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Hi All,

I have previously posted in the Ovarian Cyst forum as I was sure my symptoms were pretty text book for a troublesome ovarian cyst, however doctors (gp's & hospital staff) seem unconvinced. So I wondered if anyone could help who has perhaps had something similar or knows of anyone else who has, I would really appreciate any kind of input.

I have now been unwell for 8 weeks and have the following unchanged symptoms:

Swollen lower abdomen (10inch increase and worsens after food/drink)

A dull ache in the lower left and right quadrants of the abdomen

Occasional (4-5 times a day) sharp pains in the same area

Feeling full and uncomfortable after small amounts of food/drink


Occasional vomiting

Uncontrollable shaking and teeth chattering

Erratic periods (I'm on the combined pill)

Excessive discharge


General feeling of unwell, including dull grey skin and thinning hair.

So far I have seen my gp numerous times. I have been to hospital 3 times. I've had 2 ultrasounds (abdomen & pelvis), numerous blood tests and urine tests and all have come back clear. I have so far been told it was probable ovarian cysts, urinary infection, kidney infection and appendicitis. These have all been subsequently ruled out.

I now have no idea what is left to do. My gp has said a CT scan is not possible due to the exposure to radiation on the abdomen area as I am a 27 year old female (I imagine this is related to possible fertility problems).

Thank you if you have managed to get this far through my ramble. I have now been house bound for 2 months and I am just extremely fed up! I would really appreciate any help or advice on what to do next or any ideas on what this might be.

Thank you

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    They should be able to do an ultra sound. I have had chronic ovarian cysts - even had a 10 cm one burst. I never had the shaking and vomiting - just a real nasty cramp, frequent urination (a full bladder put pressure on the cyst), and bleeding and abnormal/very heavy cycles. An ultrasound found it every time. As to see an ob/gyn specialist and ask for an ultrasound. Get it done quickly - if you have one and it bursts, you'll have an emergency on your hands. Good Luck and sending prayers!
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      Hi susan

      I saw your reply to Patch..i have an ovarian cyst and am waiting to see gynaecologist. My ovarian cyst was 2.5 -3cm last year it has prob grown since then..Im very nervous it might burst b4 i see gyni. You mentioned yours burst how did you know it burst? and what were the symptoms?.....

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    Hi Patch

    If you do have an ovarian cyst it would most definitely been picked up on an ultrasound Scan. It sounds as if you may have an infection going on in your lower abdominal area. I say this because I had excessive urination and my gp sent me to the urologist who did a bladder was fine no ulcers nothing wrong gp was at a loss and could not do anymore...however, in the meantime i moved and registered

    with a new doctor. Because of the excessive urination i was paranoid about hygiene and showered and washed alot in the nether much so that i gave myself vaginosis because the ph balance went off kilter due to excessive washing. I went to my new gp who diagnosed vaginoses gecause of excessive fuscharge and odour and she gave me a course of antibiotics which got rid if the vaginosis.

    I had an ultra sound scan prior to the cystoscopy and it revealed a 2.5 cm ovarian cyst and a uterine fibroid 3cm. I had extreme pain in the area you mentioned also nausea and feeling quite ill. When my new doc gave me the antibiotics for vaginosis it also ckeared up the pain and nausea and feeling unwell. When i told the doc she said you must have had an infection going on in your lower abdomen....I feel much better but still have the ovarian cyst and uterine fibroid also excessive urination which i believe is caused by the ovarian cyst pushing on my bladder my urologist thinks so too and has referred me to gynaecology. At present I am waiting for an appointment.

    All the urine tests I had did not pick up the infection having said that, my former doc only did a surgery dip and did not send the urine sample to the hospital lab and i believe this is why the infection was not picked up.....this was a bit of a long reply Patch but i hope it wishes....

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    Thank you for your replies, I'm sorry to hear you have both been through such terrible times but thank you for sharing as it is really helpful.

    I have had 2 ultrasounds but have been told by some people, including on this forum, that ultrasounds can often miss cysts. So I wondered if this had happened in my case but I'm probably just hoping for a quicker diagnosis, I don't know!

    Lilian it sounds like you had a terrible time, it's a good job you change doctors when you did. So far my urine tests have all been dipped at the surgery, my gp asked for a sample to be sent off and cultured today so hopefully that will give some answers and will bring us close to sorting all of this out.

    The pain moves from the abdomen to the lower back throughout the day and is making me pretty miserable now. It would be amazing if an infection is identified and can be cleared up with meds quite quickly.

    Good luck with your upcoming appointment, Lilian. I hope it all goes smoothly and you're feeling much better soon.

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      Hi Patch

      I certainly hope your sample reveals something so that you can start on the road to recovery. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine were, pain from abdomen to lower back.......please let us know how you get wishes for a speedy answer....x

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