Headache brain fog and awkwardness

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I've been having this headache on the right side of my head for the past 4 months it went away for a month and now it's back it feels like pressure around my Temple with a lil pain and muscle movement around my right side eyebrow and brain fog I've had a ct scan and everything was ok please let me know if anyone has any ideas thanks

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    Hi Eric,

    I have actually been suffering from almost identical problems for several months myself. I have seen all applicable specialists like my ophthalmologist, neurologist, cardiologist, pcp, etc. Up until now, I have been told that other than my Fibro and other chronic spinal conditions and such, the eye/head issues are most likely Ocular Migraines and I have White Matter Disease(whatever that really is, coz I had to look it up myself). I am currently awaiting my latest Brain MRI results I get on 7/31 from my neurologist, who actually had me scheduled for a 6 week follow up like he always does after my yearly MRI. Unfortunately this time they called me back to get me back in SOONER, so I am really concerned. I know how to read the report and thank God, there are no signs of tumors, masses or other obvious abnormalities. However, my MRI impression reads as follows:

              "Slight increase in the number of punctate T2 hyperintense foci in the periventricular and subcortical

                white matter of the frontal lobes and periatrial white matter bilaterally. This is more suggestive of 

                chronic small vessel ischemic disease considering the distribution, however, demyelinating disease

                cannot be completely excluded."

    Since I am NOT a physician, I am not trained to completely interpret the above, but I know many others with similar symptoms and similar results. HOWEVER, everyone is different and comparisons on forums are in no way a replacement for consulting a doctor, but I do know that we all learn quite a bit from sharing with each other, so that is my main purpose here. smile I guess you can tell that I have been there, done that and have replaced many t-shirts. lol 

    Also, I am a 52 year old woman whose symptoms for the last 20 years have mimicked everything from Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis and many other neurological/autoimmune diseases. I have seen Rheumatologists and Infectious Diseases specialists due to me testing positive for Lyme and Epstein-Barr Viruses(I was tick-bitten at age 10 before all of the Lyme hubbub, but Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever was the scare back thensmile

    I have always had great blood pressure, recently got my cholesterol in check with meds and always ate fairly healthy. Other than the above, I have Sjogren's and always Vitamin D deficient. Just a little background there for reference. I hope you find out a quicker answer than I ever have. It's miserable to keep suffering from something and either you are not taken very seriously or the medical profession really has no earthly idea what it is. 

    Take care and please keep us posted.


    Nashville, Tennessee 

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      First let me say thank you for your reply and Im going to look into the info you provided I have a appointment with neck and head later this month I definitely will keep you updated thank you again and as weird as this is going to sound I'm glad to know Im not alone

      feeling the way I do thanks

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      You are quite welcome Eric. I so know what you mean about not suffering alone. It is so important for us with chronic health issues to seek others support just as much as giving it. I have been so sick with this latest flare, I have even had trouble walking causing me to stay home more than I should. Anyway, I am moving a little better now after having an outing today, so I am hoping I am in the upswing of getting better. Good luck! 🍀 

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      Thank you I've been feeling better just aches and minor quick headaches but still going to go to the head and neck Dr I hope everything went well on your outing appreciate your kindness God bless

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    Well my Brain MRI was stable with no new abnormalities. However my lesions ate increasing in number so more testing to confirm or rule out things(again). Thank you for keeping me updated on your status.👍

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