Health anxiety is ruining me

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Hi all. I'm 23 yo with pretty bad OCD/anxiety and a whole lot of hypochondria. It's getting out of control. I've been obsessed with my heart for weeks now because it's always beating fast. And then of course I'll get the chest pain. And then I'll get pains in my arms and what I think are pains in my jaw which then makes me freakout and think I'm having a heart attack.... At 23 years old.

I've had a complete blood count test done to check my thyroid (mom has issues with hers) and everything came back perfect my cholesterol my trygliceroids everything. Blood pressure is always perfect I eat healthy I've never smoked I could lose a good 5 lbs but I'm not overweight etc. I've had two ekgs done a chest X-ray but everyday I'm still convinced I'm going to have a heart attack or something sad because the aches and pains are still there. I'm starting to go crazy. I've been to the ER like 3 times this past week and have seen my regular doctor. I keep freakig myself because I tell myself "oh but you haven't seen a cardiologist". It's driving everyone around me insane and it's making it hard for me to be the mother and wife I was before all of this stuff started sad

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    Hi, if you're Doctor says youare ok you are ok.

    Anxiety gives has given me all those syptoms and more. I get chest pains ,stomach, muscle soreness,

    Jaw pain, neck pain ,vision changes,and more.

    Anxiety can be really bad on your nervous system.

    Your blood pressure rises to making your heart beat faster . I was told by my therapist that i was a very obssevive person. Go see a therapist it helps.

    How you can tell its anxiety is because the more anxious you get the more syptoms you will get.

    I know tell my body to shut and ignore the syptoms. If something is stressing you out fix it.

    If is the symptoms ignored them.

    Keep your self busy. For obsesive people is beneficial to not have to much time to think.

    Cause we are like broken record we keep going back to the stupid thoughts.

    You can beat this ,I did and my therapist was surprised on how obsesive i was. Another thing that causes symptoms is that you're afraid of dying and you become hypersensitive on any little pain and makes you anxious triggerin the anxiety pains.

    Your are not hypochondriac those are just anxiety syptoms.

    Your going to be fine.

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      I know this. Everything you wrote I know. like my normal brain knows all this. And I have started seeing a therapist. I try to keep myself busy but knowing how anxiety is sometimes it's hard. I'm trying my best to beat this. And while I have gotten better there's still a ways to go. I posted here for encouragement and someone to talk to and relate to.
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    I seriously wonder if anyone is a hypochondriac. It just appears that way. Anyone who has panic attacks knows how awful and weird it feels. Its self preservation to starts searching for the illness behind it. Only it isnt one, its a false alarm set off by you. An adrenaline rush that cause a ton of horrible, scary symptoms. Theres no instant fix. No magic here. Its facing it. Its a battle within you. What you need to tell yourself is okay this is happening but u cant and shouldnt  fear the fear. You do not have to believe every thought you have. You dont. If you start running with every thought your going to be one huge mess very quickly with panic attacks all over the place. So you need to face the truth of what all this. Its a mal function. A false alarm..its a panic disorder and ocd doesnt help it. Doctors label it hypochondria as if you seriously just out of nowhere deciede you have some rare disease for no apparent reason at all. Its not even close to the truth. You are hyper sensitive to pains and symptoms because you have an anxiety disorder with oanic attacks and want so very very badly to believe  theres a cause behind it that a doctor can tangibly find, science isnt that good. Doctors have no wand to fix and only have some pills to give you. Thats all they got. So you need a specialist here. One to help you with the area effected. The same way if you broke an arm you would see a ortho doc and get it fixed. Therapy is your specialist, and more importantly to learn cbt alongside with therapy. It will explain it all to you at best. You are not alone 26% of the world has this disorder. It would be lovely for someone out there to figure out a fix to reset all this and bring you back to your natural state of automatically self calming. Until then you have to learn the skills and practice them so you can over ride this mal function with your rationale mind. Does that make sense? Yes it is hard and yes it is unfair, but life is not fair at all. Once you learn to accept this you and accept this panic attacks occur and not fear the fear they bring on it will become manageable. Will there be set backs? Yes. But so what. Start again. You are very young and have a good 60 years to go at least so do yourself a favor and save yourself now, do not ever google a symotom anxiety presents in every illness there is so clearly it will show your supposed symptom and turn out your fine. Waste of time, huge waste of time always. Learn about panic attacks, ocd and anxiety. Learn the science behind it so you get whats happening. Go on pinterest seek out remedies, healing aids. I sent you link that will help you. Its your choice whether to learn all this or go back to believeing you have some unknown illness or stay trapped in fear. You came here so i do believe you realize this is anxiety driven, symptoms and all. It all comes from adrenaline rushes. You can do this. You can! And  when you orgnaize all this properly, learn the needed skills to understand and self calm yourself and the symptoms you will a lot more confident sbout your future. Be very patient in this process, it can take a long time to learn and use what you learn. .know you will have to change the way you are,the way you think, you cant and wont go back to who you were, it didnt work , you will grow from this. Good luck on your journey to finding your peace.   Its put there for you. It is. Dont ever let it define you or feed into it, Oddly its inborn and there to protect you thats what fight or flight is a protection mechanism. The irony of it all..
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    I wa going to write a possible explanation for your symptoms, but I've read Edgar's comment and it says it all perfectly.

    Edgar has given you excellent advice and shared some hard won advice.

    Al I can add is that I hope you begin to feel better soon and give Edgar's comment serious attention.

    I empathise with you, anxiety and obsessive thoughts about being ill are horrible.


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