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Having got my palpatations sorted I now have low BP ! after being high for 15 years all tests prove ok but I'm waking up with the most horrendous headaches that last all day and a woozy feeling its very strange nothing moves them its as if I've been drinking alchol the night before and I don't even drink ! anyone got any ideas, I feel daft going to GP for a headache and woozyness ! Its not every morning and I can't work out what sparks them but when there bad there bad.

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    Hi Leslie,

    Congratulations on dropping your BP, that's a great achievement and will really help your overall health.

    The headaches sound pretty rough, I feel for you.

    Getting tension out of the body with regular massages (including Indian Head massages), acupuncture which really helped my energy system, and yoga as well as good hydration will help. Avoid stress and alcohol. It may not help immediately, but the best long term cures/ preventative actions don't necessarily work immediately but will over time. Oxygen therapy and breathing techniques to get a little more 02 in to your brain and be a short term solution when headaches are bad.

    As hard as it may be, I'd advise avoiding pain killers as people who take them a lot become reliant on the pills to take the headache away meaning the body doesn't learn to deal with headaches itself. Therefore they often become worse and the pills become less effective over time.

    Rishi mushrooms are incredible also with the compounds they contain. Having studied cluster headaches which are a living nightmare for the sufferers(I'm sure you are not getting cluster headaches just to clarify) there has been one identified cure. As contriversial as it may sound, apparently it's the only thing that has worked for the sufferers. That product is 'magic mushrooms', where people grow their own and eat them, or dry them and take them in capsules when they need them. There is a good documentary available on this. It is illegal in some countries it should be remembered, however in areas where it is not, it could be a useful solution in desperate cases.

    Oxygen cans can be purchased and may just help when the next one comes along. Prevention is always more effective than cure so a healthy lifestyle in general minus stressors is a good start.

    It would be good to hear from you if you manage to get on top of the headache problem.

    Keep well.


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    I don't have my AF sorted out but have now been diagnosed as having tachy bradycardia and am waiting for a pacemaker to be fitted.

    At the end of October my BP was higher than usual and I began to have a semi permanent headache even waking up during the night with one. After three weeks I went to my GP who suggested waiting a bit longer. After another two visits he referred me to a neurologist who I am not seeing for another two weeks.

    Later in January I mentioned it to the consultant at the Blood Pressure Referral centre who arranged for me to have a head CT scan that was normal.

    Like you my BP has for some reason dropped in the past two or three weeks.

    It is high in the morning but not nearly as high as it had been and is dropping during the day despite now taking my losartan and bisoprolol at night and last night not at all as at bed time my BP was 97/57 and I did not want to lower it any more.

    This morning my BP averaged 155/100 but by lunchtime it had dropped to 113/71 and was 126/80 at 5.45 pm.

    The headaches have eased and now come and go so I am not sure what the neurologist will make of it.

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      Glad the headaches have eased.

      Rather than BMI a lot of doctors now are using waist size as a pre determinant for health issues. One could conclude that keeping or striving for a slim waist region could help the cardiovascular system be more efficient and less stressed.

      Putting plants in the bedroom could help with oxygen levels perhaps. I was just gardening in a poly tunnel loaded with green plants and therefore oxygen rich. I felt great having been there for a couple of hours.

      I think trying to avoid beta blockers is a good thing if it's safe to do so. I think they then work better when we really need them, if the time comes again.

      interestingly, in studies, people who believed in stress related illness were 40 percent more likely to actually get stress related illnesses. I think keeping optimistic beliefs and expectations can help a long term improvement.


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      Do I really want to sleep in a jungle?

      Through photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. But that isn’t all they accomplish. Research into whether plants could help clean the air in space stations showed that plants also absorb dangerous benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene gasses, too. While all plants have this ability, some are more efficient than others. Those are the ones to have as houseplants if fresher indoor air is your goal.


      In 1973, NASA scientists evaluating the air inside the Skylab space station found 107 volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The gasses came from common synthetic building materials also used in office buildings and homes and included potential cancer-causing chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. Environmental scientist B.C. “Bill” Wolverton headed the research to discover whether plants could clean indoor air the way Earth’s complex ecosystem cleans outdoor air. 

      Wolverton and his team tested plants in the BioHome, a tightly sealed building made with synthetic materials, for two years. They chose plants that thrived in low light, such as those that evolved in tropical forests. Besides discovering that plants could clean the air through their leaves, the scientists found that microbes in the soil used the pollutants as a food source, especially when air circulation to the soil surface was increased by removing a few of a plant’s lower leaves.


      Wolverton found that when plants emit water vapor through the stomata of their leaves, the process pulls airborne contaminants into their roots. The roots convert them into nutrients for the microbes in the soil, which then nourish the plant. Some plants are better at removing specific contaminants, specializing in benzene or formaldehyde, for example. The studies suggest using at least 15 plants to improve the air quality in 1,800 square feet.

      Plant Choices

      Indoor plants that do the best job of freshening indoor air include philodendrons (Philodendron spp.), dracaenas (Dracaena spp.), English ivy (Hedera helix), spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum), weeping fig (Ficus benjamina), golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum), peace lily (Spathiphyllum spp.), Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema modestum) and snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata). Boston fern (Nephrolepsis exaltata), dwarf date palm (Phoenix roebillini) and bamboo palm (Chamaedorea sefritzii) proved especially good at removing formaldehyde.

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    Hi my BP is anything between 90 and 110 . I get pressure headaches (as I call them) I wake up through the night like my head is going to explode then have a headache all day. The doc hasn't a clue so at the moment we are treating it as its a sinus problem. Hope you get yours sorted and let us know if you have. Try sleeping propped up a little I find it helps a little bit
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    Thanks Derek,

    That made really interesting reading and i think I could get used to being in a jungle maybe.

    A lot of emphasis is made on what we eat, but not so much on what we breathe. I think as we're breathing all the time its just as important, or maybe more so that we ensure that over the long term our air is as clean and oxygenated as possible.

    I live in Bournemouth inn the UK. Apparently people live longer here than anywhere else in the UK. Its right on the coast and theres huge forests here. as a result the air quality is pretty good.

    I wonder how much that has to do with the positive statistics.


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