Hello I think ive had this.

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So here's my story June 23rd 2017 I wake up feeling awful. Like flu type symptoms but no coughing or sneezing. I get a lift into work and people say I look awful I continued for the rest of the day. When I got home I just jumped in bed straight away nothing to eat just went sleep. This was the trend on the Saturday as well I just felt so weak when I was asleep I was constantly sweating even though it wasn't that hot. On the Sunday I decided to get help I went to the local NHS walk in centre where I was so weak I collapsed. Got sent to A&E had drips put on me and was sent home same night. I started feeling a bit better few days later so went back to work. However I now felt anxious all the time really bad. I did not know why and it got worse and worse I started developing dizziness 24/7 not vertigo but an unbalanced drunk type feeling. I was getting panic attacks and one put me in hospital again where they discovered signs of EBV virus. This had apparently damaged my thyroid so its now under active. Ive been put on propranolol for the anxiety 10mg a day. Ive also started taking vitamins and supplements and they help quite a bit. It is now 14/11/2017 my EBV happened on 23/6/2017. Do you think I will ever feel OK again.

Im 24 and this year has been so crap.

any answers welcome people thank you for reading this.

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    Hi jelley,

    oh my goodness, you present with so many symptoms I've had and heard others on this forum have had. We are all different and experience these symptoms to varying degrees. I'm 41 and found out I had glandular fever dec2016! I am now feeling better, like really better, still get a bit tired and legs still seem to burn at night but I'm doing loads compared to what I could. 

    Id describe my journey as a roller coaster of getting better, it goes up and down.from January I was in bed for weeks feeling dreadful, I had low moods, felt sick, extremely exhausted, stiff necks, tingling all over , I never thought I would get better but it does happen I promise you....it's a rough road but eventually it will happen, bad days get less and less intense. There is no pattern to it, it's so frustrating. I've cried loads too, just can't help it!!!  Just try and rest as much as you can, don't work through it, it will just prolong it. Do what your body tells you. Then rest some more. Drink plenty of water, no alcohol. Eat healthy too!!!

    you really will get better, it will go.

    my friends daughter who is 16 has had it for over a year now and she's started back at college feeling better. It just is the sloth of all viruses.

    take care, Caroline xxx


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    10 months after I had the virus I still felt terrible. I then decided to try a paleo diet, started acupuncture and have been taking supplements (turmeric, pro-biotics and omega 3,6,9 with vitamin D).

    I had 6sessions of acupuncture in total and I'm going to continue with monthly sessions. It helped my chronic fatigue a lot. But the biggest improvements I got were from the diet change. Everyone is different so what works for me may not work for you but some foods that can be problematic for people include gluten, dairy, foods high in starch, red meat and nightshades. Some people also have problems with nuts, eggs or certain fruits.

    This has been the worst year ever for me but I'm slowly getting better. 80% of my symptoms are gone and I'm having a lot more good days than bad.

    Many people need help to fight this virus so supplements and acupuncture can help a lot. Consider a diet change if you still feel sick in 2-3months ?

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    Hi Jelly,

    ​I had the same experience, I got sick in late October 2016 and am now feeling better, It lasts for a good long while, the anxious feeling is the worst. I thought I would never feel normal again, but in the last month I have noticed a change for the better. Rest, vitamins and lots of fluid. You are not alone many of us have gone through this miserable virus. Message anytime it helps with the anxiety to know you are not alone.

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    The most annoying symptom is the unbalanced feeling. I don't know whether it's the anxiety caused by the virus. Or the virus itself. Anyhow I'm relieved to hear there are many people who have had it. Soon coming up to the five month mark. I started taking vitamin B complex Vitamin C multivitamin omega 3 cod liver oil and magnesium. It seems to help a bit. Thanks for your replies people

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      Hey Jelley,

      What a terrible time you've had with this virus, so sorry to hear about that and can really empathise having gone through it myself a number of years ago. I just want to reassure you that YES you will feel better again and make a FULL recovery, I questioned that so often as it went on for months and months, but eventually I seen a major turning point after about 9-10 months, but that's not to say it will last that long for you, everyone is different for sure. But the key thing to know is that you WILL get better, and even if it does still take a bit of time don't panic, because recovery does come and this virus does get kicked into touch by your system given time.

      Caroline and Mono and Back to me all give great advice, rest and reducing stress is definitely the key, take as long as you need to recover, your health is of prime importance. You're doing all the right things by taking vitamins / herbs, etc, things that helped me were a good strong multi-vitamin per day, high doses of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day), B complex (great for energy levels) and an immune boosting / balancing herb like echinicea, siberian ginseng or astragalus. Sounds like you're already doing all the right things though!

      Hang in there and thinking about you - the forum here is a great source of help as there are some great people on it with good advice (like those above).


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      Craig thanks so much. I am slowly getting there it's just so annoying how a virus can be do debilitating. My main issue now is an unbalanced feeling and having to go bed around 9pm because I'm knackered LOL. Hopefully it goes in the near future. Thanks for your response

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      Jelley, I'm in bed every night early since having this virus!! Around 7 or 8pm!!  I've just done about 3-4 normal weeks but today I had to completely rest. 🙄 . Everytime I felt better I thought it was the end, then it comes back again. I am at the end I just need it to go for definite now

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      Hi Caroline,

      ​We are on the same schedule, I have been feeling great and today no energy, Its so hard to tell if you are actually getting a normal bug or if it is the virus,

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      No problem Jelley, it really is so frustrating, hoping that the balance and everything settles down for you soon. Just remember that you will get better, that's the key thing to know, I couldn't understand why a virus could go on for so long at the time and it takes your confidence away that you can and will get better, but it is true that even after such a time of hardship with it and struggling, your body has resilience and it will recover - it's normal for it to go on for a while and then still make a full recovery essentially is what I'm trying to say! (despite the fact some doctors and others say you should recover within 4-6 or 6-8 weeks, those who say that don't know the severity or take into consideration the post viral effects and fatigue, which can take a while to settle down (but doesn settle down and go!).


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      Hi mono, you are definitely my mono/glandular fever buddy!!!  We really are tracking the same way, it's comforting to know that.

      i do have a horrid sore throat, and it is hard to know if it was just that or mono!?! But I am feeling less symptoms today and more normal, just with a sore throat!!

      caroline xx

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