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Over the past year i have never thought that i would end up this way, I am just the same and it takes over you life, I have always been a big worryer in life but thats just me, But this time last year i was having bad pain down my left arm and i was convinved that i was having a heart attack, i then started to panic which my heart started to beat soo bad i could feel it in my chest it was the worst feeling ever, my life flashed before and i was extremly scared i was then taken to hospital due to my heart rate was so high which i was put on a heart monitor and was observed, It was only a nurse who held my hand and told me eveyrthink is going to be ok you need to stop panicing as your making your self worse, I thought and was convinced in my head i was going to DIE, They then explained that i had a really bad panic attack, I was kept in over night but was let go the next day with my bloods and heart rate back to normal, It was the most intence and scaryest situation i have ever been in that i will never forget, Since that day i kept getting these feelings that there is somthing wrong with my heart and i did not kno what was going on at first i thought i was going CRAZY, Then i went to my GP who said i have Anxiety, I had never come accross this before well i had but not known the true meaning of it, I was then given Diazipam 2mg, Which i taken and all these feeling just went away, As the weeks taking this drg turned into months as it was the only thing that take thet intence feeling away, which i am now addicted to this drug and i can not cope or leave the house with out it, I am sooo lost it is untrue and i dont even know how i got to this point in my life, I suffer with Anxiety everyday and i am just banging my head up aggaist a brick wall all the time and i just know that i am going to suffer with this for the rest of my life,

I just do not know what to do anymore it has taken over my whole life, They want to put my on Antis but i have tried them for 3 weeks and i can not cope with the side effects, I just dont know what do anymore ???

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    Sorry to hear that you're having such a tough time controlling anxiety. First of all, stay calm. Anxiety can only take over your life if you let it.

    GP's can so easily give medication to brush off individuals problems, but maybe medication isn't best for you. Have you thought about counselling or therapy, such as CBT? (Cognitive behavioral therapy). Your GP could refer you to this service and give you further information.

    CBT could help you deal with everyday situations. It can help you to understand the underlying reasons for why situations bother and panic you. You can then follow the steps in dealing with these triggers of anxiety, and stop letting them take over. You do not have to stay feeling this way, there is available help. You are not alone with this problem, don't let it stop you living the life you want to live.

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    Hi Georgii

    Many thanks fo your reply, I have been to to counselling but i found after 2 months of that i had no improvement what so ever, In regards to CBT i did try this for about 2 seshions but i did not really like the lady that was doing it she quite rude and abrupt and it put me off going, But that was with Bupa cover that i have from work, I could try to get in through the NHS, I have been told that it does help many of times.

    I can control this sometimes but other times it just takes over me and i think to my self, You have been through this 100 times before you will be ok and you need to stop stressing you self out and stop panicing, I have been given propanolol i have been on them for a while now, They do help when my heart starts to race, every like twinge i get and i start to panic and think the worst but im finding the side efect of this one is that im starting put on weight and i have always been slim all my life since i have been taking these for the last few months im starting to notice. So dont know if thats worth it.

    I do feel lost all the time but have to put front on me just to hide how im feeling, To live in constent fear is horrid to always think that im doing to just keel over and die is not a nice thing to be going round my head all the time. I do sometimes for get when im busy or out with friends enjoying my self. But as soon as i stop and think "oooh i have not felt funny in a while now whats wrong " Few hours later it comes on.

    Many thanks for your reply

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    Hi Webby

    I so sympathise with you and it was good to read your story. You put your feelings into words so good- something I cannot do. I feel just like you do, have suffered with depression for many years, tried anti-depressants, counselling and CBT but still I feel as if I am getting worse as the years go by.

    I too feel lost and wish I could live without anxious feelings, fear and nervousness. As you say having to put on a 'front' to hide how you are feeling is tiring in itself. Weekends are the worst for me (probably why Iam now writing this). Instead of feeling relaxed and happy and chilling out, I am tense,angry and body is shaky and just wonder if the day will ever come when I can feel happy. Many a time I am sat alone, in tears, waiting desperately for the hours to go by.

    I know I am my own worst enemy, by not keeping active and have no friends or anyone to communicate with, but when your body is in meltdown, you just freeze.

    I was interested to read that when you take Diazipam all your feelings go away. I have never taken this and was wondering if I should consult the doctor. Have tried to stay off drugs as do not want to get addicted. Believe they are a help but not a solution. x

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    I can't believe there are so many people with this same issue , it's terrible my health anxiety is at it's worse , I went to a & e the other day as I had a pain in my back and down my arm and convinced myself I'm heading for heart attack I was on there 5 hours and ecg and bloods were normal , I felt a bit better , but now I'm thinking what if it's not my heart but maybe Have have a stroke or just collapse and die from something or another , I'm really suffering it's taking over my life and stopping me enjoying it . I'm definitely going to try cbt , as nothing else is helping. It's weird how these thoughts seem to take over . I've had anxiety for years and taken proponolol but never had these intense health worries it's one thing after another with me .

    So you are not alone xx

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    Oh webby, I so understand. Everyday of my life is spent worrying that I will get breast cancer. I spend hours and hours panicking. I truly don't understand it. Counsellors, and my son, who is currently training to be a doctor of physcology all say it's to distract from another worry in my subconscious. Antidepressants and cbt failed, I have now joined MIND and hope to be trained how to deal with it and meet others like myself because nobody understands the anxiety and are fed up with me worrying. I have been told to ignore the worries, no matter how bad the anxious feelings get and eventually the fear starts to subside and your brain puts you back in control. I find the anxiety so unbearable I give in and start reassuring myself again. I am going to try this advice because I've reached a point where I can't live like this anymore, so I'll let you know if I achieve any success. Just writing this is starting the thoughts, so I'm going to leave you and play candy crush to try and suppress them x
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    HI pamela01540,josephine5570, Burgess65

    Guys many thanks for your replies and your words does me an a lot, Its nice to see that im not alone and for all your kind words, I supose i dont feel like im going as mad as such now if soo many people have the same things as me,

    I have just not long back off my holidays (which yet again was a struggle) But i made it through the other side and to come back home in one peice, I think im going to get back in to CBT again as the only drug that works is dizpepam but as i know that i am addicted to them its hard to come off them x

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