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Heart problems or anxiety?

Hey guys, I have had this problem since I was 7 years old and I am 19 now. For some reason, at times I feel a forced strong heart beat in my throat.  I can be laying down or standing up but once in a while I feel these. I’m assuming it is not life threatening or else I would of been dead by now. It just kinda worries me because I don’t know what causes these. At times this unknown condition of mine brings me down a lot... I have told my doctor about this and my heart is normal according to his examinations. I remember when I was younger I would be terrified when it happened to me, and when I told my mom she said it was all in my head. Honestly I do not think it is imaginary, it even happens when I am not thinking about it. Some are really hard to a point where I flinch a little bit and at times some of them are soft were I barely feel them. When it happens it is not a constant beat it is just one single strong pound. If anyone has experienced this and know what it is please let me know. I feel like this has ruined my life a lot. I don’t know if these are ectopic heart beats or a heart mur mur. Or some kind of heart problem that has not been diagnosed. 

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  • peter01729 peter01729 emily56262

    Not necessarily what you have, and I described it more as in my whole neck than in my throat, but otherwise similar to yours. Went to the doctors about it over the course of three years, they never found anything as I wouldn't be having the symptoms when they looked, so I bought my own ECG machine, a Prince 180B, that way I could take my own ECG when I had the feeling and show it to a doctor who then took me seriously. Mine eventually got more and more frequent until they joined together to form Ventricular Tachycardia. If you click on the little picture you will see what mine looked like when it was becoming quite frequent, every fourth beat, but it used to be much more infrequent. 

    • peter01729 peter01729 emily56262

      Initially they just said it was benign ectopic beats, but a friend got a second opinion who said it was Ventricular Tachycardia and sure enough it got worst until they joined together, see pic. They cured the VT with an ablation though I still get harmless ectopics, I am worst though from long standing after effects of the beta blockers they put me on. Try taking Potassium suppliments, they would give me a Potassium drip to stop the VTs when I went to hospital A&E.    

    • emily56262 emily56262 peter01729

      Oh okay, thank you so much for the advice. I am most likely going to purchase my own machine to because this stuff happens to me when I’m home. So there is no possible way a doctor is going to diagnose my problem. All of this stuff is scary, I hope you get better. 

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