Head pressure, visual disturbances, nausea, headaches

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I'm hoping someone can relate to the symptoms I have been having.  I am a 26 year old healthy male who works as a Police officer. 

At the end of June I was diagnosed and admitted to hospital with Pyelonethritis.  I was kept in over the weekend and then released with two weeks worth of Co-amoxiclav three times a day (looked like horse tranquillisers!). 

For around the last few days of being on the medication I started to get diarrhoea and itchy hands and feet. After finish the course these symptoms disappeared. 

One week after finishing my medication I was out for dinner and started to feel really light headed and very sick (never actually been sick).  Since that evening my symptoms have persisted and gotten worse.  I've been to the doctors countless times and only now just getting referred to a neurologist.  I'm really scared that I may have a brain tumour. My symptoms are as follows:

Head pressure, especially behind my eyes and nose. 

Intermittent head aches (not splitting by any means, just random pains across my head and in my temples)

Nausea (Not actually vomiting)

Visual disturbances (Shimmering when I move my eyes left to right or vice versa against a light source, snow effect across vision, and sometimes blurred vision which disappears after I blink a couple of times)

Dry eyes that feel scratchy at times. 

Sometimes but not frequently a ringing in one ear as if my ear has just popped. 

These symptoms seem to be exacerbated when I am at work/active. 

I do not have any issues with confusion, memory, mobility etc. 

I've had full blood tests which came back as all clear (first one had slightly low neutrophil count but second all perfect). I've also had two eye tests which have come back as near perfect vision.  I can still see perfectly even when I am experiencing my visual symptoms.

The doctors have first said I was recovering from the very nasty infection I had, then they thought labyrinthitis and now they think it might be optic neuritis however my optometrist has stated he very much doubts this as my optic veins etc look perfect in the images that were taken. 

Can anyone give me some peace of mind or relate to what I am experiencing - I first thought it was a side effect of the antibiotics or the infection but it has been so long now I am not so sure. 

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    Hi. I'm not a medic but your symptoms sound very much like migraine to me, especially as you're in a stressful career. Migraine can affect different people in different ways, some people don't get the "headache" but do get other symptoms. Might be worth another chat with your doctor? Keep in touch, I'll be interested to know how you get on.

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    Sounds very much like migraine to me.  I have had migraines since a child.  But last year the got really worse out of no where , dizzy spells. Nausea  vomiting  eyes felts like grit in them. Felt like pressure at the back of my eyes and omg if I'm in a room with flourescent lights the play havoc on me . It's like I'm light headed and I don't feel right and suddenly feel sick.  And looking at computer screens for a while brings on these symptoms.    I went for a brain  scan and all was. Clear. 

    You need to see if your  job has changed like are you on computers more, does the screen effect your eyes. Are the puttjng a strain on you. 

    Are you stressed with your job or over tired.   Is the chair you sit in putting a strain on your back that can in turn cause migraine. 

    Do you leave yo long between meals. 

    Are you eating different food that may not agree with you. 

    Write down what you eat for breakfast lunch and tea everyday. 

    And if you have this headache highlight that day and then compare all the days that you had headaches. And see what you ate those days and see if it gives you a pattern for any food eaten regularly on the days you have head aches. 

    Also if it's coming from neck or back pain.  One or two visits to the oestropath will get rid of it.   Don't panic yourself . There are thousands of things that cause head aches you need to eliminate things.  And stressing about it is one of the causes of headaches,    Keep us informed. 

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    Hi Joy and Michelle,

    Thanks for replying it's greatly appreciated.

    Went back to the doctor on Thursday - he asked me what the Optometrist said about his possible diagnosis of Optic Neuritis and I told him that he very much doubted that's what it was. The doctor told me he was re assured by this. 

    Other than referring me now to an "eye doctor" to check the "wiring" behind my eyes, he said he thought it was something that would correct itself. Not the answer I was really looking for. 

    Michelle I am going to take your advice and start to record what I am doing and eating during the day to see if it may be something I am doing that aggravates the situation. 

    All I can really do is hope for the best and this goes away! So frustrating. 

    C smile

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      Hi. It's funny how two of us have suggested migraine but your doctor appears to have not given that a thought. Did you mention it? If possible I would see a different doctor (at my practice you can see whichever doctor you want to) and ask about migraine. Alternatively you can by migraine medication at the chemists, you could give it a try and see if it helps? Keep in touch so we know how you're getting on.

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    He explicitly said it wasn't a migraine as it's persistent and has lasted over a month? It does feel like one though!

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      Well after I had my last child , 

      I had a migraine everyday for 6weeks , I nearly went mental with it. 

      So I went to the oesteopath and told her there must be something wrong with my neck. The pain in my neck and it felt like my head was in a vice, 

      She looked at my lower back and worked on it, even though I insisted it was from my neck. 

      She said I twisted something in my lower back and it put my whole spine and neck out.  But what ever she done that day the pain went . And no headaches afterwords. I went back for a second appointment  and all was fine.  

      Worth a try.    

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