Health anxiety and new fear of leaukemia

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So I have had health anxiety for a while now and first it was my heart, then it was my testis, lymphoma then skin cancer and now leaukemia. When will this end it seems as though I get over a new fear a new one sprouts up out of nowhere. Reasoning for leaukemia is I found random bruises on my legs (only 3) and don't really hurt and I have noticed over the years that I do get these from time to time and never really payed much mind to them and thus they went away and I'm still alive. However my anxiety means I don't have the luxury of passing it off like I used to be able to and mentally scared about the prospect that I may have leaukemia even though it's very rare in Australia (where im from) where it's like 3 per 100,00 cases for teenagers (18 yo). I would go to the doctor but every time I tell my parents about this fear I have it's always passed off like it's nothing which annoys me because what if I did have it but they were to negligent to take me to a doctor to make sure everything's fine.

I'm in a dark spot and the only thing that makes me feel good is exercise but I get home and reality hits and it's like I have cancer, I'm gonna die what is happening to me. I really am annoyed at these constant fears and going onto the Internet certainly doesn't help ease my fear at all. Any advice and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Tom

    im finding myself exactly the same as you, I feel better fir a couple of weeks then bang I've got myself diagnosed with some other horrible disease, it's making my life a misery. I'm on meds for stress/anxiety but can't seem to get out of this rut.

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    Sounds like you are very worried over likely nothing. You're young, you work out, you've gotten bruises (of which I get all the time from miscellaneous things). Perhaps you got them exercising? Do you have any other concerning symptoms?

    How about going to your primary care provider for a general physical and relaying all of these fears and information. Likely, your PCP is going to be more concerned about your anxiety as opposed to your sunrooms. Get the blood work and check up annually as you always do, and don't stress any further.

    don't let your mind jump to the worst conclusion at 18 years old. Hope you feel better!

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      I have had no symptoms apart from brushing which is probably from my exercise but not 100% sure cause I do run a lot and got to the gym every other day and it's not like they appear all over my body it's mainly on my legs. Only other thing that worries me is I sometimes feel tired but that's probably because I do go to bed late. I tend to worry a lot more than other people and it's probably all in my head.

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    I am going through this as well. Just got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 37 😔

    I've had ptsd since I was 11, and my panic attacks are to the point it's raining my bp into hypertension and it's uncontrollable.

    I'm trying to find the right doctor right now and dealing with this, having a hard time on my own. I try breathing exercises and mediation to no availe. Can't sit still long enough, gets very uncomfortable. Seems like I'm going to have a heart attack if I don't get help and on the right meds.

    So I feel for you. Reading, especially these posts helps minutely. Talk to your doctor for sure.

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      Hi Jamie I was just reading your post. I have anxiety with occasional panic attacks as well. I also have problems with my anxiety affecting my bp. When I'm stressed my bp can easily go up to to 180/90 after a few minutes it always goes back to 130ish. My dr assures me it is anxiety doing this to me. When I first had a panic attack nearly 6 years ago my bp was 230/130 at the ER. Since that time I have had almost every test and they have always have good. I'm currently on BP medication twnysta this keeps my BP around 130/70.

      I can handle all the scary anxiety symptoms chest/back pain dizzy etc but it's the Bp spikes that scare me the most. I take an occasional Ativan when absolutely necessary. I notice reading these posts that most people don't appear to have major problems with bp rising to such a degree. I'm 57 by the way and in fairly good shape. I'm currently doing mindfulness meditation and breathing exercises daily. I also workout for 40 minutes a day which really help me.

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      Meditation can work wonders if you know how! I'm still trying to get it right. I'm 37 and have a plethora of ailments. It's very frustrating at times. And adds to my anxiety!

      If your bp med is doing the job, great! With mine, it brings down my bp, but not the anxiety /panic it self. So I'm waiting on another psych eval. We'll see what this doc says!

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    I truly understand how you feel., I have battled with health anxiety for donkeys years.

    In my mind I have had virtually every deadly illness in the book, I have like you, just got over one worry, only to find myself obsessing over another life threatening illness.

    In my mind I have had......... my point is, it is all in my mind, and all the illnessess, diseases, etc are simply thoughts, negative thoughts, I am still here all these years later, never so far getting anything I have fixated on.

    Now I am not saying I wont ever get any of these awful things, but at this point in time, I am pretty much well, and have wasted many years worrying needlessly, which I may add, I still do.

    I try to live in the moment more these days, and take each day at a time. Yes I still get anxiety attacks, and all the symptoms that go along with it.

    I cant tell you how to sort this, only that you arent alone, and stop going on the internet, all you do there is re enforce the fear, often by finding yet another fear, and symptom of some other ill.

    I do hope you find an answer that helps you, try to get your parents to understand your fears, and explain how frightened you are, if they realise how unhappy you are I Am sure they will do everything to help you, and you will feel better because you arent facing all this fear alone.

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    You are experiencing health anxiety. It is different then the other anxiety as it is ocd on health. Doctors can spot this a mile away so you know. So can someone who is familiar with it. This stuff runs in families too. Genetics. A person comes in with a non eventful something and sits there believing they need to be tested by cancer or als. It gets obvious. 

    They will run the standard tests and sometimes some scans to be very sure and clear up any doubt but you going in with a booboo and asking if you have leukemia is Obvious red flag that you have health anxiety.

    stay away grom dr. Google. Unless you can produce dr. Google live as a person it cant give you an axam, see you, inspect anything or take your blood. Its goes by what you type in lol. It will scare the crap out of you.

    if it makes you feel better my mother in law had luekemia and believe me a boo boo here and there is not the criteria. Its so much more involved then that. Dont make stuff up yourself a favor, get therapy if needed or keep very busy if you cant get into therapy. Learn yoga it will teach you self calming skills and how to properly breathe. 

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