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Hi, I'm a bit concerned about this swooshing heartbeat sound in my ears on and off throughout the day but worse at night. Presuming it's blood/blood pressure?

Has anyone had similar or can make a link between this and weaning off seroxat (currently on 2.5mg a day only.)  Has anyone else had this on here whilst weaning off seroxat? Is there a link guys?

Hoping for some advice, thanks in advance xx smile 

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    Hi. Yes, i relate to that. I have it a lot. Horrible. My heart also feels like it's going to beat out of my chest. I used to think i was going to die but for me it is definitely witgdrawals.

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      Hi Emma, thank you so much for replying 

      I'm so sorry to hear you have this too! Well bit of an update I had to go to the Drs because mine got worse to the point I was going to bed at 8.30pm just to try and sleep so I couldn't hear it anymore. It is so so loud at night and I initially had some dizziness with it but now it's just the loud pulse wooshing through my ears especially the left one. Dr said I have what is called Pulsatile Tinnitus & prescribed me a steroid nasal spray called Beconase which has done nothing I knew it wouldn't I'm furious! He didn't take my blood pressure or refer me to the ENT which is what I would've liked as something is causing this debilitating condition & the more I research the more I see a direct link with Seroxat discontinuation can cause tinnitus due to the lack of natural seratonin that the seroxat gives you when on them. Your brain tries to compensate for the hormone that it should be making naturally but no longer does because seroxat made chemical seratonin so we stop producing our own! It's a bloody can of worms the more you research about seroxat the more horrendous it gets! Panorama did 4 programmes on the dangers of seroxat on the BBC over the course of a few years a while ago and they've known all along that this is quite possibly one of the hardest SSRI's to wean off of due to horrendous side effects ! I go through hell for 3 weeks each time I lower the dose then my body stabilises out but those 3 weeks are frightening. Are you off seroxat completely now if you don't mind me asking? I like to hear positive stories which give me & others who are trying to wean off it hope x Sorry about the long reply x 😢

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    Ive been on antidepressents, SSRI s since 16 years now, ive taken seroxat, seroxat cr, cepralex, zoloft, aand other drugs like xanax, revotril, indiral, and other drugs that i cant even remember their names. Ive visited psychiatrists, psychologists, any proffission that has psych infront of it ive tried it, i did ear scans, head scans, endoscopy, blood test, EKG, heart enzymes, i still have a couple of tests iam gunna do this december too. Before i got my first panic attack i was a happy, energetic, easy going, adventures, thin in weight person 66kgs to be precise, after the panic attack i became a sad, stay at home, afraid to travel, afraid to go out of my home, afraid to stay alone, afraid to be far from a hospital afraid to drive kind of guy, iam afraid of life, but still iam trying to fight. Iam a 120kgs guy or should i say bum that barely goes out barely productive guy, hell is my life, i wish i would die but afraid to die (i know its puzziling) i dont think i deserve good things. We are guinea pigs being tested on. My advice is dont start taking seroxat directly i recommend ZOLOFT it has less side effects with some xanax should be good but you should give it a period in my recommendation at least 90days. if that doesnt work go for seroxat but once you start you have to have in mind that seroxat helps get your life back but on the other hand have a high health risks ( like getting fat, cloged arteries, and almost 0 sexual drive) dont be afraid you are not alone and always have xanax on hand (if you panic put half a tablet under your tongue and swallow the other half) have water always on hand for your dry mouth. As for the heart beaters and pulpitation people with the dizzy effect and fatigue try playing card games or find a hobby that needs lots of thinking to get your mind of your anxiety. EXPERIMENT AND ALWAYS ASK YOUR DOCTOR LOADS OF QUESTIONS, IF HE DOESNT SEEM TO ANSWER OR YOU DONT LIKE HIS FEEDBACK JUST CHANGE HIM AFTERALL HE IS THEIR TO SERVE YOU... DOCTORS NEED US WE DONT NEED THEM IF WE ARE NOT SICK. Hope a day comes were we are no longer just an experiment.
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      Hi Chris

      That was heartbreaking reading your story and it sounds like you've really tried everything you can to try and get your life back to how it used to be and to go back to being the real you again happy and healthy x

      Please don't give up you have to get better and I know you will find the answer because seroxat hasn't beaten you yet and you know why? Because you're on this forum still fighting!!

      That's very true Drs need us continually yet we only need them at certain times!

      How are you now?

      What are you taking at the moment? My advice from 21 years on seroxat is stay away stay away from this pernicious drug it is slowly killing us! Long term effects are horrendous I'm still suffering & not yet off it but will lower the dose to 1mg in the new year (dreading it) I am left with awful pulsatile tinnitus and intermittent dizziness everyday.

      The only plus is that my cravings have gone so I am no longer gaining weight each time I look at food! Still need to lose 1.5 stone but it has totally stabilised out and that is due to severe reduction in seroxat!! 

      I so hope you can fight this stay strong and positive 

      Em 🙏🏻🙂

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    Hello   I am also down to 2.5 mg Seroxat but am still having terrible withdrawal symptoms and am frightened to go any lower. I get the pounding heart, brain zaps, extreme anxiety and depression.   In fact I am thinking of increasing the dose again, but have heard that seroxat often doesnt work the second time.

    Have you managed to get off completely and are you coping?

    Best wishes


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      Hi Nada

      How long have you been on seroxat and how long have you been on your current dose of 2.5mg?

      I am convinced that the longer you stay on your current dose things WILL improve 

      I am on 2mg and have been for about 2 months now and the first 3 weeks we're living hell my mind was seriously faulty! The reduction in my dose was too big a drop and too fast! My Dr was WRONG!!! 

      Listen to your body this will take time possibly up to a year until it is completely out of our systems but the lead up to that we will feel ourselves again.

      I know I have lifetime effects from 21 years on this drug and I can never get that back 

      I am left with constant pulsatile tinnitus and intermittent dizziness every day and it's still awful.

      My moods are stabilising out but the odd day here and there I have uncontrollable anger to danger levels which I can't control these last about 6 hours then I cry and am fine again for weeks God knows what's going on?

      The only good thing is my cravings for sugary food and over eating have gone and I am what I should've always been 'normal' with my eating habits! 

      All those years I needn't have been over weight I could cry

      So that is positive!

      You MUST stay positive and think of a good strong positive future because you don't need seroxat it needs you more than you need it!

      Don't give in and raise your dose please don't!

      Em x🙏🏻🙂

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      Hi Nada

      Sorry I was meant to say I am currently on 1ml (2mg) liquid seroxat xx

      January will go down to 0.5ml (1mg)! I'll update a month after I start that dose x 

      Hope you're ok xx

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    Hi      I am also down to 2.5mg Seroxat and have that very fast heartbeat, as well as bad anxiety, insomnia and depression.   I am frightened to taper further, but have read that updosing often causes problems if you have tapered.  Are you still at 2.5mg?

    Best wishes   Nada

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