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Hi guys. 

Last year I had my first ever anxiety/panic attack... Out of the blue I was driving to work and all of a sudden... Chest and left arm pain, I thought what anyone would think... Heart attack, pulled over and stumbled out of my car with blurred vision and a racing heart, terrifying experience! 

For the next 5 days I was kept in hospital and had test after test! I don't think theres a single part of me that hasn't been tested! There was nothing they could find and I was discharged as healthy and perfectly fine. 

My head told me and continues to tell me differently, every ache, pain, twinge, flutter I think I'm about to drop dead... The crazy thing is I'm a 22 year old male personal trainer and have spent the last 6 years of my life eating the cleanest foods and exercising daily, I often wonder with all the people abusing their bodies... Why me!?

Ive had so much time off work its affecting my business, I get blurry eyes on daily basis followed my muscle spasms in random places and high cortisol like feelings of running on pure adrenaline (shaking, trembling, agitated) 

I often feel my pulse in my neck throughout the day to check weather it's beating correctly or not, it's ridiculous! 

The only relief I have found is from taking phosphatidyl serine, it's an extract from soy which has been proven to lower cortisol and it works! 

I took it today for the first time after having an awful day of anxiety and within 20 mins my adrenaline feeling had gone! 

Obviously it's not a cure but it's a crutch to help you along the way. 

The other thing I find helps with the blurred vision is pulling with moderate pressure on the hair on your head, you have a sheath or layer of muscle running over the skull which will tighten when stressed causing headaches and blurred vision, make sure you grab it by a clump and just pull with slight pressure for a few seconds all over the head. 

It provided me some relief so I hope it can to you too. 

I'd love to hear other peoples symptoms as this definitely puts me at ease as I haven't been feeling great lately. 



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    I also feel very spaced out if anyone gets this? 

    Almost a bit like being drunk... 

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      Hi Lewis,

      I know the feeling too, it's so frightening. I'm very laid back and care free, until out of nowhere a couple of months back I started suffering with anxiety. Got a couple of panic attacks, same symptoms as yourself. Went to the doc and she prescribed me anti depressants. I'm a single mother with two children so felt I needed a quick solution and took them. Started on 5mg for 3 days then increased to 10mg, stayed on that for a few weeks and felt really great after the initial side effects (really horrible for the first week) but over two weeks ago the anxiety started to creep back in again, so increased the meds to 15mg for two weeks and upto 20mg yesterday. Been really bad yesterday and today so I'm hoping it's just the reaction to the increase and that it will pass. It is te scariest feeling in the world, I want to kick myself in the ass and say cop on but it still won't go away. People tell me I have to accept it and then learn to live with it, but how do you accept to feel this way?? 

      Do you not find working out releases all the adrenaline so the panic subsides? 


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    Hi, oh I know all of this only too well. Especially the drink spaced out feeling- anxiety at its best! My symptoms are generally dizzy spells, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing and a bad taste. So easy to become obsessed with these things. Therapy is a good idea to get to the root anxiety, once the anxiety is controlled so too is the health anxiety
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    I’ve had it happen when standing up. I could be holding a conversation, then suddenly I feel dizzy and need to brace myself. Many times I simply try taking slow deliberate breaths, but sometimes that doesn’t even work. A few times I’ve had to sit down and close my eyes until it subsides. For me it is mostly dizziness and an increased heart rate.. It’s a horrible feeling!
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    thanks for the info; i have heard of phosphatidyl choline but not serine; i will have to look that up; never thought about it but it could possibly be  a surge of cortisol that is making us feel horrible; we  may have a glandular illness that is causing too much cortisol although too much stress can do it or flight or fright.; it is funny sometimes we don't even realize we are stressed about something; we possibly make have a glandular illness or problem but  most er/ hospital tests won't ever show it; if it continues i would see a doctor for thyroid condition; it is strange or maybe it is just me but i have yet to have a endocrinologist examine my glandular -adrenal, thyroid;hippocamp... i don't even know if there are blood tests out there or if you just have to wait til they are so out of control  that they test them
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    Aww Lewis im sorry to hear uve been feeling like this! I had a simular thing...was in my room.doing nothing...A bit agitated as was wanting to go out to town n shops were shutting and was only day off work and had took too long getting ready! All.of a sudden u had a searing pain round my left shoulder blue...radiated to my heart (it felt like that) then heart was pounding! I had been getting chest pain but had been told was wind!! so took some tums..didn't go away so called nhs direct who said to ambulance...i didn't but drove there was tested n nothing wrong apparently! but for a long time and still do.worry...right now im worrying that me staying up writing this is guna cause my heart stress from not enough sleep so will cause a heart attack!!! I had cbt...helped a bit. I'm 30 and was training a lot in gym and have done a gym course was was guna follow it up to be a pt at some point! now I actually worry if I exercise too much I will have a heart attack?!?!!!
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    Oh and also! I was doing the pulse checking thing...i also bought a heart rate monitor which kept telling me 108 bpm!! i was convinced something was up cos of that...but I've made myself think now that me checking my pulse can't surely be accurate n my resting pulse rate when done by a doctor when I'm chilled out it 60 so I needtostop checking it! cbt helps u stop the same behaviours ie checking doctor sent me for it it did help smile
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