Hellers Procedure and Fundoplication

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I am looking for peoples experience on having the Hellers Procedure and Fundoplication.  I am having it in over a months time but would like to know how you felt the next day after operation, the recovery process and how you are now?!

I hope you are all ok,


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    Hello, I wish you all the best.

    I had the same surgery 9 weeks ago, and am feeling very well! I can eat almost anything now but not bread and other doughy things, but that is a small price to pay for being able to eat normally!

    The day after surgery I was sore from surgery but otherwise felt OK. I was nervous at first about eating, but that was understood and the nurses were lovely.

    I was on a sloppy diet for 3 weeks then gradually introduced lumps, then harder things.

    I sometimes need a drink of water but only to help things travel down my oesophagus, not to get it through into my stomach.

    Have you been told about vomiting? I wasn't and found out by chance, confirmed by my surgeon in my follow up......after Fundoplication you can vomit, but its best not too as you have a one way valvenot the two way one you once did. Interesting for me as I work with young children who share germs, and sometimes get travel sick!!

    I hope that is of some help.

    I am in the UK, where are you?

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      Hi Trisherbell,

      Thank you so much for your reply!!  What diet did you have from day of op in recovery process?  Also, I'm on tablets at mo - what happens with taking tablets>

      I'm also in the UK in the North west!!  What happens if your sick then and how can you stop yourself?

      Thanks again for your information - how long were you in hospital for too?  Did you get up same day?  My operation is in the afternoon.

      Thanks again

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    Initially I was on liquid pain relief, then if needed paracetamol I snap hem in half. I still don't out of habit! I have taken vitamins for ages but switched to liquid which I am still using as a lot of vitamin tablets are huge!

    I don't really know what to do if I need to be sick, my surgeon advised against it but didn't know how to stop it. If I know I'm at risk of travel sickness (coach with school likely) I will take travel pills. One thing that helps if I do feel nauseas is polos, and if able to a cup of sweet tea. Ginger is said to help....I keep forgetting to look for something though!!

    My surgery was 9am, I was accompanied to the toilet mid afternoon. Was able to go alone that evening. I spent 2 nights in hospital.

    I am in Northamptonshire.

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      Should have checked first!!! ........

      I still snap paracetamol in half - doesn't read right in my reply!

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      Haha I always send before I check too!!

      Thanks for replying to me you have made me feel a lot more at ease about it!  No one I know has ever heard of Achalasia never mind the Hellers procedure!!  

      How long were you off work for?  I am in a very energetic job which requires moving and handling too

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    I'm glad I can be of help, I knew very little before my surgery, only found this place afterwards!

    I had my surgery in the half term holiday, haven't returned yet and now it's the summer holiday! If I had an office job I could have gone back after 4 weeks or so but 5 year olds are not predictable, a school not an ideal place to be when recovering from abdominal surgery. I was signed off for 7 weeks.

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    I had mine done in 2013 and only had to stay in overnight.

    I only took paracetamol the day after the operation and then didn't need anything after that. I didn't have to break them in half but i tend to take capsules so they are easy to swallow.

    Some tablets i still can't swallow if they are too big.

    I was advised to eat a sloppy diet for 6 weeks after so i had things like porridge

    boiled eggs and soups then after that i was told to try mince but to make sure it had been minced through twice so i bought a thing called a mouli which was brilliant because it meant i could eat meat. I just did things like spaghetti

    bolognaise and put it through the mouli ( not sure of spelling ) it breaks the mince down but still leaves it with a bit of texture so you don't feel like you are eating baby food.

    Now i can eat most things but was told that i would never be able to eat steak

    and i have tried but can't eat it.

    I also can't eat much bread especially if it is really doughy but i am so much better than i was as i could not even get soup down back then.

    One thing i was told by the surgeon is that there is no cure for this and the surgery is to alleveiate the symptons so there will always be things i can't eat.

    It is just a case of learning as everyone i have spoke to seems to be different after surgery.

    I read on one of these forum that some people eat burgers, steak, fizzy drinks and things like that but i can't.

    The other thing is the acid reflux can be worse after surgery which means i can't eat anything spicy at all yet others eat chilli.

    But i am so glad i had the operation and don't really feel like i am missing out on things.

    The other thing is i need food that has a little moisture in it like mayonaise

    and sauces or gravy with dinner unless it is something soft.

    Good luck with the surgery.

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    This forum is so good.....we all react differently to things, all heal differently, here we can learn from, and help each other.

    It's good to share experiences, Achalasia is rare, it's incurable - what a unique bunch we are!!

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    Hi jennie1983 - my son has A and also due for HM and dor fundo early September. So i dont know the answer to your question but wanted to point out that there arefacebook groups where i find tons of info. There is also one for people in UK , may be worth joining. Also a book called 'living with achalasia' written by steven horwitz which is s free download with tons of pre-post surgery tips. Good luck hope all goes well
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    Thank you all so much for your replies - its so helpful and nice to know that other people have/will be going through the surgery and other people that have Achalasia!  
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    I had the Heller /fundoplication procedure done and it's been almost 1 year. I actually felt okay after the operation, throat a little sore.  The recovery process after surgery wasnt bad, I was still on liquids for the first week, it was a slow process with eating. Start with soft foods, puree and gradually work your way eating. It was wonderful to eat or drink and not have anything come back up. I have learned to eat differently, more slow and small portions. So far , so good ! Take care
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    I had the procedure recently after about six years suffering from achalasia. So far, so good. The recovery was quick. Surgery lasted about three hours and I woke up in the recovery area a bit sore, but not in too much pain. They moved me to my room within an hour and a half. Was bedridden and on oxygen for about eight hours after to help with the recovery, but then they got me up and walking, and began feeling much better soon after. Was discharged the next day after a swallowing test showed no perforations or leaks in the esophagus and I was able to take liquids with no problems. The worst part was that they kept me on a clear liquid diet for a week after, which I came to find out was the result of a mistake on the discharge instructions - it was supposed to transition to full liquid after three days, but i wasn't able to see the doctor until a week after.

    It's been a couple weeks now and I will be on soft diet for another few weeks. Food still passes slowly, but my regurgiation is gone and I don't cough from spasms nearly as frequently as before. The pain level from the surgery never got too bad, and I stopped taking medication after four days. Was back to work in a week. So far, I definitely think I made the right decision, but since I live in America and haven't gotten the bill yet, my assessment may change if I find out that my insurance is worthless and expects me to pay a vast amount out of pocket.


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