Heart flutters on movement, its been like this for 2 weeks now, what can I do?

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Hi I'm Melissa im female and 26, Thanks for reading.

I don't smoke or drink or take anything that could set this off.

About two weeks ago I woke up to my heart going crazy, it felt like it was jumping all over the place and skipping beats. It kept doing this and it would last an hour or more and it was made worse if I sat down or tried to lay down.

 I went to hospital twice and the second time they kept me in and did tests and everthing keeps coming back normal. I am getting a 24 hour monitor fitted soon to track my heart rate. 


Two weeks on and I still have the flutters. The episodes don't last as long but now its triggered by movement. So when I first sit down, stand up, lean forward ect my heart goes crazy fluttering and i feel i lose my breath slightly then its normal again. I have a weird tickly feeling in my throat on my right side and that seems to be where the most fluttering comes from, I can also feel it in the right side of my back.

 I have been put on Beta Blockers.

I am just so scared by this all, I have never experienced this in my life. Everyday I have been crying about it. Just earlier I went a morning without feeling much then I bent down to pick up a pan in the lower cuboard and my heart did its crazy fluttering again and now when I move it keeps coming.

 No one seems that worried but im terrified by this. i just want to be normal again like I was a couple of weeks ago. I can't even lay in bed without it going crazy at first. 

I'm sorry for the long message, I would just love some advice, I feel very alone in this and afraid its something new I have to deal with for life.


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    Hi Melissa, 

    Welcome to the world of atrial Fibrillations. I have had this for several years on and off . Currently , my sessions were 2-14 hrs long.   I am 67 yrs old and this started when I was 60.   I currently take Flecainide (50mg) to control the "uneven" beat.  

    You have to be aware of the stimulii that set the heart into AF.  These are : Coffee, alcohol, smoking,,dehydration and stress.    Sometimes excess exercise.   I have been a runner for many years and my heart beats at 42-44beats /min.  I am in excellent shape , but was hit with this "nice surprise".  Anyway, you probably feel like there is a "fish flopping " in you chest.   Truthfully, they say the irregular beat is not a big deal .  But what is important is that when you have AF, the atria in your heart apparently stops compressing and pushing the blood out  , so there is a possibility of pooling there.  If the blood pools, it may coagulate and cause a clot which can migrate to the brain and cause a stroke.  So  , if the AF continues to worsen, they may prescribe a blood thinner like Xeratol. In the mean time, take a daily dose of 81mg aspirin.    They prescribed Diltiazem for me as well to keep the AF from going to fast, but because my sessions are basically just irregular beating in the 50-70 beats/min, I don't take it.   I just take the Flecainide.  There are also about 4 substitutes for Flecainide and if it doesn't work, they will try others till you find one that works for you.   

    My daughter had AF for a short period (she was 32) and now doesn't appear to have it.  So don't get all worked up .  It may not last.   Just keep excercising and stay as healthy as you can.  Let me know if I can help anymore.  


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    Dear Melissa

    Sorry to hear about your concerns.

    No apologies are needed for anything on this forum.

    I started having similar experiences to yours about 4 and a half years ago after exertion gardening all day.

    I to was terrified as I had never felt anything like it before. Went to a&e but nothing was found. since then have been to cardiologists and they see the arrhythmias but say nothing can be done about them.

    Whilst we are told they are not life threatening they are still very scary and a handicap as I have just had to give up work because I can't be on my feet 8 hours a day.

    Lots of people on this forum have had similar condition for many years and it feels like we are just expected to manage it rather than be relieved of it.

    I hope you get some answers to your problem soon.

    Good luck.


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    Hi i feel you.. Ive been in worst times 30 some years or more and still having arythmia till now. Such a delibilating sickness. Affects my family. And people around me.. Due to my grouchiness.and short fuse

    Im on bisoprolol now 2.5 twice a day. And it helps but not totally. I just learn to adapt. And try diet and movements to prevent it, Its irritating. Bummer. My advise to you mellisa, is try other doctors which i did. Take the necessary test. always ask for a 2nd 3rd opinion. My dr. Tried. me. on different. Medicines. Felicanaide, cordarone. Rythmal.atenolol,inderal. Etc .Naming a few.which are expensive

    And only bisoprolol. (cheap) made my day it ,, decreased my episodes. I just hope. I dont have to increase dosage anytime soon. And. Just by you sharing your ordeals. And us sharing our remedies to all having to read them is a heartwarmer knowing there are people like us. Out there who needs advise and experiences.. Find another gp if your not comfi with your present one

    .get well soon...i hope my message helped.out..


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      Hi thanks for your reply.

      It is nice to know there are others out there experincing similar things.

      Everyone seems to be ok though so I keep telling myself it probably isn't life threating but it sure feels like it sometimes. 

       I am waiting to get one of these 24 hour monitors fitted so will see what the results are to that and if I should seek a second opinion.

      I am praying this just all clears up on its own

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    My heart started randomly racing 3 months ago where doctors told me for 2months straight it was anxiety/ panic attacks I cried was depressed everyday they gave me a holter monitor and caught the SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia) I was put on verapamil120ml which slowed my heart rate but made me feel like sh*t. I went to and arrhythmia doctor and because of the medication I believe it caused my PAC (premature atrial contaction) and schedule my ablation November, 3rd. I had my ablation and he told me they couldn't find the SVT my heart would go fast but it always kept a normal rhythm and he ceased of a pathway and that should fix the problem. And told me I have IST (inappropriate sinus tachycardia). I know how stressful and scary it is. I feel crazy because I freak out and my family and doctors say I'm fine and so is my heart thank God. I wish I can believe it and be ok. Oh and I'm 20. I wish you nothing but the best. I don't have any advice but l can relate in some way.

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      Hi smile

      Thanks for your response.

      Its so horrible isn't it? 

      Something feels horribly wrong and no one else seems worried by it.

      If they expereinced it themselves then maybe they would be a lot more anxious aswell.

       I just want to get this monitor fitted so they can see what my heart is doing. I hope what ever it there is some way it can be resolved.

      Hope you are doing a lot better now after your procedures.

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    Hi Melissa!

    yes, it is scary but, as others have said, it is not life threatening and, most likely you will soon have less of it.  Try not to stress over it (easier said than done, I know!) as this will make it worse.  I think your GP should be prescribing an anti coagulant such as Warfarin or one of the newer types, to make sure a clot does not develop with your irregular heart beats.  Rhythmn control (Flecainide) maybe not necessary right now (my GP says it has potentially dangerous side effects) but a beta blocker, yes. I am on propranolol, all the others I tried made me feel very tired and ill.

    Re your changes of position affecting your heart beats.  Yes, I have this, too.  It will help if you avoid anything that puts physical pressure on the heart, such as bending over or lying on your left side to sleep, and, if you are walking or exercising, start off really slowly, give your heart time to adjust its pace.  That may help.  I hope it does.

    Another thing I have found useful is to take a daily dose of magnesium, this has been a real help to me.  I use the Calm powder product (try Amazon)!

    Be encouraged, with a lot of people, me included, are a lot better now than when it all first started!  Good luck!

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      Hi Pam,

      Thanks for youe advice. I am trying to stay as calm as possible about it but its hard to. I know panic makes it worse though.

      I will check out that magnesium product

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    I can't really give you any advice but I'm going through exact same thing. Went to doc a couple of weeks ago who did an ECG and said I have eptopic beat (feels like skipping a beat when I feel pulse) I have been in constant fear and can't stop crying since. Took myself to hospital that just told me to wait till my 24 hour monitor which isn't booked till 1st Dec. I'm 34 on my own with 3 children and so paranoid that I'm going to have a heart attack or something it all I can think about. I feel my heart flipping about like a fish in my chest and then feel pulse which skips beats every 5 beats when I'm bad and every 20-30 when I'm not as bad. This can't be good don't know why they are not doing something urgent!

    I would say though that I was told not to take beta blockers till I'd had my 24 hour monitor as it could effect the result.

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      Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for messaging.

      I really feel bad for you sad its so scary and other people don't understand.

      I had such a bad night sleep last night becasue me heart kept jumping about. It scares me so much.

       I too have cried daily about this situation also. I am worried it is something for life and I will never be able to enjoy myself again. 

      Its all I can think about.

       I'm also waiting for one of these monitors but they don't seem in a rush.

      Like you I just wish they would show a bit more urgency. 

      I need answers and I am not getting any.

       I'm affraid that something bad will happen too. Everyone is just saying its probably stress and anxiety but I know it doesn't feel right.

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    You have nothing to apologize for...if you had some nightmare cardiac issue, it would have been obvious.

    I have a heart that flutters and skips...I have Mitral Valve Prolapse which shows up on EKG as inverted T waves.

    How about blood pressure.. lay down, take it...sit up, take ut...stand up, take it...I am sure this test has a name but I do not recall what it is.

    You said it is a little better.. is that since taking the beta blocker?

    kind regards


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