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Well I've a very inactive 20 year old male, I'm not overweight but I'm extremely unfit as I have bad anxiety and never leave the house due to fears about my Heart, my heart rate jumps between 55 to 70 at resting. Sometimes goes as high as 120 after eating. Jumps up to 120 when standing up after relaxing. And after 2000steps I notice my heart goes to around 140/145bpm I feel sweaty out of breath and slightly dizzy but I am walking around my garden in a circle bc of my anxiety. Should I be concerned about my Heart or should I just keep doing abit of walking each day in my garden to get my fitness back?

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    I started to have palpitations (feeling my heart) and my rate would increase when doing anything.  Walking on a treadmill my rate would reach 140-150.  I have never experienced any dizziness but that can be blood pressure or even sugar levels.  At first my palpitations were concerning because I would have pvc's and weird brief symptoms.  Doctor and Cardiologist said nothing to worry about.  Ultimately, if it really scares you have your doctor order a echo.  Think your walking is great and will improve your heart health.

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    member of my family suffers from extreme anxiety, has spent time in hospital with his issue was so severe.

    ​One of the best things for him has been his dog, he plays with her, walks her every night, maybe as much as 2 miles.

    He also goes to counselling and talks about his issues to somebody who is trained to help him and give him some ideas to help him though the dark times.

    All of the above, and its hard to recognise the same person, he is SOOOO much better than he was.

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    I think that your anxiety can actually be the cause of this very easily. I suffer from anxiety and when in a normal state (for me), that is worried, but not anxious that much with panic sometimes creeping in, I have the following vitals:

    Resting pulse: 66-72, after eating: 80, fast walk: 100, panic attack: 120-130. BP: 120/80

    Now in the same body, with the same weight and fitness level and same heart, when my anxiety goes out of control (that is generalized, day by day, non stop, always anxious and on the verge of a panic attack.

    ”Resting” pulse: 80-110, after eating: 120-130, fast walk: 140, panic attack: 140+. BP: 160-180/100-120

    while my psychiatrist accepted this as anxiety, two cardiologists were really shocked at how the numners differed, especially the BP, as anxiety affecting pulse is more widely accepted. They believed after months of checks.

    so really, lok at my example, anxiety is sadly very powerful when it comes to influencing the heart. 

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      yeah anxiety really sucks, i suffer from it everyday, not constantly but ill have a episode atleast sometimes several of panic, not panic attack though, i get them rarely although i can recall 2 panic attacks twice in the past month, but i get regular symptoms of normal anxiety, resting for me is 60s although when im really calm i can see it as low as 55bpm, 80/100bpm depending on how heavy the meal was i have seen it a few times at 110/120 but this is usually is i feel sick after the meal which stresses me out. standing up 120, drops to around 100 if i dont walk around and just stay standing, rises to 130/140 after about 5-10mins of walking usually for the first few minute it will slowly be increasing in the 120s, my HR does drop quite sharply after exertion as it should and then when it gets to around 100/110 it slows down the drop rate and decreases back to normal. if i have a nightmare which i do often i wake up sweaty with a heart rate of 90/100, i presume it could be higher before i have chance to check it, after eating if im stressed or feel sick or something i get a heart rate of about 110, when i have a panic attack ive seen my heart go as high as 160 before but usually is around 140bpm to begin with, my episode of 160bpm was when i had a 10 minute walk while being really tired and feeling extremely nauseous, i didnt want to go out but i had to so i had to try to put up with it, heart rate was 87 while standing putting my jacket on before i went out when i was nauseous and tired, began to walk and within half a mile i began to feel worse, as im already prone to heart sensitivity from my anxiety i felt my heart rise more and more, check it half way to my destination and it was high end of 140s almost 150bpm, i began to panic and carried on.. began to feel even worse started to get tingly numb legs which i know you can get during a panic attack once i got there i just sat down on the floor and was panicking really bad, took my jacket off and tried to cool down as i was sweating more than usual, probably due to an attack. my heart rate was 160 and i have never seen it that high before, it probably has been that high in the past but i have never seen it that high myself, so i was panicking thinking the worst about heart attack and god knows what else, first 5/10mins it stayed kinda high, people were looking at me worried which didnt help my anxiety, i began browsing internet reading panic attack symptoms, i already know what they are but when i read what they are it helps me overcome my attack quickly, then my heart started to calm down, after a minute it was 140 and then after like 5 mins i started to feel alot better, it was still kind of high because it was in the low 90s, i rang a taxi and got a lift home, as soon as i got home and lay down my heart rate was 72 within 2 mins of sitting down which put my really at ease, does this sound like a exertion/illness induced anxiety attack? have you had anything similar? obviously it wasnt a heart attack as ive had ecgs done since then and havent died lol but it was rather scary, i hope the old anxiety isnt kicking you down too much, lets hope for better days for us both ay!
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