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Back on 19th January I had an Angiogram and was told by the Dr that he was recommending I see a Cardiac Surgeon as he felt I needed a bypass. 4 days later I had a Stroke, although not taken into hospital by the ambulance (they didn't diagnose a stroke) I 'slept on it' and was taken to A & E by my formidable sister who after going head to head with the Dr there they kept me overnight (on a bed at the back of A & E) I was admitted to the (we are not sure ward) and 4 days after the stroke and after my MRI was read I was transfered to a specialist stroke ward at a different hospital and it was confirmed as a stroke. I am incredibly lucky as I had limited long term damage and am back to work and back to driving. I do believe that the asprin I had been taking for my heart problems helped.

The Drs will not connect the Angiogram and the stroke as they were 4 days apart but I am convinced they are connected.

I saw the Cardiac Surgeon in March who confirmed that my only real option was a single bypass but had to wait till June. anyway I have my pre op appointment next Mon (22nd) and am petrified of the op but know it is the only option.

I just wish someone would connect the Angiogram and the stroke as I am sure that I am not THAT unlucky!!!

I will update after the pre op appointment.

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    Hi heather,

    It states on the consent form you sign for the procedure and your cardioogist should also tell you of the possible side effects or problems occur, stroke is one of them that could occur, in most instances many are rare but do happen. I'm no medical expert so I wouldn't be able to tell you if the angiogram was the actual cause or not, it does seem coincidental, however, strokes can hit anyone anytime. this might be a case of never knowing because some doctors are ignorant to a lot of things, I'm experiencing something completely different, medication related and I am having trouble convincing doctors that the new medication is the cause of my problem. I have spoken to a few cardiologists over the years and have seen how they work, well that's how they come accross to me, it's like a big race for the young cardiologists, they seem to think he / she knows more than their other consultants,  some even dis agree with our previous cardiologists ( aged and very well experienced ) diagnosis and tell us it's something else or it's pyschological in the case of coronary artery spasm patients , syndrome X etc etc  because they can't find anything .

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      Samuels I was aware of the possible side effect but not one of the doctors use the word 'angiogram' and 'stroke' in the same sentence.

      I had, what I thought, was a migraine from Hell after the angiogram and the nurse gave me some soluble pain killers. Looking back that headache was a warning yet no-one did anything. All this has made me more frightened of the bypass as it has the same risk factors.

      I now have appointments with the stroke doctors and the cardiologists but surely this should be brought together and I should be told what extra precautions will be taken because of the stroke.

      This bypass is frightening me to death as it is bound to but I can't believe it is me who keeps telling the cardiologists that I had a stroke and the stroke doctors I had an angiogram before the stroke. I would have thought my notes had neon flashing signs.

      Yes, I am a nervous patient but think I have cause to be.

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      Hi heather,

      Quite unfortunate that the cardiologist didn't inform you face to face of a "stroke" or "heart attack" during the procedure, I was told verbally and asked to read and sign their forms before the procedure and I have had a few angiograms.

      I understand your frustrations, Yes your notes should have neon lights flashing, does seem likely that your situation did occur after the procedure but as I have said I am no medical professional so I have no answer for you.

      I'm sure you are frightened, everyone is when it comes to heart surgery so you aren't alone there and my thoughts go out to you. Hope you can  get the answers you seek as soon as possible.

      I know it's hard in situations like this but think positively , Wishing you all the very best and my thoughts are with you. Stay strong  smile

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    So sorry to hear your news, its distressing l know to think you have to be operated on 

    but without it like me you willsuffer even more pain and problems.

    l have had at least 6 major operations in my years of heart problems and suffered some terrible illnesses like a collapsed lung, shadow on the lung.  septicaemia, pulmonary oedema, heart failure, kidney failure,  pneumonia goes on and on , but without the operations  l wouldn't be here now .

    lm also having stuff done again soon, starting with having a stent fitted then open heart surgery...its still going on and lm now in my 60s ....but without help lwould have died about 35 years ago .

    l feel lucky that my cardiologist listens to me and acts on what l say NOW .....l say now because lve spent almost 45 years trying to convince them and in my teens ( mine started at 13 years old ) l was called an attention seeker!!!!!!

    l passed my rare condition to my son , who at 3-4 yeats old collapsed into a 17 years old ' l ' diagnosed him with my 27 cannot work, cannot smoke, drink, be out on his own , in bed at 8: pm and suffering a number of cardiac arrests ....l feel so guilty ....but at least he hasn't had to go through years of pain and suffering like l had to.

    Everyday you wake up is a great day ...dont be frightened ......think positive....think of  less pain  and a better life...if you want to take contact me , take care.

    Lady Amelia xxxxx


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      Gosh that all sounds horrific, for both you and your son.

      I try not to knock most of the medical profession and without doubt there are some attention seekers out there but on the whole no-one knows your body better than you and while I listen to mine unfortunately my GP doesn't always listen to me!! In fact when all this started the first GP I saw told me it was probably either acid refux or heart burn even though I told him that I had both and this was different.

      I wish you and your son well and hope you manage to have some quality of life with all your heart/lung problems.

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      Thank you for your reply .

      its very hard trying to trust a doctor when they dont trust you !!!!

      my GP is fantastic he knows when l say ' somthings wrong , l think its this or that ' 9 times out of 10 lm right , lm even allowed to set my own pain killer at the level l need  as somtimes l can get away with 120 mg of slow realise  a day  and  other times lm in so much pain l need 180 mg or l cant walk , sit, stand or sleep.

      we manage most disabled people , you have to  

      regards to you and your family 

      Lady Ami.

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    Just a quick update!

    I went for my pre admission appointment last Mon (22nd) and was told it would probably be 6 weeks before I have 'the call'. 

    Imagine my shock (and horror) when I was phoned on Friday and told I was scheduled for the bypass on Wednesday afternoon with admission on Tuesday!!! EEEKKKK!!

    Now I know this is a good thing but that doesn't stop me panicking as I feel totally unprepared but have had my bag packed for the last 2 weeks so not much to do now.

    I will sort my fridge out tomorrow (I live alone) but my friend (luckily) is moving in probably Sunday and will be here to look after me when I come out - I am very lucky to have a friend who is willing to do that.

    So wish me luck and those who believe in God please keep me in your prayers.

    Mine is 'only' a single bypass so they will be using the mammary artery but I will post how is all went just in case someone can benefit from my experience.

    To say I am petrified is an understatement but wish me well!!

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    Quick update! I went into hospital for my bypass on the 31st May but after taking the pre-med the op was cancelled as the person before me took longer than expected. I won't moan about this as I would not want a tired surgeon.

    The op was put back 2 days and I was first on the list for Fri 2nd June and I remained in hospital and the op did take place.

    I have no real memory of Friday but woke up in ITU on the Saturday and thankfully made a quick recovery.

    My shock was being released from ITU on the Tuesday (shock) I have no doubt that physically I was ready but the usual lead up to release is: ITU then High Dependency then ward just to prepare you, but shortage of beds meant I missed out on a few steps.

    I tried sleeping in my bed for 2 nights but moving hurt so I slept on a recliner in the lounge for 5 nights but I am back in my bed now.

    Obviously it is still early days and I have some pain and discomfort but I can cope with it. I am having a bit of trouble with one of the drainage tube stitches but it is healing slowly. I was surprised to find myself 7 days after surgery sat in a 'drop in' clinic to have the stitches removed.

    I am now back to living alone but obviously taking things easy it all seems to have happened in a whirl!!

    So less than 3 weeks later that is me. 


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      Glad the OP got done and by the sounds of things went pretty well for you, wishing you a healthy and speedy recovery smile

      Yes apparently that's the way it is in these modern times, in for OP 1/2 a day to a days rest then they have you up and walking around. When I had my heart attack I was made to get up and move around even if it was only slow and short distances, I realise a heart attack is different from a bypass but I' sure you could agree if you have had a heart attack they both hurt like buggery . Take it slow and easy, listen to your body and as I have said wishing you a healthy, speedy recovery.

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      Thank you!

      Yes one day at a time. I tend to forget how big an op it was and suffer the next day if I try to do to much.

      Today hasn't been great but hopefully a quiet day tomorrow will prepare me for the first Lions test on Saturday.

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      Well here I am again and Friday marked the 6 weeks since the op.

      I go back on Monday to see the surgeon when he will hopefully give me the okay to drive again!! Although my car went for repair after an RTC 5 weeks ago and they still haven't returned it AND now the MOT has expired (how are you not supposed to get stressed LOL)

      I am taking walks lasting about an hour and have not had any angina pain so am very hopeful that the op was successful, the only actual tablets I am taking prescribed by the cardiologist is a beta blocker.

      I have a pain down my left arm which the GP has agreed is a trapped nerve, he has given me some tablets for it but I haven't taken them yet as they are a bit scary and I really don't want to take scary tablets at the moment. I will ask the surgeon about this on Monday.

      I see the physio on the 10th August and then will start my physical exercises (which I need) I also intend to start back to slimming world when I can drive and have a legal car so have plans to improve my way of life.

      I am pretty desperate for a holiday having not had one last year and cancelling my big trip to Australia and NZ this year, I am looking through the available cruises as I thought that would be a good way to start.

      So much has happened during 2017 with the Stroke and the bypass that I will delay celebrating my 60th birthday until next year as 2017 has been a horrible year but at least it has left me with a lot of optimism.

      Onwards and upwards for us all!!

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