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Hellllllo people, so I was dealing with horrible palpitations after going to the doctor and them telling me I have heart murmur and Arrhthmia, and that I would need to wait a month for an echo test,

they were non stop for a good week assuming I was gonna die, probably part of my anxiety... But after a week a lot of good people on here convinced me it's probably anxiety causing them and to not worry so much so I completely forgot about the heart issues and waiting and they went away, I was pretty happy to say the least, so I made it about a week of being anxiety free and I just did some heavy all out lifting since its been along time and it felt great! Now 2 hours later my heart palpitations are back with T eh fluttering and skipped heart beats etc, so the question isssss

Does this sound like an actual heart issue seeing it happens from exercise? Or perhaps anxiety? I feel calm besides them bothering me

I have only had 2 ekgs and a blood test done, no echo or stress

I have never had these problems before from exercising before I got this heart anxiety but now they have appeared, kinda hard for me to tell if it's a heart problem that has emerged or a cardio hypochondria that has emerged..

5"11 150 lbs 20 year old male

Thanks guys! You always come through with the right advice smile

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    Only asking because I have a good feeling I'm going to die before the next 2 weeks is up and I get to the echo smile no biggie

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    Hi hypochondriac, I am so glad you got it sorted. Is there any chance I could ask for some advice?
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    Hey man, replying to this cause you recently commented on my story. First of all congrats, you're on a good path. 2nd be prepared.. what you experiencing is called derealisation. Ive went through it and its as horrible as the other phases even worse if u let it grow in you. At first i was extremely convinced that i was gonna die really, I remember being so convinced about it on a saturday night that I was scared to go to sleep "knowing" that I was not gonna live tomorrow, everytime someone mentioned something abouy the upcoming week I was telling myself "omg im not gonna live that much" huhh looking back at it now seems so funny hahahaha cause guess what? I lived that weekend, I survived that week and that month. Dont let it grow inside you cause it will grow into worse de realisation(speaking of self experience) it had grown into me so much that I was questioning meaning of life death blla blla. I am not yet 100% recovered from de realisation, but I took magnesium b6 tableta and theyre reaaally reallly good for this, at lwast for me they did wonders. Feel free to reply or msg me till youre done with all the "challanges" of anxiety (as of me this was the last challenge) have a good, long, anxiety free life!

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    Hello smile

    You said that you have done some heavy lifting for the first time in a while and though you felt good doing this, the palpitations came on after?

    I have no heart issues (that I am aware of, though my pulse can sometimes be erratic but this runs in my family,) and I get what you described after exorcise when I haven't previously done any in a while.

    It usualy makes me cough, and this can bring on the sensation of a palpitation.

    The sensation of skipping beats is anxiety... In my experience you do my need to feel anxious to have anxiety symptoms. Your body is dealing with it constantly on some level, I believe. I have had panic attacks that have come on with no warning, so anxiety must then be lingering in our subconscious.

    I'd say one thing, like a palpitation, triggered you and then before you knew it you felt you were skipping beats.

    I have never heard of people with heart issues sensing missed beats - but I hear people with anxiety (myself included,) mention it. So I think it's just still you being a little worried smile you had done some exorcise so you must have been a little aware of it in some way...even if you were just relieved during it and noted you felt great. This means you were aware enough to take notice of it...anxiety is complex.

    If it were me I wouldn't worry smile

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      Thank you very much! smile yea I went hard because I havnt been feeling great about not being able to workout due o heart anxiety but I can relate to the panic disorder

      I sometimes will feel my best then all of a sudden I feel in a brain fog and start having a full on panic attack

      Usually happens only at night when I feel the most content tho. You're answer greatly reassured me smile

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    Hi Hypochondriac ?

    I also have suffered Anxiety, and still have Palpitations and Dropped/Missed or Skipped beats. With Anxiety not alot of research has been done, as for the Dropped/Missed os Skipped beats, they are Premature or extra beats. Thing is, you only notice the Pause, Anxiety is partnered with the digestive system, and I don't mean to be crude. But when a Anxiety attack happens has anyone Experienced Flatchulance or Wind a while after? I've had racing heartbeats causing my blood pressure to spike. I had X-Rays, Blood tests and a fair few ECGs and all came back fine. I've since been Prescribed Sertraline 50mg for the past Twelve Weeks. And apart from early stage side effects they seem to be doing the trick, When your Anxious your are overly aware of your body. And were sensitive with every unexpected change, where as anybody else who have exactly the same but don't notice it ........... its just a theory that does ring true ?

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