explained it has a lot of pressure on it & feels like my head is full of pressure . I talked about chronic sinuses & she said nothing & she asked about my balance & said nothing .

    With all the test a few years ago she said I have essential blood pressure? I think that what it was called. It's one of these things , I will always have it .

    She checked my blood pressure it was 140/88 she said that was good . And a few hours after I have got a really bad head pressure & now a headache& my blood pressure is 150/93 ?

    My blood came back ok.

    Thyroid gland ok.

    I feel like i am bloated up as it looks like I am retaining fluid & I am very thirsty all the time .

    I might see how I get on but might try another doctor .

    You know when you do not feel right .

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