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Headache after lumber puncture

Hi I had a lumber puncture 4 days ago but I'm really struggling with the headache that came after seems to be getting worse the only thing that helps it is to lie down can anybody let me know how long this lasts for I feel physically sick and dizzy when I get up please any help is appreciated


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  • sharon54739

    Hi I was the same. Just let it take it cause or take an amtrypline tab for couple of nights then it will shift. Get better soon

  • sharon54739

    Hey Sharon I understand your pain as I went through this when I had my lumbar puncture done on the 10th of October. From what the doctor said it could last for months and most people have said it could last for 6 weeks to a bit longer. My sister in law said she had one done and it lasted 6 weeks. I'm not sure if mine is fully healed because I don't suffer the headaches anymore but I still have residule effects of dizziness. So far I've been told I had to increase my caffeine intake to help regain some of the CSF (cerebral spinal fluid -I think) pressure. Continue to rest as much as you can for as long as you feel these symptoms. Laying flat on your back is supposedly the best position to be in for your back to heal. If you get up always take it slow. What I heard is these headaches happen because there's now an empty space like an air bubble in the fluid that covers your brain and spine. When you get up that bubble travels upwards (as anything with air pockets does) creating the headaches. Your body needs a lot of time to replace that fluid. I was told to wait it out but some people go back to where the procedure was done and get a blood patch to seal up the leaking hole made by the needle. For some it helps for others it can do more harm for example a nerve could be hit causing pain and damage. Also painkillers may help with some of the pain while you ride out the after effects. It's really difficult and I felt I wouldn't be normal again, with the dizziness I still kinda feel that way but at least the crippling headaches have more or less stopped.

    • AmaiNeiko

      Thank you very much for all the information that's all I've done is lie down as the minute I get up I my head pounds like no other headache I've ever had before..iv managed to get a few more days of work and will rest and keep drinking caffeine thanks again I'm glad yours as settled .

    • AmaiNeiko

      I had a lumbar puncture done on Monday January 23/18 and I was told a common side effect was a headache that can vary in severity. Mine seems to be a dull throbbing at the back left lower side of my skull. At first I thought it was due to the crazy uncomfortable hospital bed and sleeping in a cramped position but now I think this "is the headache" from the lumbar puncture. I've just never had a headache in this part of my head (when and if I get one it is usually across my temples).  Sneezing is even something I dread.  Two ES Tylenol seem to help but I have to keep on it (taking two every 3 hours). Does this sound normal?

  • sharon54739

    Hi there,

    I certainly hope you are feeling better. I had the same issues. My spinal headaches lasted for 8 days before I asked for an epidural bloodpatch. The headaches were relieved and lessened over the course of the following week. Hang in there! Get well soon.

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