Hello, my right eye started watering in October. First d...

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Hello, my right eye started watering in October. First doctor visit P.A, he said I had a cold, take mucinex. After 3 weeks and a whole bottle of Mucinex, my right eye was still watering. Next doctor, M.D., said it was a cold, she gave me nothing. Dry eye, rinse it out daily. Did not work. End of November, I finally have a sinus infection, sore throat, wheezing. December, this doctor M.D., thought I needed cordicosteriods, or in other words a nose spray. I refused. This doctor reluctantly gave me Zithoramax. Heavy duty antibiotic, that got rid of the gross sinus infection, sore throat and wheezing to a point. I decided to get my air conditioner replaced, filters changed each month and air ducts cleaned thinking something inside my home was causing it. Allergies maybe, even though I had never had anything like this before as far as my right eye watering. Not wheezing at all 99.%. However, my right eye still waters in the morning, during working out, after the shower, while I am trying to put on make up, all day long, it looks like I am crying all the time and family, friends and co-workers all wonder what is wrong. Finally, in January (4 months)next doctor M.D., reads my file, and thinks I have a serious bacteria infection inside my sinus cavity. He gave me doxicycline, had me get rid of any old eye drops to stop reinfection, toothbrush, wipe down everything on 4th day. Eye stopped watering. Four months later.. another sinus infection, and the watering eyes came back. I went to an Eye Doctor this time. He put a florencent die in my eye, waited 5 minutes had me blow my nose to see if the blue light could see the florencent dye. He looked down my throat and said, I have a drainage problem with my eyes. The dye was in my eye, not in my nose or throat like it should be. He gave me another doze of Doxicycline. Hopefully this will do the trick. Also, I do have an under activity throid. I am doing research on the relationship to that and watering eyes too. Because this time both my eyes are watering and it has been a month. Wish me luck that this double dose of doxicycline will fix the watering eye issue again. If not, I am thinking maybe there is some sort of corrilation with the thyroid and the infection or lack of drainage. Maybe this can help some others out there. Next, if this does not work I will ask for different thyroid medicine. I am currently taking a low dose of armor thyroid. The natural kind, no synthetics. Perhaps too high for my underactive thyroid or maybe it works too good.... Specutalation, but something has to be the culprit, just searching for answers and giving ideas for others to check out. Hope my situation helps you. Good Luck!

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    I had the same problem with my right eye for about three weeks. It was so bad yesterday, that my sunglasses were covered with tears all day.

    This morning I placed the tips of both index fingers on either side of the bridge of my nose, up high by my eyes and felt a lump on the right side (the eye that had been watering). I pressed on it gently, then firmly and whatever was there moved and my eye stopped watering. Then about an hour later it was back. So I pressed again, and much harder this time, under my eye and towards my nose. I finally dislodged the impacted sinuses on that side -- I know, because I felt them start to slide down the back of my nasal passage to my mouth and then I spit it into a napkin (gross, I know, but I can't tell you the relief I now feel).

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    I've been suffering fm this for years. I've been to so many doctors but no result.

    Glad to see that you took some steps about it.

    How about now? Did you fix this and how? Pls comment. I got bored of people around me saying why I was crying.

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    I have been having that same prob. Since late october 2016. I went to a eye doctor. He said to apply warm compresses and give me a mild steroid. No luck.

    Then my family doctor sent me to Ophthalmology.

    Said the same thing my glands were blocked and that I had chronic dry eye most likely from lasik surgery.

    They put me on steriods again. Gel drops, warm conpresses. Eye scrubs with baby shampoo.

    Just got worse from a allergic reaction to the drops.

    I'm going to my 2nd Ophthalmology doctor tomorrow for a 2nd opion.

    Have you had any better luck?

    Sorry for any typing errors or if this makes no sense. Typing with one eye. Feel like a freak.


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    From the childhood I could make bubbles to come from my right eye and also after diving three meters deep I would see air bubbles coming from my eye.But it didn't tear up easily.I used Visine for two months during autumn and winter but I don't think that caused it .Around new year I started to use drops for nose because my doctor said to use them instead of Nasonex (which he prescribed for my nose as I have mild allergy) when I get cold.Anyway during this period I had drainage from my nose and throat that was a mix of green,yellow mucus and blood.After that I started to tear up easily from both of my eyes almost all the time but especially after some sort of physical exertion.I went to the eye doctor today and she said there is nothing wrong with my eye.I will see otolaryngologist in a few days as I suspect it could be sinuses problem.Any advice

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    Hi There,

    I also went to the eye doctor several times. Each time they say there is nothing wrong with my eyes. Then I went to the doctor inside the company building he direct me to the otorhinolaryngology. They took the radiograph of my sinusis and my maximal sinisus (place in the both side of your nose) was full of pus. We started treatment with the antibiotic injections in the first week. After the first week we shifted the treatment fm injections to the antibiotic pills for more two weeks. Now one of the two is over, just one week left. And I can say that, it seems that disease what ever it is started to disappear. No watery eyes for now however we will see by the time if it recur or not. I'll keep you posted about it.

    Have a good day. 

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    I know your post was quite some time ago but I am suffering from the same problem only it's my left eye. Doctors have tried me on every allergy med out there and they do absolutely nothing. I feel like this is associated with my sinuses or something. If my nose runs, it's only the right side. If I watch a sad movie or something, I cry from both eyes but only right side of nose runs. I can breathe fine from both sides, not congested. Just wondering how you're doing and if the second dose of Doxicycline fixed your problem.

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    A very common cause of dry eyes (that causes over watering) is Sjogrens Syndrome.  This is the 2nd most common autoimmune disorder and yet most people have never heard of it!  It can affect every organ in the body but mostly the eyes, mouth, nose, and other mucus membranes.  Skin can be very dry.  

    The watering is caused by DRY eyes!  The quality of the tears is not right either so the excess tears do not help the dryness of the eye.  

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