hello i am bulimic have been for about 8 years i get to ...

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hello i am bulimic have been for about 8 years i get to the size am comfortable then stop because im happy, then put all the weight back on then start again usually for about 6 to 9 months at a time. I feel fat in a slimish body.

I went to my doctor for help which was really embarrasing and he told me that there was no help available and sent me to see a nutritionist to tell me what foods i should eat. Well i dont know about you but i know what foods are good for me and i know what portions are good for me.The doctor told me there is nothing to do because of the way i do it for periods at a time.

Is my case not impotant? what makes it important? because i know what iam doing to my body its not healthy!

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    Hi, i am a fellow sufferer and am also looking for help, but i live abroad and am finding it really hard!

    I have done some research online about groups and the like, and have seen that there are Over Eaters Anonomous groups, i would strongly suggest that if you can find one, go! I wish i could, i just want to talk to other people who understand and can talk openly with about the illness.

    You are obviously aware of tha damage you are doing and i dont think that poeple really understand it, unless they themselves are a sufferer. you are important but maybe you need to search out the help yourself. There is loads of stuff online, its just a matter of sitting down and finding it!

    Good luck, and if you ever need to talk, im always available for a chat or update on how well or badly you are doing.

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    The fact that you are aware of that it's so unhealthy is a great step to have taken. But how can your doctor tell you there is no help? It angers me so much! It is literally a disease!

    When i was at the worst phases of bulimia, and realised that it was so damaging to me i tried to reach out but no one responded to me in that way that i needed. I tried and tried to tell people that this was not ok, but all they saw it as was a diet gone wrong and i'd 'sort it out' by myself.

    Fat chance (no pun intended). After taking an overdose i ended up working my way down to 6st, which is obviously a ridiculous weight for someone of 5ft 11. I've been put on anti depressants and pretty much told just to get over it. How can doctors be so foolish as to not realise that this could actually kill me and so many others? So many professionals have little time or understanding for this and it drives me insane.

    I'm at uni now and i am struggling so badly but i don't know who to reach out to. I know it's wrong and that it's doing me damage. My flat mate is also bulimic but whenever i talk to her i feel as though it's a competition. She has actually told me to stop loosing weight as it makes her look fat. I struggle going to the doctors, as i fear ending up in hospital when all i really want to be is normal. But how normal is ramming your fingers down your throat? It's such a complex cycle that once you are in, it's so hard to break out of.

    I've started writing a blog where i vent, and it helps i think. The way i see it is if there is little help out there and little understanding then you've got to make it for yourself.

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    Hey, I have now realised that I am a bulimic. I didnt actually realise what was wrong or what I was doing was wrong? Untill the last couple of months to be honest..

    I first binged eat over a year ago on ginger biscuits!! I eat a whole pack and four to five bowls of bran flakes untill i felt so uncomfortable i had to make my self sick..yes stupid I know..and when i finally did it? I had so much satasfaction from it?? I was actaully happy that I was now able to make my self sick?? I had tried in the past but failed and i would abuse laxatives instead.

    Since that time I do it quite regular spending amounts of money on junk food eating the whole lot then just making my self sick?

    I'ts only happend since i moved from home,and it has made it alot easier fro me to do it because no one is cheaking up on me?

    I'm not over weight, I know Im not.I'm 5 foot 6 and around 8 stone 2 pounds..but then i think to my self \"If i could just loose another 7 pounds I'll be happy..\"

    I've even recently tried the atkins diet and lost like 7 pounds in a week.It made me ill.Extreme mood swings,tiredness,diarea and constipation and being sick. I've now got swollen glands and a huge ulcer because I've just come off the atkins and just binged on everything and made my self sick that much its caused it i guess,it was hurting me but i still carried on making my self sick,which was today.

    I've got my uni work to think about and concentrate on,but diet and weightloss is taking over! I compare my self to girls who are thinner than me and think..I wish I could be like that?

    My family are starting to notice now too because I try and avoid going out for meals with them and becuase I'm losing weight. I love the fact I'm loosing weight but it's also recking my life. I dont know what to do?shall i tell a doctor?what would they say to me?I cant tell me family,friends or my boyfriend.It's embarrasing and pathetic.

    I can't just stop being like this.I'ts weird.You just cant stop eating even if your extremly full you carry on and on untill you feel ill and then making your self sick..just brings that little bit of happyness that youve eat food the you love but you know its bad for you but without putting the weight on. I want to stop.But I dont know how.

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    First of all, I know how embarrassing it is to go to the doctor to tell him-her, you are bulimic. As I went, she sent me to a psychiatrist for professional help. I was very happy actually, because maybe this was my way to get rid of this illness. But after a lot of sessions I really was nowhere further.But they gave me a choice, I would come some of the time or I would be there all the time ( sorry I don't know the word in english)The only thing she told me was that I should keep a little book where I would write down my experiences, what I feel when I eat, when I binge, throw up..okay that's maybe a good thing to seek the problem but then this one day, she gave me a list of what I should eat in a day and I had to follow it. I had to eat as much as I can in the morning(for energy and stuff), then at ten o clock I could have some chocolate or a cookie or fruit or somethiong, then eat lunch, at 4 o clock again a cookie or fruit or chocolate, then dinner and in the evening I could eat something too.

    I found this really really weird because I didn't want to eat at all, most of the days I ate absolutely nothing but that didn't last long and then the binging started again. When I was at my doctors a few months later, she asked how I was doing with the psychiatrist. I told her I'd given up the sessions and she said that maybe I could go to another one or go to a nutritionist. Maybe I should have done that but I didn't ( see my other post (myname 20th december)


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