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Can anyone help me I've got really bad sorness and burnings in throat and gullet I've had acid and heartburn for about 8 years now and take a PPI medication ever day and Zantac but nothing helping any more I'm seeing my Gastrolagest next week but can anyone give me some advice as to how I can calm the burning stinging soreness help!

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    I really don’t know for sure but I think the PPI’s help at first but then they start making things worse.

    The PPIs curb acid production so then the stomach works harder to make more acid.

    The answer I think is to get off of the PPI’s.

    I know that sounds impossible. But I think the way to do it is to stop eating for a while.

    there are lots of articles about fasting. You can really go a lot longer than you think and it gets easier if you can get past four days.

    when you don't eat you don’t need acid and your stomach will automatically slow down production. You can then slowly reduce PPIs until you’re not taking them anymore.

    then you have to slowly introduce food again. Liquid diet only at first, then soft food.

    keeping your stomach nearly empty. your stomach I should be able to start regulating acid on its own again.

    stay in an upright position so that you can heal your stomach valve and a esophogus.

    sleep Sitting up in a recliner chair.

    Good luck,


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    I can understand how you feel as someone who has felt that way too. You did not indicate if You have taken steps to eliminate trigger foods as well as other lifestyle changes needed like the way you sleep which must be on a bed with the upper part elevated . Do you also eat late in the day?

    Your last meal must be at least 3 hours before going to bed.

    You may also try taking apple cider vinegar before or immediately after your meals.

    Use skimmed milk only. Stick to low fat foods and skip oily or fatty foods. Reduce spices and foods that are either too hot or too cold. Loose weight as fat around the stomach cavity puts pressure on the stomach and esophagus and causes contents to spill back up which could result in those rather painful episodes.

    I have been able to cope and reduce the intensity of the episodes by sticking to those rules.

    Good luck.

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      Thanks for the reply I eat very healthy foods like fish veg skimmed milk never eat late at night and I'm not overweight and sleep in a elevated position nothing seems to help

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    Alot of times a hital hernia specifically a sliding one won't show up on a barium swallow or xray. The best way to catch is Endoscopy. If you already had a Endoscopy and it was confirmed that you don't have a hital hernia then this is what you need to do. First go get a food allergy test done see what you are sensitive to. Eliminate those foods completely. Then put them back in one by one and see which ones bothers you. Stop the food that doesn't suit you. Get off the PPI . Wean off it slowly. It took me 2 weeks. You can substitute liquid Mylanta or Gaviscon in between rebound acid. You are burning more because you are not digesting your food. PPI are making it worse. Stomach taking longer to empty and having burning. Start eating lots of yogurt and kefir everyday. You will also need to take 1 tsp of fiber everyday with water to get you gut working again and grow the good bacteria. Eat alot of bone broth to heal the gut. Make it at home and google recipe. Don't buy store stuff. At night take liquid carafate and sip on a small amount of warm water after it. This willl protect and heal your throat at night from acid. Stay away from fried food. You need the food moving out of your stomach fast. When things tend to sit for too long then you get reflux and it all goes backwards. Drink coffee. It's a stimulant after meals or hot tea. Take some digestive enzymes in between meals to get things moving. Once you start to feel better you can stop the digestive enzymes so your body can digest on it's own. When you go to sleep don't lay flat on a pillow. Raise it up a bit. Last, keep your stress and anxiety under control. Take valium if needed to calm your stomach down because all this will cause anxiety. You will start to feel better in a month with strict rules. The bone broth heals your gut fast. Also please make sure you don't have a hital hernia. Sometimes they don't show up and get misdiagnosed.

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    Hi. I had acid reflux for 5 years. Common treatment do not solve my problem. Ultimately, doctors tell me the root of your problem is nervous. I came to the psychiatrist and after treating different medications, I finally got treated with "Nortriptyline".

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