Healed chr. erosive gastritis, esophagitis, duodenitis using PPIs for 1 year

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Went for an endoscopy today, 6th endoscopy (gastroscopy) in order to check my esophagus-stomach-duodenum. I’m 25 now, diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus at 19, other than that perfectly healthy and doing sports like crazy. (check out my profile if you are interested in my whole condition)

I had erosions on my stomach and duodenum due to excessive acid production.

For the first time in my life I’ve been on Pantoprazole (Controloc brand) 20mg daily for 1 year (the lowest possible dose) and I still cannot believe that the drug healed my chr. erosive gastritis (no H.pylori), esophagitis and erosive bulbitis. It’s like a miracle to be honest.

I must say that I wasn’t on a diet, I was smoking time to time was even drinking alcohol, every 2-3 weekends 0.5 liter of wine, eating fatty foods etc., going McDonalds 2x a week in average... and still, the diagnosis is perfect like nothing ever happened to my stomach ever.

What I’m trying say here is that obviously food didn’t matter (at least in my situation). Like Barretts (respected user on this forum said). Stomach acid is the most powerful substance in your stomach and there is no food which beats it, in terms of corrosiveness. Which means that if you have too much stomach acid, there is no diet which will help you, other than drugs. H2 blockers did not work for me but PPIs are magic drugs, it’s like I got cured from cancer (I don't like taking them). No side effects till this day, just positive things (outstanding healing) and eating what you want (although that is not good). I do watch my diet time to time but I really like to eat and fill my stomach so that I can’t breathe.  For example, I ate like 15 cookies 1litre of milk and a lot of ice cream sometimes in the morning (which is extremely bad) and still was hungry.

There is one thing on the endoscopy which appeared and wasn’t there previously, and that is the Schatzki ring or Schatzki–Gary ring which is basically an obstruction inside your esophagus (I’m lucky because mine is extremely small and doesn’t cause any problems). Why do you develop this? Doctors are still not sure but it seems that long-term heartburn might cause it (of course genetics also plays a role like in everything).

4 Biopsies were taken from the Z-line to check the Barrett’s. I’ll report that if there will be anything significant.

One important thing that my gastro told me, and she is one of the best rated gastro-specialist in my country (Croatia).

I have a hiatal hernia which is like 4 cm big. She said that I can do any exercise I want. Doesn’t matter the intensity AS LONG AS I DO NOT EAT 2 HOURS BEFORE EXERCISING. I was surprised because you can only find negative stories on the Internet about a hiatal hernia and vigorous exercise. So, I’m back on my 50-100 pull ups daily regime and not scared anymore of it.

Please comment and express your opinions on PPIs, their side effects, healing process, hiatal hernia and exercise, Schatzki ring etc.

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    Hi, one thing you didn't clarify. Is the Barrets gone? You have to be careful with Barrett's, it can lead to eosophagilial cancer. That you don't eat healtily is bad, try to become if not vegan, at least organic plant based, with animal products in the minority. You will only halpe your body if you do this. 

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      I'm just following studies.

      There is a minimal risk of Barrett's going to cancer especially when you are 25. I'm waiting for my biopsies and we will see if the Barrett's is still there.

      The risk of developing cancer is below 1% now (according to the studies). Previously it was 2%.

      Diet is not crucial in Barrett's, neither is alcohol, but smoking is a problem.

      I'm aware that I should still heat healhty but I don't have time and will for that.


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      My lab results came. No Barrett's esophagus anymore. Back to cigarettes and alcohol now..

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    Talk about bring a man down when he's had great news. You don't need to become a vegan, there are plenty of diets for reflux which include lots of leans meats, rice and veg. With regards to oesophagus cancer there's about 2% chance of this happening if diagnosed with Barrett's, it's very small.

    Just eat clean foods, little and often and keep taking those little magic pills. I've been on PPI's for 12 years. I've had sore throats along away but after and endoscopy, throat scan and MRI there's no damage from reflux anywhere. My only problem is I produce a lot of mucus which can be a side effect of PPI's or the reflux and as there's no damage to my throat or oesophagus it's probably a side effect of esomoprezole. I would also like to mention that H2 blockers didn't work for me either, I was taking two and kept getting rebound reflux, they didn't work for very long. PPI's are great at reducing reflux but I will say, you still need to look after yourself or one day, you'll have a shock and the reflux will become troublesome and then you end up in a viscous circle.

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    I'm super pleased for you Esic. It's so good to hear a success story. Have u stopped taking the ppis now? If so did u get acid rebound?

    I took ppis for about 4 months but they didn't help me. IN FACt made me worse. I was more bloated and constipated and the anxiety was worse. Plus nausea was terrible. H2 blockers worked better for me but I don't take anything now for the stomach. I just watch what I eat and I take dgl licorice every day. I'm not cured but I'm much much better.

    I don't like the idea of taking ppis but I know there is a place for them like all drugs. It just seems like so many people are on them and no one can get off them. Well not without a big struggle!!

    Hey esic your not invincible get your diet cleaned up. Age is on your side at the mo but you won't be able to eat like that forever. 😜

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      Tnx, for the reply. I can t toss my PPIs because I've got heartburn everyday if I don't take them, I belch a lot and when I belch my heartburn burns the lower esophagus because I've good a hiatal hernia. I tried everything natural but PPIs are like a 100 years ahead technology to combat my issues. 

      I wathc what I eat, but you have to understand me. At my age my coleagues eat everything and I can't be an exception. I know I have to, but it's hard, maybe it will cost me in the future...

      H2's were not effective for me.


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