Health Anxiety!!!! Fed up of this constant battle.

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I am so fed up every day having this constant battle , thinking I'm going to be ill constantly focusing on every little pain I have and turning it into a great turmoil , I have had blood tests , ECG , tests for PE, tests to make sure my lung capacity is ok.

I just don't know how to stop this but I can't continue to fight and live my life in this way it is ruining everything I just can't live !!!!!! I work full time and spend most of the day thinking of reasons in my head so I can just go home just incase I'm ill or in case I faint or have a heart attack.

I feel so alone and like I'm going stir crazy!!!

Does anyone feel the same and any advice would be appreciated .

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    Read thru the forum. You are not alone.have you spoken to your doctor? You dont have to live this way.
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    What do you do when you get home. What's drawing you home. Is this behavior threatening to your job. If you like to monitor your health get some gadgets from pharmacy for reassurance and try to stay away from emergency

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    I swear I go through the sam thing.your not alone!


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    Hi Natalie, you are not alone hun, I know how you feel, I can relate to everything you are saying.

    I tend to go through period of this, but when I do, its awful to deal with, as you say every little ache or pain becomes something serious, I am always anxious to some extent and usually about health issues more than anything.

    I have wasted years of my life, imagining I have every known illness there is, but, although I have conjured up all those symptoms in my head, so far thats all they were, in my head.

    I have recently bought some hypnosis cd's and meditation as well, they do help to relax you, there are lots online you can download for free, a very good one by Paul Mckenna, the tv hypnotist, seems to relax me.

    I am considering going to see a hypnotherapist, which may be better.

    Apart from that I have no answers I comtinue to live with it, I try to get out and about as much as poss, spend time with people and not sit and dwell as I just blow everything out of proportion when on my own.

    Rescue remedy helps a little when I get in a tiz, but perhaps for you it may be good to go talk to your gp, and either get some medication, or perhaps some councilling, perhaps try to find out why all this began, there may have been a trigger, talking is always good, confide in a friend or family member,

    Hope that helps you to know there are pleñty of others just like you, thats why this forum exists

    Good luck hun, hope you find some peace within yourself soon x

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    Anxiety is a normal response to something we consider threatening, it captures the way we think and prepares our body for action. However if you experience high levels of anxiety without any obvious cause, it still captures your thinking and focusses all your attention on identifying why you feel like you do. The trouble is that the anxiety does cause some fairly obvious changes in your body, your breathing speeds up, yur heart speeds up and people often become aware of these changes while they are trying to identify whats causing the anxiety. So you focus on the bodily changes and the anxiety is telling you that these sensations must represent a threat, we think of them as symptoms that we are ill. Once you think that of course the anxiety gets worse, the symptoms get worse and thats all you can really think about.

    There is quite a few things that people can find helpful, these are usually based on cognitive behavioural therapies. The best is probably to arrange to see a therapist, its easier to manage these things with help. There are also lots of free self help resources on the web.

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    I have spoken to my GP they keep giving me SSRI which make me really sick so I can't take them. I defiantly need something I did try CBT but I think I'm to far gone it's the an obsessive thing now it's constant.

    Thank you for your replies.

    I'm trying to get ready for work at its all starting again.

    I feel safe at home.

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      Two things Natalie, I don't know why you think youve gone to far for CBT or what you tried but I know you shouldn't have come away feeling like this. I wonder how you found the whole thing, there is sometimes a tendency for things to get very mechanistic and feel impersonal. It may be an issue of who you saw. It sounds like your background level of anxiety is making it difficult to even contemplate taking on more by going to work. Don't believe it, work has all sorts of positive effects as well as the grind, people who stop feel worse, remember "fear lies".

      You could try learning a relaxation or meditation technique, they can help. There are even free web resources that include MP3 files to guide you through the process. There are lots and you could try a few to find one that works for you, start off with a fairly long one ( 20 -30 min) to learn the skills then you can go for a shorter one.

      SSRI's are a large group of drugs, if one makes you sick go back to your Dr he could try an alternative one. A lot of people go through 4 or 5 before finding one that suits them. Don't just give up and don't worry about you being a bother to your doctor, thats his job, what he is paid to do. You on the other hand are not paid to be a martyr or spend your life suffering, these things can be hard enough to manage. Best wishes.

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    Natalie your perfectly fine , I know you won't believe me but whatever you feel you are fine you are just feeling desensitization , ie everything you feel is being caused but anxiety, which will not harm you .

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