Hello there. I'm a 34 year old female. I developed Per...

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Hello there. I'm a 34 year old female. I developed Perthes when I was 5 years old and just before I turned 6, I was treated with surgery - I was in hospital for ten days, had a plaster cast for around 6 weeks and then was on crutches for a few months thereafter. I found out when I was nearly 19, unbeknown previously to my parents and I, that the surgeon who operated on me when I was 6 had left in my hip a metal plate and 4 screws. This only came to light when x-rays were carried out on me whilst trying to join the police force. For years after my op, I suffered pain in my hip, mainly in the winter months and after I'd excelled at sport. My hip would seize up and I could barely move. Over the years, mum kept taking me to my GP who kept telling her that it should be expected as I'd had a major operation, etc, etc.

I had an op when I was 19 to remove said plate and 4 screws a few months after it was detected and, ever since, I have had no pain in or trouble with my right hip whatsoever. Until now. Recently, my hip has been 'giving me jip' in the form of a niggling pain that gets worse over a day or two. Then it goes. But the 'episodes' are becoming more and more frequent and I was just wondering if anyone else is going through the same or a similar thing. What I really want to know is if this most recent pain is something I should expect as a consequence of having perthes when I was young. Obviously, should the pain get worse or more frequent then I will visit my GP. I just wondered if anyone else suffers pain so long after having their hip 'fixed'.

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    I, like yourself have perthes, thought have not had any corrective - invasive - surgery. I've opted for the shoe insert instead. The differential measures @ (approx')4.5CM.

    I am a 31 yr old male and I too have symptoms like yourself. I am presently pursuing a course of conslutation with an as yet unspecified orthopedic conslutant.

    It does, on occasion, drive me to distraction and unfortunately too often these days.

    If I may ask, I should like to hear of developments of treatment and how you've coped with it along your life, and how you're coping with it now.

    Kind regards,

    Trevor Hawkins


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    im 22 and had perthes when i was seven and i was in plaster for 1 and a half years, for the last 6- 7 years every other step i take my hip clicks, and if ive been on my feet for a few hours my hip aches for hours after ive sat down and gets really painful. Does anyone elses hip click constantly?

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    Would You be so kind to let us know how are Your hips now and in what state were they as You were 20-some. Did You end up having surgery. My kid is six, and he was diagnosed perthes in both hips on tuesday.

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    Well at 20 my hips were absolutely fine, its only in last 5 years problems have started. I wouldn't be too alarmed that your child has recently ben diagnosed, the management now is vastly more scientific than the treatments my generation went through, the calipers braces and traction I had are rarely used now. The other comforting thought is that advances in surgical treatments mean that the future for your child wil be very optomistic. I wish him well.

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    hiya everyone, i was diagnosed with perthes at 9, which is quite a late age and prognosis is poor, i spent 3 years on traction, then 1 year non-wt bearing. I did suffer all my life with osteoarthritis and have been on NSAIDS since i left hospital. I suppose i didnt help myself by playing baseball in my 20's and always having jobs that meant i was on my feet all day (im an A&E nurse). Now i have turned 40 i am 4 weeks post total hip replacement, and its the best thing that has every happened to me. My G.P would not refer me to a consultant for a replacement as he told me i was to young, he claimed that i wouldnt get my new hip until i had retired, but after a lot of nagging and severe pain for the last 10ys he gave in, I found a wonderful surgeon Steve Jones, who only replaces hips, and he has built me a hip with my work in mind, I also have no cement which is far better and gives the hip a longer shelf life.

    so for all of you old veterans of perthes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but most of all make sure you stay in the system, because once your out it could take years to get back in once the osteoarthritis comes.

    good luck to you all !

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    i am 39yrs female and had op same time as yourelf, when i was 5yrs going on 6yrs. It was a traumatic time as doctors hadn't any idea at first why i wanted carried all the time and didn't want to walk and thought i limped for attention! I can remember hating the hospital and being there all on my own, as parents weren't allowed to stay overnight. I remember hating the scar and still do as it is still red and white and dents in and out, it looks a real botch up. I had no problems until about the age of 35yrs, and went for an x ray which came back clear. I only went then because we were planning on having 3rd child, which promted me to go, just in case i had a problem there. Anyway these days i find the pain is in that area and round the back. I also had when i was younger aches in my legs below the knee. This also returned around the age of 35yrs, and was made worse by the combined pill. At present, i am living with both these ailments. Going to doctors this week. Can you let me know if you have the lower leg aches as it could be linked, as perthes starts in the first place due to circulation problems in femur area.[color=blue:49826bae7a][/color:49826bae7a]
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    To J

    I too developed Perthes but at the age of 3 and I am now 32

    In answer to your hip problems- have you noticed your mobility decreasing? and is it hard some days to get the lower half dressed?

    I suffered for approx 3 years like this not being able to join in with others activities until I made a flippent comment to my doctor and ended up in hospital.

    It resulted in a left hip shelf asteoplasty. The socket had worn and I only had a 50% coverage. For me it has been great and liberating but my perthes is advanced and this is the build up to a hip replacement of which I am putting off.

    I have good days and bad- the good outweigh the bad at the moment.

    I don't regret the operation what I do regret is not getting it looked at any sooner - I now have back problems which is at the moment being investigated.

    I suffer pain on a daily basis and when the weather is cold it affects me further. Also it depends on my activites- have I walked to far or been an idiot by jumping around on the dance or that sort of thing.

    If you are worried try to get a 2nd opinion if you can't see your original doctor or ask for a referral- don't give up as this is your health.

    Good luck


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