Headaches & Weird Pains While Drinking

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Hey guys. I've been drinking for a few years now. For a while, before I developed bad anxiety/panic disorder, I could drink a lot without getting a headache, DURING my drink sesh. I used to only get the headaches the next day... I get this weird pressure-feeling around one side of my temple, or sometimes both. It'll be achy and discomforting. Since I have anxiety, the headaches and the pressure-feeling worry me. I also, get aches in my arms and chest.

Mind you, I do smoke cigs, and they give me headaches here and there. I'm just really worried... I get that weird feeling, even when I've only had a couple of beers. The front of my head and the back of my head get it, too.

Some advice would be great.

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    Hmmm. Sounds like it needs a doctor to have a look at the situation. How long after you started drinking did the anxiety/panic disorder come along? About how much do you drink per week? Have you had any changes in meds since you started drinking?
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      I take Atarax, which only causes you to be sleepier if you drink. There's no really serious problems with being on it & drinking. My panic disorder developed after smoking weed & drinking heavily one night. I blacked out that night & got taken advantage of. I thought I was with someone else that night, bur nope... I have been drinking every 3 day's to a week.
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    Hi there - the symptoms you are experiencing are very similar to the ones that eventually led me to seek help as they got steadily worse.  I also have anxiety and panic disorder although it is largly (fingers crossed) under control now.  THe problem for me turned out to be very high blood pressure.  I had a detox last year and everything settled back down again with my BP near normal.  Unfortunately I relapsed late last year and it all started again.  I am now on day 6 sober with the help of my second detox (which I feel very lucky to have been offered).  BP coming down again and symptoms going away.  I don't know how much you drink so it may be that you can just cut it back to a normal level with several alchohol free days.  However I would strongly advise you to see your GP or similar as high BP can cause lots of other problems.  Of course it could be entirely different for you.

    Sorry not to be of more help but I really hope you get it all sorted out.

    All hte best

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      I keep getting told that I don't have high BP, & that it's just anxiety. It ticks me off, cause I have moments where my whole face & neck gets hot, especially after drinking. I don't even have to drink more than 1 or 2 drink's to feel that, either. I feel drunk even after 2-3 beer's. It's awful.
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    Both Ade and Lorna are right. We would need to know more precise information about how much you drink, is it everyday and for how long. Don't knock the figures down like you would when you see the doctor, give the true figures.

    Alcohol does increase BP, it can get very high quite quickly in some people and is very dangerous, you should get it checked.

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      I drink every 2-7 day's, & that hasn't been going on for very long. I drink up to 10 beer's sometimes with no problems. Other days, I can't drink more than 2.
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    Hi kayla..sounds to me as if you are dehydrated.  And it is very HARD to hydrate when we drink alcohol.

    Get yourself a pitcher of water and drink water ALL day...even if you have one between each drink.  Get a sports drink too...next time your out with some electrolytes.

    Also, if you have vitamins in the house take them.  Especially the B vitamins.

    Curious? What do you drink? Wine?

    Wine has alot of something it..I forget what chemical it is...but it causes headaches.

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      But it is actually less to do with the sulfites and more to do with cheap wine. Let's face it, if we just want a bottle or two wine to take home and get a nice buzz off, it's more likely to be £5 stuff, than £15 stuff, and let's face it, if it is a daily routine, that can get bloody expensive.

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      I drink beer, Straw-Ber-Itas, & occasionally drink wine... But I'll try all of that stuff. Thanks so much. smile
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      The information I find for Atarax say that the side effects can get worse if you drink and headache is one of the side effects listed. Have you asked a pharmacist? Did you have the same problems before taking the Atarax?
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      No, I haven't, & yes, I had the headaches before taking Atarax.
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      And no headaches on your non-drinking days?

      A friend of mine drank beer for years with no problem, then became allergic to it. Wine, ok. Liquor, fine. Beer, rash, itch, and to this day he can't touch it. 

      Any other meds that might be playing a part? About how old are you (20's, 30's, etc)?

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      smile Sulfites!

      The cheapness of the wine:  Hmmm...I switched to VODKA cause it was cheaper than beer.  And you are so right....I just wanted the quick buzz....didn't care what it taste like!


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      Even just drinking ALOT of water...you will notice a change in how you feel.  sad I'm sorry you don't feel well.  Alcohol is the devil.


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      Tough one, Kayla! 

      Maybe check with your family to see if anyone had similar problems. Sometimes issues skip a generation, so maybe your grandmother ran into that, but not your mom.

      I'd try switching out the drink too, just for a day or two go with a vodka and water mix at about the same percent alcohol as the beer. Could be something in the flavoring/additives that you're not getting along with, or even the beer itself.

      I suppose if your liver happened to be out of whack, acetaldehyde could build up quickly. Normally, liver enzymes turn the alcohol into acetaldehyde, then turn the acetaldehyde into acetate (which is akin to vinegar). If that's not happening quite as it should, you could get a buildup of acetaldehyde (which is part of what causes hangovers). 

      Aside from that, it might be worth looking into EMDR as a way to help you process the trauma and clear it from your system. VA Medical (on my side of the pond) uses it to help veterans that have PTSD. The EMDR institute advises sticking with certified EMDR practitioners for the best outcome. Maybe worth a google or two?

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      I'll take your advice & do more research. Thanks though. smile

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