head tremor, 20 years finally going to neroligist

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Family doc put on proponal? IVe had a head tremor for 20 years.And went to orthopedic dr because my left

knee locking,he said my face looks droop tp the right and mri showed nothing. So im off to a neurologist

iM now on tramadol .

Oh also on zanex and ambien and sertiline from severe post partum.

pretty scared.

this my first time on any forum ever.iam 47 with a four year old.

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    Wow thanks for the advice, going to twitch myself to sleep!
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    Hi Angel,

    Firstly, welcome to the forums!

    I don't think an Orthopedic should be the Consultant for this disorder. You should have asked either for a second opinion from another doctor, or asked to be referred to a Consultant Neurologist.

    May I ask why you have been put on Tramadol? This medication is very addictive even in small doses. How much are you on a day and is it for pain or to aid sleep?

    We've all at to start sometime on forums, but on this one in particular is mainly people like myself whom are severely disabled, or people that have at some point in their lives worked in the health department, etc. Some are even ex-doctors, so making your first post on here was definitely a good start.

    An MRI test is not the only test available, and I am surprised you've had this condition for 20 years!

    There is plenty of people on here that will reply to you, I just noticed a notification in my email this morning because I am signed up to follow Neurological Disorders, so anyone posting in this category I get notified straight away,



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      Well thank you for talking to me,why 20 years,in denial and my aunt has parkingson

      she said the meds make you worse.

      My head tremors has reached a unmanageable state,my family doctor knows ,i choose not to go further. I did go to a neurologist in 2000, he said i had thorax outlet syndrome caused by extra ribs,which an osteopathic dr.told me at 17,thought he was a quack.i have been suffering ,no surviving this. I was a mailman for 12 years .i walk 8 miles a day. Love it but after 2 nd surgery i folded.ok mail chic. Anyway.....he removed 4 ribs two surgerys.

      i had hooks on my ribs also,and i have 8 bones from the base of my neck to. The start of my cervical ribs,most have 7. Boy a few chiropractors really thought that was cool.

      Anyway....i have managed.

      i have a 29 year old daughter. Shes awesome.

      And a four year old....i know ...spend years in fertility clinic anyway, surprise

      but i swear that boy took all my strength. Lol

      i am a twiching mess, and am scared,

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      I would say stay away from Tramadol - the effects in my case did not outway the pain at first, it took time for them to actually make me feel any better in the pain section and the times they used to send me to sleep was unreal, what made it worse was the Amitriptyline, these two medications are lethal in my case, and I have read up on them since, being on these forums.

      Both medications behave terribly, I can be sat at my desk and not even realize I have gone to sleep, I can still hear everything going on, and my wife said I still carry on clicking the mouse as though I am awake, needless to say, some posts can turn out 'gibberish' and on other times I may even lose what I had been typing. I have to be careful, because I can fall asleep while eating food, anyone around the table don't even notice, apart from my wife, because if she calls me by my name, I seem to snap out of it.

      Other times I can be talking to myself, that's what it looks like from someone else in the room, yet I think I'm talking to many people and start wondering why they don't return in the conversation. But it is down to these two drugs. But I am on over 40+ tablets a day, and 5 Botox injections every 10 weeks! Because of many disorders I have suffer from.

      I am glad you did not get hooked on Tramadol, on their own they are lethal, let alone with Amitriptyline. But I am in constant pain, cramps, muscle spasms pulling joints the wrong way, in my case they do take the top off the pain, but not a lot and I will not take what my Doctor said which was 8 a day, I take 3 a day and that's bad enough.

      At least you got the sense not to take them.

      You're children are not that bad really, when compared to my wife and I's eldest boy is 25, and our youngest girl is 14, and one boy in the middle aged 20 yesterday! lol ...And he was working..lol.

      Your husband worries about all the pills you take, consider this I have a container with 4 compartments per day! Then because of the amount of tablets I take they don't all fit in the container!!  And, on one day I was having a bad day, I had tipped the whole days worth of tablets into a small cup ready to take them, I wasn't thinking properly (Tramadol has this effect on you!), and luckily my wife caught me in time. Even my doctor said if I would have taken them all I would have stripped the whole of my stomach out.... that's how dangerous it can be even on small doses of medications of numerous tablets. My now sees I take them at 5 various intervals a day.

      Two months to see a Neurologist Consulttant? Do you mind me asking where you live? I'm in the UK, and can get appointments with my Neurologist usually within 2-3 weeks max! Depending on what sort of appointment I want, whether it is standard 5 minutes for injections or 15 minutes if I need to have a chat.



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    I don't know what is wrong, but i know it's pretty serious. Just start tramadol last week, it will be 2 months before I can see the neroligist.

    Brain scans i suppose. My body is failing .anyway i feel better just getting this out. My husband is a little clueless. He just worries about all the pills i take.

    thanks again. ...smiling and thank you for caring. ?...

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    Have you ever researched Lyme disease? It sounds like you have many symptoms of this and it can manifect itself over many, many years before getting progressively worse. You would need a Western Blot test - not all tests are reliable. (and very few doctors specialize in this) If positive, strong antibiotics and other remedies would alleviate and help your symptoms. If everything else is coming up a mystery you may want to look into that as a possibility - it often goes undiagnosed, even in the early stages. Something to consider anyway and good luck...I hope you find some resolution. 
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    I have taken Tramodol and it worked on my mind and I didn't like it at all. Would not take it again. Didn't help Head Tremors at all.
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    Good luck Angel and try not to worry xx  as you have age on your side unlike me lol   xx
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