Heart Issues anyone?

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Hey guys,

On Thursday I had a very mild heart attack, and have been wearing a portable EKG machine since I've been home. Thankfully they aren't 100% sure whether or not I need surgery at this point because my heart still looks healthy. They have to run more tests though.

Anyone else get major heart issues from Graves/Hyperthyroidism?

I was so scared when it happened, the nurse told me to call 911 that night because she thought I was having a stroke. The EMTs said panic attack, ha no, and the hospital said it looked like I may have had a heart attack, but want to see if I have another one.

Scary stuff, especially at the age of 24

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    Hi Angela, I have had some very scary panic attacks, on one occasion falling to my knees because I was fighting for breath and became light headed.  I have Graves/Hypethyroidism.  The racing thumping heart/pulse and panic/anxiety attacks are my major symptoms that led me to go to the GP in the first place nearly 2 years ago and then I was diagnosed.  Are you taking medication?  I am on 40 mgs Carbimazole and 100 micro grams thyroxine but still have panic attacks but not as many.


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      They have just given me some blood thinners so I don't form a clot thus far. My doctor confirmed it wasn't a panic attack though. I've had plenty of those in my past so I know how scary they can be.

      On Thursday my right arm went numb, and I started throwing up. Then I had bad chest pains, and a very high HR. Thankfully no breathing issues, so I was able to call my nurse line at the clinic. By the time EMTs got to my place in the middle of nowhere I was doing better so they claimed panic attack since my HR was still elevated.

      The cardiologist hooked me up to a machine for 5 days to monitor my heart to see if they can find the source. Its actually pretty cool.

      Whenever I'm having shortness of breath, dizziness, elevated HR, or palpitations I just hit a button. Once I bring it back in they print off the report and look where I entered in symptoms and see what happened while I was doing different activities (running, walking, shoveling snow, sitting around)

      Once they figure out the problem it'll either be, or a combination of

      1 surgery to correct it

      2 medication to help

      3 heart healthy diet plan

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    Hello Angela:

    My name is Shelly and I am a nurse in the USA. I have Hashimoto's Thyroid disease which makes me Hypothyroid.

    First of all thank god it was a mild attack and you are here with us.

    I read your post.  Graves/Hyperthyroidism can cause a heart attack as it makes your heart rate go high. Many people get A-Fib, which is an irregular beat and wave pattern of the heart.

    Hyperthyroidism can be a family trait and symptoms are: Feeling Hot, feeling sweaty, fast heart rate, insomnia, anxiety or panic attacks, bulging eyes, rapid loss of weight, headaches. There are more symptoms but these are coomon

    Please do not do any exercise until a doctor says you can. Hyperthyroid people can't afford for theheart rate to get any higher and  you should be followed by a cardiologist. They can check your cardiac enzymes and tell if you had a heart attack, as the cardiac enzymes get elevated after an attack.

    If you feel unable to breathe any crushing pain to the chest, jaw pain, or severe low back pain don't wait, call 911 if in the USA.  Women do not get the classic left arm pain -that happens mostly to men. Some people may experince an indigestion feeling but it could be a heart attack symptom.

    So please take it easy and Thank God you are young as it helps to have age on your side. Watch your diet and eat low sodium foods. Sodium raises BP in the body.

    RAI will destroy the thyroid and make you Hypothyroid. That requires replacement hormones for life. A better option would be to have a lobe of the thyroid removed via surgery and then you can see if the other lobe will compensate and make enough for you.

    Keep us posted on how you do,


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      Hey there! I am looking for advice on Hyperthyroid. I have all the signs that you described above. However, my TSH level is normal. My GP believes it's anxiety, and I am trying med to help with that. I really feel that it's my Thyroid. They found two very small nodules on my thyroid. But in monitoring them, the ENT said they have not changed. I feel like I am losing my mind. The heart palpitations scare me the most. Lately my hands are tingling and veins are bigger than normal. I have lost almost 25 pounds. The most in 4 years. Over the last 4 years I gained almost 40 pounds. Any suggestions appreciated.
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      Hello Debra:

      Hyperthyroid is when the thyroid gland produces too much hormone. When that happens, the TSH will be on the low end of the scale. The scale is 0.45 to 4.50 and when it produces very little it will be on the higher end.  They are opposite.

      Nodules can be seen on an ultrasound and even biopsied if needed. Some come from infections and changes to our tissues as we age. It can also come from a family trait.

      Hyperthyroid symptoms are: Feeling HOT, sweating, losing weight, loose bowels, insomnia, anxiety, heart palpitaions or Afib, eye bulging, nervousness, shaking/tremors.

      Now a condition called Hashimoto's Thyroid disease can cause a swing in the thyroid gland.  It makes you HYPER and then HYPO and may not show in your TSH.  You need a TPOA antibodies test.

      Antibodies get a signal to attack the thyroid gland and it is slow.  Symptoms show up but are not always in regular blood work. Only way to know is a TPOA test for any antibodies in your bood.

      I have Hashi's since I was 27 and I am now 54.  It did that to me back in my 20's.

      Anxiety does not cause nodules or all of the Hyper symptoms. 

      #1- ask for a thyroid Ultrasound.  Easy test and take about 1 hour.

      #2- TSH and T4 level, plus TPOA antibodies to rule out Hashimoto's.

      #3- See a cardiologist for EKG and rule out any heart disease.

      #4- Any family history of thyroid disease? Tell GP and see an Endocrinologist.

      I hope I helped. Keep me posted. I care!



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      I have all the symptoms of hyper. My GP only believe that it is anxiety. I have an appt with my gyno to have my hormones tested and hopefully get a referral to the endo. The ENT said the nodules were to small to biopsy. I appreciate your response. Hopefully I will get some answers soon.
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      Hello Debra:

      You need to see an Endocrinologist as not all GP's know enough about the disease.  Keep pushing for that referal.

      I have 3 nodules under 1 inch and I had them biposied so that can be done. You must have an ultrasound about once a year as a guideline.

      See what levels of your hormones can be tested and go from there.




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      Dear Shelly

      Can I just ask this question please.

      I just came across an article on the thyroid gland in a womans magazine that said thyroid nodules cause the thyroid to malfunction and can cause anxiety and depression.

      Do you think that this is true.


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      Hello Cindy:

      Yes, that is true!  Nodules cause the gland to go Haywire.  It can cause the gland to make too much or too little thyroxine.

      I have 3 nodules under 1 inch and they have stayed that way.  DO an ultrasound  and they can measure them and if needed keep an eye on them. Sometimes they can grow and get even bigger.  I know a woman who has 20 of them and she has Hyperthyroidism,

      They can take the lobe out, but if you have many of them they use RAI to kill off the gland and it kills the thyroid also.  So you have to take replacement hormone for life.



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      I can't Thank you enough for your response. Makes me feel like I might not be losing my mind. My hope is that I can get the referral from my gyno. Because my GP is convinced it's just anxiety. I will be in touch. My appt is Wednesday.
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      20 sounds a lot but I do not know about this condition or what the average number of nodules is or signifies.

      At the moment I am struggling to come to terms with the signs and symptoms which started with what was diagnosed as a chest infection.

      I have so many signs and symptoms which doo not seem to be clearing up. i am very worried about this .

      I notice  on this forum that people feel afraid and wonder if they  are going mad. is this usual for thyroid disease? Did you or do you ever feel like that. you sound very resigned and philosophical so I just wondered how you cope or coped with all this?

      Does anyone know why they grew?

       Mind my asking you what signs and symptoms did you have or have you got ? WHy do drs think it is due to anxiety I wonder? Or am I just too anxious to reason it all out?

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      Hello Cindy:

      Yes, 20 is a huge amount.  I have 3 of them.  They run from having 1 nodule to 20 which is the highest I ever heard of, so far.

      They come a few factors:

      #1- Tissue changes as we age..

      #2- Family trait or tendency to run in a family.

      #3- Infections/viruses

      #4- Cancer cells  (rare) as most are Bengin.

      #5- Autoimmune disease can also bring it on.

      I had no feeling of nodules in my thryoid.  I did an Ultrasound and they found it.  Surprise! 3 small ones.  Most of us have no idea, unless it presses on your throat.

      Nodules can be dough like or dense tissue.  They can also be cystic and fluid filled.  They can stay small or get larger if fluid filled.

      I am a Registered Nurse and I take things as it comes. I work the problem.   I did not like being told I had a disease. Nobdoy does. I have had it since age 27 my Hashimoto's disease, and I am 54 now. I have learned to live with it. I empathy for others suffering from thyroid problems.  Knowlege is key to helping yourself.

      My sister has a few nodules also and she has Hashi's also.  She leads an active life.

      Most nodules can cause the gland to go haywire.  The gland or lobe can be removed as long as the nodules are all on that lobe.

      Yes, thyroid disease can make you feel like you are going crazy.  I was able to find my solution back in 2009, and I had this since 1987!  My doctor figured out I had a converting problem with T4.  So I am on T3 now and I feel the best I ever felt with this disease.

      Back when I was young, I was tired, I was thin and started gaining weight despite diet. I had low energy.  One day my doctor said after pressing on my neck, you have a goiter.  I need blood now!  He ran all the test FAST, (STAT), and I was told I had the antibodies and had Hashimoto's.  No internet back then in 1987, and I was handed a 8 by 11 piece of paper with basic information.

      That was it!!  No support group, and I knew of nobody and I mean nobody with it!    My sister was diagnosed in 1996.  I was stunned, and I was angry!  Why me!  I felt depressed, and I saw no hope.

      There is hope!  They know more now and many medications are around. Nodules can be monitored by Ultrasound or kil the gland and nodules by use of RAI.  It can also settle down in some people. 

      If you have Hyper symptoms they can use RAI to destroy the gland. It was made for cancer but it does the job and it can stop it.  Some people take Carbimazole a drug to slow down the gland.

      If your have HYPO, you can take medication to restore the level of thyroxine.

      It can be dealt with and treated.

      Keep me posted, any questions just ask.



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    Wow Angela!!

    I had chest pain and a high pulse. I felt like I was gonna have one and almost went to ER. My beta blocker helped me so much, until I had the radiation treatment. What's your plans now?

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