Health Anxiety! red smudge on one stool Wednesday freaking out! terrified I have bowel cancer at 20!

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Hey, I'm really, really struggling at the moment never been so scared in my entire life.

 ok I'll give you the quick run down. 

On apr 17th it's crazy how i remember the day aha anyway i had 2 days of constipation couldn't get much out on the Monday I decided to take some lacto lose this made this way worse and terrified me as it just kept acting weird loose, not so loose, constipation etc. 

I also managed to cause a tear I think on my anus from wiping and going to the toilet way too much even though i didn't need to go anxiety was terrible. 

Any how I went to the doctor a week later and he said it will go back to normal he didn't really seem to care and that the bleeding was from a cut from straining etc. 

Anyway it was a little up and down over the next couple of weeks my anxiety was through the roof it went from one week of waking up needing the toilet instantly it wasn't watery just loads of little s shaped pieces a week after it went to needing it but the urge wasn't as strong. This is where i started to get scared I'd go as normal but it felt like the stool had to pass around something i then got scared of rectal cancer or a mass. 

This has sort of got better now from yesterday and today i went as normal and back to my normal once a day even though it does feel like my stool quantity has decreased. Anyway i went this morning and idk why i wanted to check it disgusting i know picked it up with tp and when i flipped it over there was a little patch of red on it! like a smudge of red as far as I'm aware I haven't eaten anything red apart from tomato sauce but I don't think that can cause it. Wouldn't have seen it if i didn't flip it over.

I wiped it with the tp and it wiped straight off and it was still brown on the tp and it was gone, been twice since then and had bits in that one looks like chunks did the same this one was undigested coco pop skins I think still scared me. I'm absolutely losing it at this point, so scared i have something i have cramps aswell I've had those for years and the buscopan does settle them when they get bad. 

I was getting over this and then it's come back like a brick and boom the anxiety is back and worse than ever. I did have a shower and after the shower I did get some itching in that area. I don't think it's the cut that's caused it as there was no red on the tp.

I did some googling which i shouldn't have found a colon cancer support group and apparently he had cramps for years and mucus etc and had stage 3 rectal! 

Thinking of it I had some mucus with one streak of bright red blood in it last october so now I'm freaking out i have something sinister and probably dying from it  [sad]  like a silent killer. 

Symptoms I've had in the past.

Passing mucus no poo

Bouts of constipation every now and then

Abdo cramps 

upper abdominal discomfort

spasms of pain in my hip area right abdo last about 5 seconds had these years

My frequency hasn't really changed nor have i had diarrhea since I got off the lacto lose I still go once a day. But i'm convinced i have some mass up my rectum or something as sometimes it feels weird going to have a bm. Also would bleeding but very noticeable on other parts of the stool? Without flipping it over.  

This was written on another board this morning i woke up and it's the same every Friday morning really getting stressed with my job and i hate Friday morning, woke up this morning in sheer terror went to the toilet was constipated but what scared me is when i got off the toilet i had a sharp spasm in my stomach in the middle lasted about a second i did pass gas about 10 minutes later. i had gas in the morning aswell and on the toilet in the morning. 

Went to work in the morning been twice there and twice here been really scared today incredibly hyperventilating all day going into random attacks couldn't catch my breath etc I'm just so scared sad I'm paralysed by fear and could really do with some support atm.

Questions i want to ask is if you did have a tumor how often would you see blood in your stool?

Would it be on the other stools not just one?

and would it be spread out throughout the stool and easy to spot in the toilet bowl?

As i said i had to flip this one over to see a little confined area of red I haven't seen it since wednesday I nearly fainted when i saw it was terrified. Can tomato sauce cause this it's the only thing red i could say I've eaten. My head is absolutely racing at this point 

Thank you sorry it's a long read sad


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    Red isnt anything to get too scared over. Sounds like a fissure. They take a while to heal and can re rip. Shower that area twice a day at least. They even sell wipes called tucks to help out. You need to keep your diet high in fiber so your poop slides out. Any chunk food thats red can make red spots too. This doesnt sound like anything to be concerned with. All you need to do is go see a gastro doctor and get an exam and i think that will calm you down. Worst scenario from what you wrote  Bloody mucous and poop would be ulcerative collitis and seen easily by a gastro and fixable. So relax and make a gastro appointment.
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    I did have some itching on the night and bits that comes and goes, and like a sort of feeling something there stingy right at the bottom. But can tomato sauce cause it to show a little patch of red?
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    Thanks for replying also if it was blood in stool would you see it without having to flip it over surely it'd be on most of it wouldn't it and be obvious?
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      It would be black if it was blood in the stool, not red. Red almost always  is fissure related. Yes tomato bits can do that too. Why dont you go to a gastroenterologist they would know so fast and then you wouldnt have be nervous at all. 
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      try using optifiber, or metamucil so you dont keeo causing the fissure to ooen or worsen. Drink a lot of water. Constipation can cause many issues. So can wiping too much/hard thats why i say try tucks or even baby wioes that are flushable (read the label).
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    Oh ok, but what i was saying is do you reckon you'd see it more even if it was a little a red blood and not confined to one area on the underside of it. Like visibly see it in the bowl
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      Does it matter? Would it change anything? May i ask why you dont just go to a gastroenterologist and get an exam? Its quick and painless. And then you dont have to be nervous about it. 
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    Hi Lockey you really have got yourself worked up haven't you! You poor thing. I don't think blood on the stool is a problem if it is bright red. Not sure where you live but in Australia you can buy a kit at pharmacy ti check for bowel cancer. If you are really concerned after you give yourself time to calm down go to your doctor explain the problem and ask if you can get a colonoscopy. You WILL be ok xx
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