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Hey lovely peeps,

Just me again 😊

So... Im doing ok with my health anxiety though I have 2 new symptoms. I haven't had an anxiety attack over them which is great but need work on controlling my thoughts over them. You know, the ones that tell me I'm going to have it forever, what if it gets worse, could it be from an underlining health problem? bla bla bla!

The 2 new symptoms are:

Ringing in the ears

Muscle twitching in the right thigh

Im not sure if ringing in the ears are due to the medication and I dont want to change because its working but I dont want it to get worse.

Muscle twitch... well... might just be the anxiety but I have only had it for a day so far. Its a constant twitch and I can even see the muscle move.

Does anyone else experience this with their anxiety? Im sure it will pass like all the others or I'll get use to it but would love to hear from you.

P.s. trying to stay away from Dr Google 😟

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    I suffer from anxiety also and have thoughts running through my head constantly to put me down

    When you say ringing in your ear

    With me it don't happen every minute of the day but every so often

    Its almost like a high pitch sound in my left ear sometimes the right also like its in my brain its a weird feeling and i actually hear the high pitch very loud but then it goes away .

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    Oh and google is not your friend

    I went on google after having anxiety problems and feeling like something was wrong and it caused me to panic even more over thinking with what i found out by google telling me i was about to die or i had this and i ended up in hospital as had a very bad panic attack

    stay away from google lol :P

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      Haha... I know. How terrible is Dr Google!

      Its a constant dull ringing in the head. I had tinnitus in the right ear before all of this anxiety but it was more of a humming noise, not ringing.

      Funny enough, the humming noise has almost dissapeared after 12 months of having it but just recently the ringing in my head has become more noticable.

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    Hey Lind

    Do not fear m'dear.

    My ring if in ears started when my derealisation started which is when my anxiety started. It comes and goes but stays when I'm partcurly anxious.

    As for twitching, this is classic anxiety I've had twitching in the thigh, arms, legs, chest is the worst cause it feels like you're heart.

    It's all anxiety so don't you worry smile

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      It's not all the time i get that feeling of twitching but occasianally i will feel as if my chest my nipple area will pull and twitch every so often its weird and i feel as if i have problems with my heart and along with anxiety it don't mix well lol

      Worrys me so much

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      Naw... thanks JTjudas 😍.

      I figured the twitching was from anxiety... damit! 😕

      I think the ringing in the ears are more noticable because Im focusing in on it. Its funny, when I get over one symptom I seem to replace it with a new one. Its like my body wants to keep telling me that the anxiety is still there!

      So frustrating.

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      Don't let it worry you as it makes it worse. Twitches tend not to be constant but come and go. Once my arm went all night and into the morning but it's nothing serious. Heart palpitations and chest pain again are the most common of anxiety symptoms. You'll find when you're positively distracted that these things disappear or you don't notice them and there's a very good reason for that which you don't need me to tell you!
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      It seems that our body can produce some very usual symptoms from anxiety. It is scary when you experience something unusal or different but that is what health anxiety does unfortunate. It exacerbates the symptom and we go immediately into fight mode.

      We need to trick the brain 🤔 I guess that is what cbt does in some way.

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      Haha no problem hun!

      The symptoms are endless for anxiety especially health anxiety and that's the reason we suffer with it.

      The ear ringing is hard to ignore anyways as its constantly there but you won't notice it if you keep busy. I don't have it today thank God but it'll probably be back tomorrow!

      The worst things I suffer with are derealisation (the King of anxiety symptoms) and floaters in my vision. I wish they go away already!

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      My partner has bad floaters too. He says he got used to them over time and sometimes they move which is when he notices it more.

      He said over time, you don't notice them or it doesn't bother you as much. He is my rock and puts everything in perspective. Im very lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive partner 😊

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