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It has all started with a stomach bug 10 months ago, I had gas, cramps, stayed up all night, and vomitted once in the morning then I felt better the next day. No, wrong. My life has completely changed since that day, I've noticed that I developed fear of being sick, fear of eating normal meal over these months. I've been very careful what I eat since then, and I end up not eating many meals due to my anxiety and stress that I'm going to be sick, what happens is that as soon as I start to eat a normal meal I get a nauseous feeling that lasts a few seconds and forces me to stop eating - I think because my mind is always busy should I continue eating, I'll be sick.. and so on..

I've noticed a pattern, If I think about it for some time I start to feel tightness in chest, shortness of breath and slight nausea, sometimes I'm lucky and can distract myself, other times It leads to rapid heart rate and more nausea and make a visit to the ER.. my problem is that I'm so anxious about my health, about being sick, and about eating and being sick. I've lost alot of weight due to the lack of appetite, no longer enjoy food, I'm suffering so much from this, It's realy destroying my life completely.. even though i vomitted like twice only in the last 10 years I do not know why my mind does not accept food and that I'll be fine if I eat and why I can't stop myself thinking about sickness. It's terrible.

Does anyone know any medicine that helps in this case? I've tried everything else except antidepressants, I do not know what to do, should I try something like Remeron, Librax, or Sulpride, or any other med that can help me in this situation? I think if I can force my mind to not think about sickness I'll be fine, but how to do that?

Please help me. I'm hopeless!

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    It sounds like it's all in the mind to me, I suffered similar, the way I got throught it was just say to myself "look if I do get sick, it's not painful it wouldn't kill me and before you know it it's all over" everyone goes through it everyday and to be honest if you have the attitude of thinking it's no big deal it so helps!

    I suggest not to take any medication for it, so when you finally off the medication it came back again. Use your strong mind to push it out!

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    I've been suffering with the same thing. I aswell think it is in your head but you also must be certain that it is not a physical problem. Have you had any blood tests? I tried antidepressants for my stomach and it did help but it didn't stop my nausea. Try taking an anti-nausea pill just before dinner.

    Have you considered counselling? They can really help you deal with your anxiety. I was at first unsure about counselling but it turned out to be really helpful.

    Forcing your mind to do things can sometimes make you more stressed out. Try relaxing your mind and distract yourself with a good book, a game or a movie perhaps.

    With your eating habits, do what I did. Eat four to five small meals or snacks each day. Dont scare your mind with a big plate of food at dinner time, just eat little things. Also, when I felt thirsty, I would eat an apple instead of drink a glass of water. But keep your fluids up. You could try meal supplements in liquid form. These will give you all the fibre, protein and other things you need and it wont fill you up as much.

    I hope this helps!

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    What you're looking for you won't find in a pill

    If you "force your mind to not think about sickness" you are in essense focusing your mind on sickness. 

    To find freedom in letting go of a thought (which then becomes an internal intention and manifestation) simply notice you're doing it, and take baby steps in distracting yourself with healthier thought patterns; rather than beating yourself up. Accept yourself exactly where you are; so much that you even picture where you want to be and feel...

    Practice this every day and then every moment until it becomes second nature & all your cells respond without you even having to think about it.

    It sounds simple because it is. The current way you're navigating your struggle isn't working. It's understandable how nice it would be to take a pill twice a day, even four if it would solve what troubles you. Please TRY what I've suggested instead (not sure what you're alternatives are)  Perhaps first at night before bed, and in the morning. If you forget (or simple don't) merely notice, and perhaps add an extra time in the afternoon to compensate; or just step back on where you left off. 

    RIde the wave. You may have ups and downs; nothing is forever but soon you'll learn to smooth out the ridges, or not mind the waves knowing you can get thru them. 

    The love of my life is going thru Chemotherapy for Cancer of the immune system. Our "1st run of fun" we call it; was the most intense experience with nausea than I've ever encountered in my 20+ years in the medical field. 

    We're making it thru 

    LOVE heals

    Do you have unconditional love in your life?

    Are you religious? Your Church community is an awesome resource.

    Are you affiliated with an eating disorders clinic, or group? They may offer some useful resources, or provide tools to help, or short term meds for Nausea and, or anxiety.

    Ativan (Lorazepam) is often perscribed for nausea, as well as anxiety.

    Ondansetron (Zofran) is a 5HT3 receptor antagonist, and works by blocking the effect of seratonin (5HT) in your body. Drugs are certainly necessary sometimes; especially in the short term to help us thru....but they won't fix your problem. Try the above perscription in bold instead for 30 days

    I also highly suggest you find a yoga class you like.

    Yoga can help quiet your mind and clear your internal environment for positive change, as well as flush out toxins. A Yoga practice will help your whole body function better along with your mind

    There are several different forms of yoga. If the 1st class doesn't resonate with you try another one, or a different form (hatha, ashtanga,tantra, kundalini, "hot" yoga's always been one of my favorites)

    Otherwise: get a dog ;-> but be sure to walk your dog outdoors frequently (or just walk outdorrs, preferably thru the woods, or along a waterway (Do you live near an Ocean, or stream, or is there moving water anywhere near you you could walk?)

    Above all: love yourself enough to take the time to think of what you want rather than avoiding what you don't 

    As you begin to focus on all the good around you, the bad will  slip away and not seem so terrible.

    You were meant to live a Happy and Healthy life

    Go for it & Get to it!

    One day at a time




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    It's exactly the same thing that I've been struggling with for the past few years! I totally understand you. Few years ago I vomitted in the middle of a party and since then I am always afraid of vomitting and getting sick in public, in places such as public transportatin, restaurants and bar. However that incident was the last time that I ever vomitted, this fear never left me alone. One time it returned when I was in the airplane and made me horribly anxious, so anxious that I almost wanted to cry! Manytimes I just got off the bus or train just because this fear was with me and as you said it always starts when you think about it. It's so strong that you actually believe that you are just few moments aways from puking in the middle of everything or the table in the restaurant.

    This fear/anxiety was with me until the point that it started ruining my daily life and career. One time in the middle of an imporant meeting after lunch my stomach started cramping and the nausea came back so that I couldn't stand and got out of the meeting which was very embarassing. Long story short, at some point I went to a GP and she said that it's probably a stomach parasite or infection so she prescribed me some medicine/antibiotics. After few days things started getting worse and worse. My stool color and shape changed and the nausea became persistent. At this point I was totally sure that I am sick and started googling my symptoms and thanks to Dr, google it most of the articles were diagnossing this as cancer. I stopped eating for couple of days and went back to the GP, she got also worried and sent me to a hospital. Over there they ran a lot of tests on me and everything was clear. I did a endoscopy and it turned out that I was totally fine. I was still so scared and started blaming it on my colon. The doctor said it's all psycholigical and let me stay in the hospital for few days to check everything. They didn't find anything, nothing close to what google suggested!

    I had totally lost my appetite and even the smell of food was disgusting me. Anyways at the end they couldn't make me eat and brought a psychiatrist to see me. He said I have anxiety and health disorder! He prescribed some medication and reassured me that I have nothing wrong in my body, however the doctor also gave me an appointment for colonsocopy in order to clear everything up and help me forget everything.

    I would say, never try any medication in the first place. Relax and play with your brain and teach it how to overcome that horrible situation and then if you became like me you better try medication.

    I am still on the beginning of my therapy and thing are changing slightly! I hope we all get fine.

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