Heavy bleeding week 5 of ESMYA. Is this normal?

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Hi all.

I've bled more or less continuously since starting ESMYA although admittedly it was heavier the first 2 weeks. However, following last Friday night when I couldn't sleep because of abdominal pain I started bleeding heavily again on the Saturday. Thing is, it's not constant. I seem to have these totally unpredictable random episodes of bad flooding immediately followed by a rush of loads of large clots. It's totally debilitating, not to mention the mess and I have no confidence to leave the house. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if it's another period as the timing would be right?

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    sorry to here your problem . I had three courses of esmya in past which last more than year program to shrink fibroids . But in every course my periods completely stops. Without esmya my condition was same like  yours facing now . So I think you need to discuss your doctor . I hope everything will be fine . 

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      Thanks Mina. Have had an awful morning with flooding and huge clots every half hour or so. Things seem to have settled a bit now, maybe due to tranexamic acid I took about 10am. Have been trying to contact my consultant but nothing yet.
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    I had problems with cysts on my ovaries as well as many fibroids.  The biggest one being 3 cm.  I also suffered from IBS so badly it would make me vomit at times.  I was scheduled for a hysterectomy when I returned from vacation in July.  My periods were crazy painful and clotting and bleeding off and on for 20 days out of the month.  I am 50 years old and was trying to hold out for menopause as I have heard that the fibroids stop growing once you stop menstruating.  I couldn't wait.  It was so bad it was keeping me from functioning normally in my life.  I decided to try a natural remedy of Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar and it worked!  I stopped bleeding the same day I started taking it.  I have no more pain around my period or ever for that matter.  My cyst doesn't hurt anymore so I'm convinced it's either getting better or it's gone.  I haven't had IBS in two months and my period was three days instead of ten with no more bleeding in between.  If you suffer from any of these ailments you should try this remedy.  I have since cancelled my surgery.  Good Luck to all of you.  I feel your pain.  

    Here's what I take:

    1 Tbsp Organic Blackstrap Molasses in hot water in the morning

    1 Tbsp Organic Blackstrap Molasses and 1/2 tsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar ("with the mother" - if possible) in hot water in the evening

    It's important to eat healthy and stay away from processed foods.

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      Thanks Shannon. I read one of your posts a few weeks ago and have been having the BM and ACV with the "mother" every night! Maybe things would be worse if I wasn't taking them, maybe it takes a while to work or maybe it just doesn't work for everyone.

      Thanks for your support though and I'm glad you were able to avoid a hysterectomy.

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      Thanks again Shannon. It's such a battle isn't it. So hard not to feel depressed about it all. I only eat food that I make myself and have been trying to have a greenish smoothie every morning incorporating tumeric root, ginger, hemp oil and whatever fruit/veg is around but a lot of spinach. I don't really know what else I can do other than hope the bleeding settles and the ESMYA works. Thanks again x
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    I had sporadic bleeding and clots with Zoladex (similar to Esmya) but after the doc gave me tranexamic acid tablets, it stopped after a couple of days, and I haven't had bleeding since.

    (Tranexamic acid is a synthetic compound derived from cyclohexane which inhibits the breakdown of fibrin in blood clots and is used to treat haemorrhage.)

    Good luck finding the right thing for you!

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    I just joined this forum, thanks to esmya.

    I was also recently prescribed esmya, and started taking it about a week ago, and my experience has been similar to yours. My gynaecologist prescribed esmya after the pills and mirena failed to do anything to help the fibroids.

    I get instances of extreme flooding with lots of blood cloths. Sometimes it lasts up to 5/6 hours, sometimes less. It first started with major cramps which went on for more than a day. The cramps are far spaced now, so also the bleeding episodes.

    I have no idea how long this would continue or when to expect the next flooding, so I move around with lots of back-up tampons and pads. I also take tranexamic when the bleeding starts, and I don't keep up with it because it stops at some point.

    Indeed not a very nice feeling knowing the bleeding may start at anytime.

    Fingers crossed.

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      Hi Shannon. I think it depends on your definition of it "working". As far as I'm aware the goal is to shrink it for surgery and I have come across a few people where this has been the case. One woman posted recently that hers shrunk from 10cm to 6cm. The Daily Mail has also run some articles in recent years of at least one success story. This woman was under consultant Mr Powell in Nottingham and hers shrunk enough for her only to require endometrial ablation to get rid of it. The article didn't mention how big her fibroid was to start with.

      I think you also have to remember that the majority of women who use the forums are using them because they're struggling in some way and need advice/support. Well, that's what I keep telling myself at least.

      Also, you can find the original ESMYA studies on line and the subsequent ones to extend licensed use to 4 treatments - the results are very encouraging in terms of fibroid shrinkage, from memory I'm sure it was about 50% by 2nd treatment.

      Hope this helps x

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      Hi Noni juice

      Just wondering if your bleeding has eased any.

      I started week 6 today and bleeding/clots/cramps are as bad as ever. I did half my tran acid dose yesterday, that's probably why.

      So unpredictable - I know it'll happen at least once and maybe up to 4 or 5 times through the day. Don't feel I can leave the house because even with tampons, as well as an overnight pad, it can be a bloodbath. So debilitating. So frustrated and fed up. It's the Easter hols and I don't feel I can do anything with my children (10yrs and 8 yrs) who are being left to their own devices a lot.

      If I knew when the bleeding would stop and if the ESMYA was actually working I'd prob be able to cope better. As it is I just feel incredibly low and weepy at times.

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    Hello everyone , 

    Looks like results varies person to person . Like I already said in my first post I had three courses in span of year . My fibroids didn't shrink at all but my horrible symptoms of bleeding was stopped . No periods at all . Only this is the reason I gave three chances then I proceed for UFE in November . Let's hope it will work . After six month scan will due anytime this month . Finger crossed waiting for good result . 

    Meantime because of all you lovely friends motivation from past two weeks I started taking ACV and BM 

    very positive and expecting good result . 

    Also negative points are  I didn't redused any weight in past six months and my after UFE periods are again very very heavy like they used to before . Took tranxamic acid all three times to stop heavy bleeding .


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