heaviness in my head especially during sleeping & heat coming out of face accompanied by high bp

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i am a 22 year old male, an inactive guy & computer freak, who used to eat junk food. my thyroid reports were normal & blood reports were normal too, just a little bit more cholrestrol but every doctor said its due to stress just because my reports were normal but i have no stress at all !!!!! i still have following problems & don't know exactly what my problem is .


1.Pressure in forehead like a vice grip all the time

2.. I have had shortness of breathe and dizziness. Fast heart beating. also minor heaches and could not sleep. my nose was dry.

3..My Bp is quite high sometimes its 130-85, 140-90 & even 140-100

4. A heat sensation at times, sometimes in my hands. i felt better when i was standing up, as soon as i laid down, i would feel pressure especially when i laid on my sides, i had to sleep on my back to breathe good and to not feel my side of my head numb up or my face heat up. Now i can sleep on my stomach i just feel a heaviness on my forehead and heat sensation

5. My eyes always feel tired

6. Heaviness in head becomes too much when i bend & my head is down, i feel the blood going through the nerves of the sides of my forehead

please help me, i am really upset now

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    Tell ur GP u would like some test done, to check what is causing your problems, you need to know what it is and then you can get treatment and get back to normal.


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    Symptoms seem related to anxiety but on the other hand cut out the junk food, drink plenty of water, exercise, get plenty of fresh air daily, give the computer a rest and see how it goes ?
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    well all the reports from all 3 hospitals were normal & they said " you don't need any medicine, just change your life style & avoid junk food & salt, its due to stress & anxiety "

    but i think don't have any stress or anxiety , i am just going to complete my engineering degree in next month & i have offer letters of companies for job too, i am very happy, i think there is something wrong in my stomach or maybe in my gut , while browsing internet yesterday i found people with same symptoms & they had "GUT Leakage syndrome"

    i am fed up with doctors hospitals & medical clinics !!!!

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    there is gas problem also, i eat healthy food now but gas problem still occurs & after taking meal sometimes i face feelings of vomiting & indigestion , so i think these may be the long term effects of the junk food & soft drinks i consumed on a large scale in last couple of years.
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    It takes time to get your body into a new routine, it may be some sort of intolerance you've developed to a certain food, if the doctors are sure for now that it isn't anything serious, then go through the motions, and change your diet, include a decent brand multivitamin, and perhaps try probiotics, some people swear by them.

    As for the nausea feeling, I'd try to take capsules of ginger, a consultant gastroenterologist suggested trying that for me, it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the gut and helps feelings of nausea.

    How's your posture when you use a computer for extended periods of time ? This can cause a whole wealth of pains and sensations (RSI)

    Give it a month of lifestyle changes, then if your still not happy, get back with your GP and be insistent and tell them what changes you've made. Although the symptoms do sound like a classic tension headache.

    The body goes through cycles and it can change, for example, nothing used to make me poorly, no drinks, eating crap, I was fine. Now (I'm 24), I have all sorts of problems from IBS symptoms, pain, and I feel nausea daily almost.

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    Hey aj I found this post through posting the exact same symptoms on google. 

    It really ____ me off when people dismiss the symptoms which I suffer daily with down to anxiety and stress. Because the symptoms are so blatant that you cannot deem it a result of psychological issues. Besides like you the only thing really stressing me out are these god damm symptoms!

    The heaviness under the eyes the tension in the head that translates to nausea ,

    the internal heating sweaty palms veins at the side of the head bulging, dizzyness, dry throat dry nose Thats only half of the symptoms.

    Aj! I think Leaky gut is partly accurate, ive been suffering from these symptoms for almost 2 years now. I find eating diary and wheat make my symptoms 5x worse where it totally makes me non-functional. Although cutting these foods out leaves me with minor symptoms but enough to ____ me off. It seems that anytime I have a heavy meal I get an almost instant heaviness under the eyes and my body starts to mulfunction in terms of heating up and sweating. I really dont know what the ___ is wrong with me. excuse all the swearing but im just fed up I couldnt sleep tonight its 7am and i have a really bad hedache im feeling dizzy and my bodys heating up and then cooling down and it just doesnt stop, my stomach is gassy and I have quiet a bit of acid.... 

    Please if you have any tips or if youve found anything thats helped alleviate the symptoms let me know sad 

    the NHS is useless they keep telling me to play with my diet. They done blood tests everything came back fine.. Im not sure what to do next. 

    Emis Moderaotr comment: I have edited this post due to the swearing. These are open forums so as per the T&Cs please do not use offensive language in posts otherwise they may be deleted.

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    I also have Candida i guess...... And I need help. Aj please share any tips and also the progress of ur treatment, that would be really be helpful.
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    The best thing for a gassy stomach is porridge. It can also be lactose intolerance. I had all of your symptoms and now I take Lactose free milk and can now tolerate some goats milk and butter, I am fine. A few too many milk chocolates at Christmas and the headaches started up again.

    I also keep a packet of Gaviscon in my bathroom to take at night if I have eaten anything too acidic. The consultant specialising in stomach complaints told me that acidic food wouldn't make any difference. He was wrong - it dies and I can't sleep if there has been too much acid food in the previous four hours or so . Good luck!

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    If u believe in bach flower remedies then u can try this combination. 1. Crab Apple. 2. Olive. 3. Whitechestnut. 4. Impatience. Of course it is not a substitute for regular medication. If u doubt then pl. Dont take it.
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