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Eating Disorders

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  • moira998 2

    Can't stop late night binges

    I've always had a weird relationship with food. as a child I was very skinny and sporty and as a teen i had periods where i wouldn't eat anything for days and periods where i would have ice cram and crisps every single day. I don't think i ever saw myself as other people did. I always felt so huge even...

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  • erika159951 2

    A child not eating

    Hello, I have a friend, and she lives in a household with her husband, son, his wife and their child. Most of the family members are mainly all alcohol addicts apart from my friend, so of course, the atmosphere at home is very damaging and upsetting. She is really concerned, as the child is 11 years...

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  • Honibunny15 1

    First Trimester Pregnancy and Recovery from Anorexia

    I have dealt with disordered eating and poor body image since I was about 4 years old and anorexia really started to take hold at around 16 years of age. I am now 28 and about 10 weeks pregnant. I have been a crying mess and just feeling absolutely disgusting and huge and the ED is becoming quite loud...

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  • Wildrover 2

    Taken too many laxatives

    This past few days I've been taking an awful lot of dulcolax. Today I am feeling totally ill. How can I avoid feeling like this. I have four young children at home and am not coping too well

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  • Letssee 1

    Severe pain with lexapro

    I was put on lexapro about a month ago. After only a few days I started feeling stiff and sore. Then with every day it became worse. My hip hurt so bad I could barely walk I felt like I had been crippled. My back was killing me I hurt all over. The medicine did take my depression away and another benefit...

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  • kirsty32448 3

    Meal plan for weight gain

    Hiya I was just wondering of any one has an examples of a weight gain meal plan. I was in a eating disorder unit last year and i have let my weight slip but beofre i get addmitted again id like to try and restore my weight by myself but dont have a plan to go by. Thank You  

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  • quicksilvering 1

    Selective Eating Disorder?

    I have all of the symptoms of a selective eating disorder, except it says that a fear of weight gain is not usually associated with it. I have a massive fear of gaining weight and I am constantly thinking about it, and I often prevent myself from eating in order to try and lose weight. I refuse to try...

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  • Annonymouss 3
  • anna67413 1


    Have barely kept a single thing down for 2 months. 2 weeks ago I started getting huge pain in my head & ears. Pressure headaches that are 24/7 and my ears won't pop coz I guess they popped so may times when I vomited . Can't function at all due to this. Dr doesn't know what is wrong. Please help

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  • anna67413 1


    Have barely kept a single thing down for 2 months. 2 weeks ago I started getting huge pain in my head & ears. Pressure headaches that are 24/7 and my ears won't pop coz I guess they popped so may times when I vomited . Can't function at all due to this. Dr doesn't know what is wrong. Please help

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  • serenadavis 1

    Pregnancy and ED support

    I just found this support group tonight and am really hoping there are active mommies or mommies to be on here. I have had an ED since around 12 yo. I suffered from anorexia, body dysmorphia and binge eating, and learned to be bulimic (purging) when my youngest was around a year old, in 2009. I've...

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  • katy48083 2


    Hi, so, I dont know if I am over reacting but maybe some resassurence would be good too. Im 17 years old and Im short, just over 5ft, and I weight 42kg. I have this desire to be skinny and be the smallest out of the people I know or see because I feel this is right due to my height.  I track my calories...

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  • katlouise1989 4

    Rapid weight gain...anyone experienced this in anorexia recovery?

    I'm currently seeing a dietitian fortnightly, and today was a weigh day. My weight had shot up 2kg and I have really freaked out. My dietitian wasn't clear what it could be when we analysed my intake - although she suspects some bloating potentially as it wouldn't be possible to gain that much weight...

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  • UhOhBro 2

    I Eat Constantly!

    I eat constantly. When I'm bored, I eat. When I'm in public with food, I eat. I think about food, and food is in my mouth. I weigh probably around 120lb I'm skinny and have two kids. I know when to stop eating and when I do get to my limit, I eat constantly again! What is wrong with me?

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  • amycathy 2

    Looking for some adivce

    Hi, a very close friend of mine has been diagnosed with an eating disorder. She has only just told me about it... I didn't notice. She just seemed so happy with where she is right now. I'm yet to have a face to face conversation with her, and I don't want to say the wrong thing.  I've got a lot going...

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  • bobbi83 1

    potential health issues from eating disorders hindering recovery

    Begining with a brief history. I'm nearly 33 I've had some form of eating disorder since I was 11. I've never been diagnoised, but I have diagnoised myself with EDNOS. At the age of 11 I began to abuse laxatives. For the most part until I was 18 this was mostly what I did to "purge". At 18 I became...

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  • RG123 1

    I will beat this!

    I've suffered from bullemia for about five years. I've tried to stop and can usually do it for about a month, but then end up slipping back into my bad habits. I binged then threw up this afternoon but have decided that it is the last time. I am going to get my life back on track and become a healthier...

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  • ysaeen81373 3

    Need help plz help

    I've been vomiting after eating for soo long I'm 26 now but I'm very worried now as I'm getting symtoms to fatigue weak legs weak arms and other problems to like gas. Can this happen anyone here that gets fatigue

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  • AstraP 1

    I Have A Disinterest In Eating, Any Idea Why?

    Every time I see food on the stove or in the lunch line I don't feel like I can eat it because it just doesn't look appealing. A family member insisted that I eat some Chinese food they bought last night and I made a bowl and I couldn't eat all of it and I didn't even get a lot of it. I tried to eat...

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  • AndPeggy 1

    Is it an eating disorder?

    Hey I'm new to these forums , I just have a question I thought it would be good to ask outright instead of obsessing over online tests like I have been. I'm a 13 year old girl in australia. My whole life I've always been "petite" I guess, but lately I think Its getting more noticeable, at least to me....

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  • tnetennba 1

    I feel so fat... but I can't stop binge eating.

    Hi I hope you're all well. Anyway, here's my ramble: I can't stop binge eating. I want to stop but I don't know how. I started to binge last year, in around September, when I started university. I'd binge eat (on biscuits, chocolate, cereal, etc) at an almost daily basis. I wouldn't stop - even...

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  • kiera88 1

    I cant eat!

    I havent been eating in almost a month.When I eat its only two to three bites when I get full.I also find mucus in my stool twice.I was 105 pounds now im 95 pounds.

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  • sandra0710 1


    My name is Sandra, I'm 25 years old... I'm "5.1" I weight 150 I used to weight less like 110... I have a daughter she's 5 months... Ok this never happens to me before I eat all day I don't know how many meals I eat I get hungry and hungry and hungry I don't know why I could eat everything and my family...

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  • nicole 33114 2

    Doctors found out I'm anorexic and I'm not happy.

    So I had to go to the doctors for something unrelated to my ED, upon the visit my height and weight was took which is where my doctor grew concerned. My BMI is low enough to be admitted in to a clinic, so she pressed for answers.. I followed suit and the more in depth it got the more concerned she grew....

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  • kirsty32448 3

    meal plan

    I have recntly been discharged from an eating disorder unit and was not given a plan to follow. i am really struggling with this and was wodenring if any one has an example i could follow?

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  • sam23890 2

    Visious cycle as mind never switches of

    Hi. I've noticed that when I have a treat at night or something that wasn't scheduled on my meal plan. .I lay awake worrying about it. Does anyone have any tips to help me relax more as I'm not sleeping well which makes everything worse. I had 2 jammy dodgers last night and because id already had a...

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  • rosie64090 1

    My eating disorder is making me ill

    I'm 24 and since I can remember I have had some sort of food phobia. I can only eat the food I ate when I was 4 years old and I'm terrified to try anything different. Even when I want too (like chicken for example) when I get the fork near my mouth I go into a panic. My parents took me to the doctors...

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  • GabbyF 2

    Major relapse.. I need someone else's opinion rather than my own.

    When I was 12 I had been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and at the time EDNOS (I'm not familiar with the new term.) I had developed cysts in my liver and sludge in my gall bladder. It was when I was 15 that I could say I had 'recovered', I still felt guilty and worried sometimes though. I was never...

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  • InfiniteGirl06 1

    I'm scared I'm going to become Bulimic

    Im scared I'm going to become Bulimic. Quite recently , Whenever I've eaten a big meal or some unhealthy food, I've thought bout eating more until I feel sick and so then I can go and make myself sick it back up. Earlier today, I ate a lot of chcolate and as I lay down I felt as if I could feel all the...

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  • sam23890 2

    Support from another

    HI I am currently in the process of recoverey and after looking at some of the recent posts I thought I would ask if anyone was intrested in befriending with me through our journey. The most importanrt thing I have learnt is that support is the best tool in getting to where ou want to be, even more so...

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  • megan12345 2

    Is it an eating disorder like before

    It's almost 2017 and I don't want to feel this way anymore I want to be able to eat and not feel guilty or not worry about my weight and wear clothes to hide it. Is it Still an eating disorder because my mind tells me it isn't it was bad before I went to 98 pounds but tried to eat normal so I messed...

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  • maddie80220 1

    I feel fat, depressed and I need help

    I am obssesed with weighing myself and I dont like to eat however my family make me, as I am still living at home. However, if I dont eat my family will make me get help and I really dont want that. I am 160cm and between 63-64 kilos changing on a daily basis. I have a growing fear of gaining weight....

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  • penelope123 2

    Do i have BED now?!?!

    I'm not sure when I became anorexic but my dieting began in April of 2015 and got more and more restrictive throughout the following months until every day i was only having about 400-700 cals and was literally terrified of eating anything that wasn't an apple or lettuce. When I lost close to 40 lbs...

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  • Kacxb86 2

    Someone called me FAT :(

    My husband has been receiving harrassing and malicious phone calls lately theyre pretending to be his girlfriend and saying theyre going to marry him. When i said to stop calling from a witheld number they said shut it Fatty. Ive battled with anorexia and bulimia for 10 years. I started to get better...

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  • sam23890 2

    New motivation/copong skill

    Hi there I really need some advise in some coping skills when I can't stick to my meal plan or feel the need to weigh myself or exercise excessively. I gave been in recovery for over 8 years and I'm eating well but still underweight through my active lifestyle and my "safe choices" i need to gain weight...

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