Heart failure and olive oil

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Olive oil could help reverse a patient’s heart failure "immediately", scientists have claimed. Oleate - the fat found in the golden liquid - could help a diseased heart pump blood more effectively and use body fat as fuel, researchers at the University of Illinois have found. 

The most common reason a person may suffer from heart failure is when the muscle becomes damaged, including after a heart attack, through drug or alcohol abuse, and high blood pressure. 

Shortness of breath, both during activity or rest; swelling of the feet, ankles, stomach and lower back; and fatigue are all symptoms of heart failure. 

Currently, there is no way to reverse heart disease, and a combination of medication and lifestyle changes help patients manage their symptoms and keep their condition stable.

Scientists made their findings based on previous studies which show that a healthy heart absorbs fat to keep pumping, but if damaged the muscle can no longer process or store far – starving it of energy.This means the heart is unable to work hard enough, and toxic fat deposits are left to clog up arteries.

Scientists believe that oleate helps the body produce enzymes which break down fat so the heart is once again able to absorb it

"These genes are often suppressed in failing hearts," Douglas Lewandowski of the University of Illinois in Chicago told the Telegraph. 

"So the fact that we can restore beneficial gene expression, as well as more balanced fat metabolism, plus reduce toxic fat, just by supplying hearts with oleate is a very exciting finding. 

"This gives more proof to the idea that consuming healthy fats can have a significantly positive effect on cardiac health." 

To make their findings published in the journal ‘Circulation’, researchers analysed how rats hearts responded to oleate or aplmitate, the fat found in animal fats and dairy products. 

When oleate was pumped through a failing heart, scientists saw an “immediate” improvement in how the heart contracted and pumped blood, Dr Lewandowski explained. 

But, when animal fats were pumped through the heart, the heart disease worsened and more toxic fat was produced. 

The study is backed by previous research which shows a diet high in olive oil can have the same affect as statins in reducing the risk of a heart attack.

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    dose it say how much the intake is with this oilive oil always put oil over my salad and use it to cook with plus eat plenty of fish that contains fat  but its not made any difference to my heart no matter what we try some one comes with no you shouldnt eat or drink that how do they come up with these idea's but we are never told by cardiologist.

    if every one took notice on there findings then why dosent it get published more openly we here about many things thats good for us but never gets any futher i wish there were a cure they dont put enough about what dose help and dosent not every one drinks, smokes, or eats uneathy but it can be cused through heredtry

    take a young child they suffer from heart disese do the do all ive mensiond they should do more into there research than just try it out on animals to get what might be only one trial to me this is all guess work something else to spend there money on one day they might come up with something worth while its just if it works on something they think they have found the solution

    i can remember yrs ago i watched a tv program they could change the vessels i went to the pointof sending for the vidio it was on channel 4 its never been made public since i don't belive all i see till its proved and been done and worked then you get the stem cell how far have they got with that its an existance now i even went got the go a head my dr stopped it saying its only in the early stages so i don't no what to belive what really dose work.but its a good wrte up if it did work.    

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      If you Google 'heart failure and olive oil' you will find articles from this week from the source I quoted in Time Magazine, The Independent, Telelgraph etc.

      The Daily Mail had similar findings from another source in 2012 and it said two table spoonfulls a day.

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    hi derek

     ive just gooled it im sorry but one thing contradicts the other for heart ,cancer,diabetic's and many other things what we can eat and drink when it was only on tv that coffee is supposed to be bad for you  now we are told we can eat unpoysaturated fats then coffee i don't no what to belive

    i suffer with bad heart trouble and led to belive there is only my tablets that keep me going .

    but i did say i drizzle olive oil over my salad and cook with it in my opinion they are guessing half of the time instead of concentraing on one thing at a time till its proved.

    the biggest laugh i had was by tickling your ears i have never heard such rubbish in my life if this can do the trick we won't need to go to hospital then but just sit there tickling our ear's that is below the belt in my eye's

    my heart problem is heredity ive never smocked or drank and eats healthy enough

      i take after my fathers side there were only 3 of them they were same as myself eating as healthy as they could but none of them drank or smoked. and died of heart trouble  i have a brother in his 50's never suffered with heart trouble.

    so were is the justies in that.

     what they writing about  is just something to build peoples hopes up please don't think im getting at you.

    not one got over the age of 46 i was told the same but hear i am at 65 i could give them a tip or two don't try to tell some one one thing to do then next breath tell them its good

    one day some one will come up with a cure im sure that no one should give people false hope to me there is only the surgon's that no whats good i bet they would laugh at them for arbering people that is obese by saying you can eat bread with butter on a bacon sandwitch this is going to tise people to eat the wrong things.

    you might think im wrong but its my opinion im already doing one thing that it states and done it for yrs so this is not new............... .   


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