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I have Barrett's oesophagitis hiatus hernia and suffer from acid reflux I am on the top dose of Omeprazole and take anticids Can anyone help for diet as the symptoms are really getting worse. I suffer from heartburn at night and take antidepressants. I was informed by a doctor that the antacids did not affect my medication but having looked on the interment I should take at least one hour before taking my other medication.Is there a natural herbal that might help to stop this. Thank yousad

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    Cut out tomatoes hot spice curries chocolate and  cocentrated juice .

    i use soya milk on cereals sweetened type only use milk in tea !

    eat nuts buy fresh food ! processed foods are full of stuff that cause acid 

    after cooked food eat something raw like a carrot the vitamins in raw food combat acid ! 

    I make smoothies out of tropical fruit and add wheat grass and spirulina powders turns green then freeze and eat them at slush puppy texture this helps digestion .

    not saying this will work for you!  but I binned omeprazole 6 months ago on no antacids at all and had no reflux since if I mis behave I may get alittle heart burn but no more sleepless night that I had on omeprazole !

    just to think that my doctor said I would be on them rest of my days !!!!

    how profitable for the pharmacy I think now .

    oh important to belch carbonated water helps 

    chew gum is also good 

    milk thistle extract ,

    pinenut oil capsules.

    vitamin B B12 and foods that contain high levels of .

    they say don't eat after 7pm  that's bull 

    i have a bowl of cornflakes with soya milk just before I go to bed gives acid something to work on through night soya milk seems to neutralise the acid ! 

    Dont eat large portions .

    hope this helps  you  

    I found meds weren't for me  all that bloated feeling now a thing of the past diet is the key  not 40mg of bloated life built on a gps lie I'm living med free with a 3mm hiatus hernia and no reflux for 6 months now .

    if your hiatus hernia is more acute than mine it may not work for you


    how worse can it be is the question I asked myself ! then acted 

    good look with  trail and error with your diet 

    egard Trevor 

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    Hi Jeanette,

    What dose omeprazole are you on? The normal maintenance dose is 20mg and the normal high dose is 40mg. I know a number who are on 80mg as I was prior to reflux reduction surgery but I one of my consultant gastroenterologist friends said it is possible to prescribe 160 mg if necessary. (It's a logarythmic progression which is why doses are doubled rather than just adding extra 20mg at a time.)

    Omeprazole is usually taken once a day in the morning half an hour before breakfast for best effect. It needs to travel through the stomach to the duodenum before it dissolves and is "enteric coated" to protect it against breakdown in stomach acid.

    If taking high doses, it's often easier to take it in two halves with the later dose in the evening.

    It's often useful to keep a bottle of Gaviscon handy, too.

    But help yourself by identifying your own particular trigger foods by keeping a food diary. We are all different and react to foods differently. Common triggers will include fatty foods and processed meats which don't break down in stomach acid.

    Also follow lifestyle tips: lose weight if necessary, avoid tight clothing, eat small amounts and more frequently, leave at least 3 hours between last meal and going to bed, raise the head of the bed 6 to 8 inches on blocks.

    Although natural supplements may help ameliorate the condition to an extent, there's no evidence to show they work.

    If you are one of the many for whom acid suppressants don't work, it may be worthwhile considering reflux reduction surgery. fundoplication.


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      Yeah dont do like I did this evening. I ate a humongus taco wrap with freshly seasoned beef,tomato,lettuce and various cheese blend with a cold pepsi....ugggh. I am paying for it. My stomach is even burning. What a complete moron... You guys should just whop me over the head with a big wooden mallet.
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      That is a great bit of advice from Trevor. Amazing . As I have barretss esophagus. Acid reflux. And I get no where at the min . I am on 40 mg of omeprazole and don't believe they are working but when I go to the doctors they say stay on them you have 2. But the more I think do I have 2 but scared to come of them have gaviscon after everything I eat. Also my throat always sore chest burns. Skin peels in my mouth . Constantly get thrush in my mouth and the doctor said it's the acid that causes this. Always have a bad stomach . Husky throat and can taste bad breath all the time at the min and I have never had that.

      But last weekend I went to a wedding and blew out and got really drunk and eaten a bit of what I want so that has not helped. But even before that I was no different getting no where . Sorry to intrude the this post just wanted to reply as some good advice of people .

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      Chances are drop the beef  seasoning. And tomato the wrap would be ok try chicken instead sour cream avocado you might dodge the mallet 
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    I really hope you get things sorted . I have just posted but replied on someone's comment so not sure if you can see this I am having all the same problems at the min as yourself with barretts and acid reflux. I think Trevor comment was great advice .sometimes I am not sure if the problem is coming from the omeprazole we are in . The more I think about this maybe the medication is not always the best way. But just worried to stop them .

    If you do not mind me asking how old are you . And do you drink alcohol alot. As I no that does not help .

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      Hi dean you still have them meds  to fall back on if you worried ! I think half the problem is stress of what side effect hits you next , find your trigger foods cut them out all together at first give your gut time to adjust without med ! 

      Find the foods that help then after a time when things settle and stress levels drop you find you can eat what you want in moderation eg chocolate I banned for a month but now I eat as a treat now and then 

      but now I have a lot less stress in my life than I had last year  .

      remember this bit of advise be confident in naturally resolving this problem   By living and learning the alternatives to ppi meds Google medical reviews ect and share what works for you on here try what has worked for others but the more info you get on ppi you realise it works at first then becomes the cause with added hassle of bloating nausia and inability to break down food in your gut and food stays in same place far longer than is good for you causing a bacteria that cause damage to stomach wall and eventually reflux returns and ppi don't work so doctor gives you higher dose  of ppi you hear it on here 80 mg and still no rest for sufferer !

      i use milk thistle extract got this idea from this site .

      good luck with every thing 

      regards Trev 


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    It would be wise to write down everything you eat on a day, and that way get a better picture of what is causing the most problems. Furthermore, any ideas about upping the dosage, always in consultation with your specialist. Don't just start cutting back on things that you might need. Suffering from  Barrett's oesophagitis, and a hiatus hernia, is no joke. Most people who have serious problems with acid are prone to react to the usual suspects. Most of the time there is a lot more going on and Wheat is, or can become a problem too etc. I can imagine, that a stomach with almost no acid is having a hard time digesting some products. Eat as clean as possible. Try to monitor blood levels aswell. Magnesium, Calcium, B12 and Iron especially. Good Luck.

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